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Expand your vocabulary in an entertaining and educational way with our free printable news & media word search puzzles! Whether you're interested in keeping up with the latest news, learning about the different types of media, brushing up on press conference vocabulary, understanding advertising terminology, or simply becoming more familiar with newspaper words and phrases, these puzzles provide a great resource.

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campaign, keywords, research, promotion, placement, agency, tagline, selling, billboard, direct, social media, marketing, channels, advertise, …


section, caption, entertainment, sports, business, lead, local, headline, hard news, soft news, layout, print news, byline, column, masthead, …

Newspaper Words

inserts, comic, editor, sport, cover, columnist, report, byline, circulation, front page, lead story, press, newsprint, crossword, letters, cartoon

In the News

fashion, sport, weather, politics, science, movies, headlines, crime, news flash, money, business, travel, health, media, celebrities, entertainment

Journalism Vocabulary

tabloid, cartooning, paparazzi, journalist, periodical, headline, publishing, activism, editorial, layout, gazette, bias, photojournalism, broadsheet, …

News Article

inclusive, opinion, emotive, article, broadcaster, statistics, journal, byline, headline, textual, advertisement, statement, facts, political, …

Reading the Newspaper

times, print, press, post, journalism, article, deadline, opinion, reporter, column, editor, crossword, circulation, daily news, headline

News Articles

details, quote, caption, hard news, lead, headline, how, photo, what, where, soft news, masthead, when, why, by line, who

1960s News

the cold war, civil rights act, john f kennedy, cuban missiles, the bay of pigs, martin l king, i have a dream, vietnam war, protests, first super …

News Anchor, Analyist

internet, news anchor, digital, journalism, technical writer, analysis, producer, news, broadcasting, newspaper, television, reporter, business, …

Newspaper Terms

cut line, byline, masthead, caption, jump line, classified ad, index, lead photo, lead, headline, dateline, graphic, lead story, column, wire story, …

Media Studies

presentation, daily mirror, layout, stereotype, the sun, information, observer, metro, image, masthead, red top, the times, event, headline, press

Newspaper Vocabulary

index, when, facts, layout, byline, information, lead, cover, column, opinion, caption, why, graphic, editor, print, quote, what, advertisement, who, …

Press Conferrence

quotes, answer, acknowledge, coverage, address, inquire, announce, ask, news, explain, speak, issues, print, television, reporter, candidate, …

Communication And Media Studies

censorship, digitalization, discourse, intertextuality, surveillance, decoding, vlogging, ethnography, memes, audience, hegemony, semiotics, …

Communications and Media Studies

vlogging, webinar, vitality, surveillance, memes, digitilization, clickbait, infotainment, remediation, decoding, audiences, framing, semiotics, …

Media Genres

animated, mystery, romance, comedy, sport, musical, thriller, historical, war, drama, western, action, horror, science fiction, fantasy

Californian Newspapers

daily press, daily news, la opinion, independent, pinnacle, la prensa, daily breeze, malibu times, galt herald, metro, the tribune, reporter, argus, …

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