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Fire Prevention

alarm, awareness, carelessness, combustible, debris, defense, escape, evacuate, extinguisher, fire, firefighter, flame, foam, heat, hose, preparation, …

Delectable Dahlias

crazy legs, black satin, jax, rip city, duet, american beauty, checkers, purple haze, lynette, glory daze, magic moment, albert sunset, apricot, bride …

Measures and Weights

foot, fluid ounce, kilometer, centimeter, gallon, yard, furlong, acre, millimeter, bushel, hectare, pint, fathom, decimeter, kilogram, inch


dread, zombie, macabre, sinister, blood curdling, creepy, eerie, demonic, frightening, halloween, wicked, nightmare, supernatural, haunting, …

The Living World

consumer, food web, commercial , decomposer, sustainability, mineral, appropriate, over grazing, technology, extraction, debt reduction, over …


icicle, evaporate, drip, dew, lake, cloud, rain, moisture, hail, ocean, geyser, puddle, canal, ice cube, pool, drizzle

Good Morning

shower, teeth, makeup, brush, get ready, alarm, coffee, clock, wake up, yawn, school bus, sunrise, breakfast, pack lunch, news, calendar


show, vanish, dexterous, exciting, coins, hypnosis, podium, fire, circus, secret, spectators, levitate, rings, stage, street, climax


range, wilderness, predator, season, caller, trail, wildlife, shotgun, outfitter, scent control, hunting dog, target, archery, binoculars, stalk, …

On the Playground

hopscotch, swing, bubbles, youth, trampoline, frisbee, laughter, curiosity, scooter, outdoor, friends, jungle gym, merry go round, exploration, …

What Time is It?

weeks, clock, century, stopwatch, infinity, seconds, years, wrist watch, millennium, decade, hours, forever, months, tick tock, alarm, days


remember, habit, serious, fade, late, loud, nightmare, message, sweat, fear, hinder, sleepwalk, imagine, pleasant, frequent, strange

In the Pool

freestyle, pool, backstroke, goggles, water, swim cap, swimsuit, races, drag suit, stopwatch, beat time, butterfly, relays, streamline, towels, lanes

Fire & Safety Awareness

heat, emergency, first aid, hazard, evacuation, procedures, safety, extinguisher, fatigue, heat stroke, exhaustion, osha, right to know, compliance, …

On Your Day Off

Things and activities people usually do or visit on their day off or in holidays.


eastern, winter, hour, end, standard, mountain, pacific, november, fall, sunset, back, prime, meridian, sunrise, zulu, savings, clock, central, …

Calming Things

reading, bath, sauna, deep breath, spa, candle, prayer, music, painting, massage, meditation, ocean, makeover, sleep, drawing, walk

Under Construction

hammer, bricks, crane, anchor, dump truck, screw, fork lift, shovel, glasses, drill, wrecker, tool box, backhoe, cement, nail, hard hat

Weights and Measures

List of common weights and measures.


save, food, power, work, oil, energy, solar, wind, gas, sun, battery, electricity

Daily Activities

drive, brush teeth, shop, play games, dress up , walk, shower, exercise, talk, write, clean up, think, watch tv, go to bed, read, school, cook, have …


duct work, oil, dehumidifier , zones, radiator, humidifier, thermostat, pipes, duct tape, purifiers, particles, heating, gas, compressor, furnaces, …

Energy and Natural Resources

nuclear energy, reclamation, surface mining, solar energy, wind energy, mica, conservation, coal, ore, deforestation, sustainable, renewable, …


lamp, radiance, shadow, prism, direction, flicker, bulb, glare, reflector, halo, glow, spotlight, twinkle, flashlight, ambient, lantern, luminary, …

My Favorite Things

dresses, spring, kittens, mittens, whiskers, noodles, roses, doorbells, strudel, winter, ponies, packages, snowflakes, kettles, raindrops, geese

The Face

eyelashes, nose, mustache, eyebrows, hair, lips, head, chin, beard, nostrils, dimple, tongue, neck, cheeks, mouth, ears

Army Vocabulary

sniper, radar, helmet, armory, casualty, task force, cavalry, sergeant, missile, munition, shoot, grenade, weapon, squad, ally, ordnance, soldier, …

Renewable Energy

turbine, biomass, reuse, green, recycle, natural, harvesting, efficiency, replenish, earth, unplug, clean air, bio energy, ocean, led lights, bio …

Rise and Shine

cereal, eats, wake up, milk, coffee, melon, cafe, diner, cream, early, tea, brunch, table, juice, dawn, fruit, newspaper, crumpets, buffet, eggs


kermit, interact, perform, shadow, imitate, observe, hand, ventriloquist, focus, voice, manipulate, unique, silhouette, marionette, audience, …