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Looking for a word search that's fun and educational? Check out our Arts and Crafts Word Search Puzzles. These puzzles include words related to different types of arts and crafts. From Fabrics and Sewing to Photography and Printing, this word search has it all. Download, print, and see how many arts and crafts-related words you can find.

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Names of primary colors and other shades.

Sewing Tools

needle, bobbin, thread, tape measure, pattern, sewing machine, safety pin, iron, material, ironing board, fabric, stitch, button, pin cushion, spool, …

Film Poster

design, imagery, colour palette, graphics, composition, film fusion, layout, title typography, element, visuals, theme, credits, tagline, artwork

Color Wheel

red, amber, asparagus, chocolate, brass, camel, green, orange, azure, turquoise, brown, almond, aqua, lilac, blue, maroon, amaranth, amethyst, …

Photo Album

plays, gatherings, anniversary, new house, weddings, family, birthdays, honeymoon, parties, sports, holidays, babies, picnics, camp, vacation, …

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts comprise a whole host of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with one's own hands and skill.

Coin Collecting

luster, rare, valuable, bullion, patina, appraisal, artificial, proof, storage, blank, metal, counterfeit, reverse, bronze, grading, observe, history, …

Take a Picture

baby, camera, baptism, shower, copy, lens, props, pose, anniversary, frame, focus, bride, child, snap, digital, wallet, develop, smile, album, …


Scrapbooking is a method of preserving, presenting and arranging personal and family history in the form of a book, box or card.

Art Supplies

markers, oil pastels, yarn, calk, pens, pastels, string, paint, beads, fabric, water colors, clay, glue stick, ribbons, acrylic paint, wool felt, …


accent, shade, palette, realism, canvas, emphasis, monochrome, portrait, layer, contour, composition, coat, abstract, texture, analogous, paint, …

Quilting Blocks

shoofly, ohio star, album, saw tooth, pinwheel, churn dash, diamond, log cabi, bow tie, four patch, tumbling, square in square, rail fence, snowball, …

Vinyl Record Collecting

demo, warped, single, sealed, acetate, compilation, box set, disc, art sleeve, flea market, collection, record, needle, track, sound, album, …

Stamp Collecting

album, forgery, classic, gutter, local, emissions, postage, philately, airmail, envelope, post office, postmark, hand stamp, jubilee, catalogue, face, …

Elements of Art

tint, straight, shape, shade, primary, positive, geometric, value, line, color, organic, zigzag, form, secondary, tertiary, tone, circle, negative, …


grout, wood block, design, color, pattern, glass, sandpaper, irregular shapes, contrast, craftsmanship, sponge, glass nippers, safety glasses, glue

Art Elements and Principles

space, pattern, color, movement, proportion, form, line, texture, shape, rhythm, variety, contrast, emphasis, repetition, unity, balance


brioche, unravel, lace, mosaic, fiber art, row, project, stitch, bind off, ball, jog, garter, community, decrease, course, slip, skein, frogging, …


The purpose of photography is to communicate and document moments in time.


charcoal, layers, highlight, wash, observation, pigment, chalk, gradient, texture, blending, paper, ink, pastel, smooth, shadow, graphite, pencil, …


stickers, pottery, books, antiques, paintings, money, coins, plates, jewelry, dolls, souvenirs, buttons, magazine, stamps, marbles, photographs


score, wheel throwing, slip, slab, pinch pots, clay, pottery, leather hard, coils, hand building, low fire, bisqueware, bone dry, ceramics, raku, …

Light Colors

ivory, bubble gum, honeydew, classic rose, peach, pearl, azure mist, beige, jasmine, canary, bisque, lavender, light pink, beau blue, champagne, linen

Shades of Purple

eggplant, orchid, heather, mulberry, byzantium, psychedelic, iris, indigo, thistle, heliotrope, mauve, pansy, rebecca, lilac, fig, purple, violet, …


cake, treble, puff, bobbin, lace, toque, increase, reverse, wool, trim, magic ring, double, hairpin, design, back post, hook, tapestry, swift, …


Graphic design is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages.

Art and Creativity

crayon, shape, charcoal, sketch, textiles, mosaic, palette, border, easel, picture, artist, innovation, cartoon, fresco, montage, technique

Famous Painters

edvard munch, frida kahlo, pablo picasso, andy warhol, diego rivera, jasper johns, edgar degas, paul cezanne, gustav klimt, henry moore, claude monet, …

Fiber Art

create, accessory, fabric, finish, yarn, machine, fiber, thread, edges, bobbin, craft, felt, knit, weave, spin, needle, embroider, sewing, quilt, kits

Modern Artists

Modern art includes artistic work produced during the period extending roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s.

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