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seedpod, sod, pods, mulching, aerating, rooting, baskets, edging, pruning, plant, tilling, seeds, seeding, sowing, dividing, fertilizers, trimming, …


weed, node, clay, primula, sandy, ladybird, loamy, marigold, annual, subsoil, snail, dandelion, pansy, geranium, soil, perennial, cuttings, pruning, …


biodegradable, fertilizer, oxygen, bacteria, carbon, landfill, composting, invertebrates, nutrients, beetles, fungus, organic, heat, rotted, waste, …


apiary, beehive, colony, nectar, honey, veil, hive, drone, sting, top bar, bees, frames, pollinator, larva, comb, cell, farmers, suit, supers, …

Soil Science

aerate, soil horizons, organic, humus, soil taxonomy, topography, tillage, symbiotic, bacteria, nematodes, topsoil, fungi, ecosystem, inorganic, …


jack pine, rowan, atlas cedar, redbud, vine maple, balsam fir, pitch pine, cherry birch, grand fir, beaked hazel, white spruce, ginkgo, pawpaw, …

US State Trees

holly, american elm, scarlet oak, tulip tree, redbud, magnolia, douglas fir, dogwood, red pine, longleaf pine, candlenut, pecan, white oak, …

Trees Of Pennsylvania

buckeye, birch, larch, ash, aspen, gum, beech, wild cherry, magnolia, sassafras, elder, hemlock, cherry, maple, pine, locust, blue spruce, cedar, …

Agricultural Careers

agricultural , animal , assistant , behaviorist , biologist , consultant , designer , ecologist , engineer , fisheries , landscaper , lawyer , …

Types of Trees

pine, spruce, birch, aspen, palm, dogwood, ash, oak, hickory, maple, cedar, lilac, mahogany, willow, sumac, chestnut, hemlock, redbud, cottonwood, …


agriculture, harvest, crop genetics, yield, agronomy, horticulture, crop production, soil science, tillage, chemicals, cultivation, machinery, plant …

Most Harvested Crops

rapeseed, sunflower, cane, cocoa, maize, soybean, potato, sorghum, rubber, wheat, peas, cassava, sesame, rice, millet, cotton, nuts, barley

Farms & Ranches

combine, silo, livestock, ranch hand, agriculture, cowboys, cattle guard, chickens, horses, tractor, stable, barnyard, orchard, sheepdog, dairy cows, …

The Pumpkin Patch

hayride, pumpkin picking, turkey leg, barn, squash, family, maze, cornfield, petting zoo, gourds, festival, carving, autumn, wagon, harvest


water, heard, irrigation, animals, reap, seeds, vegetable, oat, land, acre, wheat, crops, grow, egg, barn, ranch, milk, plants, harvest, tractor, …

Natural Woods

iroko, beech, maple, cherry, sycamore, mahogany, larch, elder, cedar, pine, fit, walnut, birch, oak, redwood, elm

Agriculture: Soils

acidic, salinity, sand, aeration, bacteria, leeching, matter, mulch, texture, topography, alkaline, drainage, organic, yield, compaction, nitrites, …


fern, maple, sunflower, orchid, tulip, marigold, dandelion, palm, oak, rose, poppy, daisy, ivy, aloe vera, lily, cactus, succulent, peony, lavender, …

In a Barn

beams, pig, hay, silo, equipment, bucket, bat, cereals, horse, animal feed, water, mouse, cow, grain, sheep, fodder

Farm Life

wheat, barn, tractor, livestock, saddle, countryside, cat, corn field, farmhouse, goats, crops, chores, fresh eggs, scarecrow, rooster, chicken

Zen Garden

meditation, harmony, appease, mystic, calmness, nirvana, reflection, placid, homeostasis, enlightenment, embrace, relaxation, liberating, breathe, …

Wild Flowers

buttercup, arrowhead, yarrow, crocus, calendula, chicory, clover, harebell, flag iris, poppy, cowslip, sorrel, aster, foxglove, candytuft, borage

Spring Flowers

amaryllis, carnation, pansy, daffodil, bergamont, lilac, bluebell, zenia, lily, garden, buttercup, ivy, daisy, dahlia, flowers, primrose, petunia, …

Farmers Market

strawberry, produce, onion, corn, pumpkins, apple, local, fried pie, potato, tomato, blueberry, fresh, honey, pecans, lettuce, fudge, watermelon, …

Plant Parts

cotyledon, perennial, development, seed, emerge, leaf, pasture, percentage, pollination, water, temperature, sowing, root, stem, annual, sun, …

Herbal Plants

barberry, lemon, eucalyptus, clove, oregano, thyme, aloe vera, dandelion, neem, garlic, cayenne, fenugreek, turmeric, alfalfa, peppermint, ginger

Soil Conservation

bedrock, ph scale, abrasion, contour plowing, subsoil, decomposers, weathering, soil horizon, natural resource, chemical, mechanical, crop rotation, …


Word search puzzle based on the terms related to agriculture and farming.

Horticulture Introduction

activities, schedule, contrast, agriculture, seasonal, cooperation, conditions, disease, chemicals, academic, scientist, community, expensive, …

Flower Parts

anther, sepal, ovule, receptacle, bud, filament, carpel, ovary, style, stem, root, stigma, stamen, pollen, leaf, petal

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