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My Favorite Things

dresses, spring, kittens, mittens, whiskers, noodles, roses, doorbells, strudel, winter, ponies, packages, snowflakes, kettles, raindrops, geese


lamp, radiance, shadow, prism, direction, flicker, bulb, glare, reflector, halo, glow, spotlight, twinkle, flashlight, ambient, lantern, luminary, …


icicle, evaporate, drip, dew, lake, cloud, rain, moisture, hail, ocean, geyser, puddle, canal, ice cube, pool, drizzle

The Face

eyelashes, nose, mustache, eyebrows, hair, lips, head, chin, beard, nostrils, dimple, tongue, neck, cheeks, mouth, ears

Army Vocabulary

sniper, radar, helmet, armory, casualty, task force, cavalry, sergeant, missile, munition, shoot, grenade, weapon, squad, ally, ordnance, soldier, …

Renewable Energy

turbine, biomass, reuse, green, recycle, natural, harvesting, efficiency, replenish, earth, unplug, clean air, bio energy, ocean, led lights, bio …

Rise and Shine

cereal, eats, wake up, milk, coffee, melon, cafe, diner, cream, early, tea, brunch, table, juice, dawn, fruit, newspaper, crumpets, buffet, eggs


kermit, interact, perform, shadow, imitate, observe, hand, ventriloquist, focus, voice, manipulate, unique, silhouette, marionette, audience, …


Comedy consists of jokes or sketches intended to make an audience laugh.


millers, granny, thief, nail, pratt, diamond, bowline, savoy, jamming, davy, slip, fiador, overhand, hoxton, arbor, reef


duct work, oil, dehumidifier , zones, radiator, humidifier, thermostat, pipes, duct tape, purifiers, particles, heating, gas, compressor, furnaces, …

Cold Things

List of things, places and food that are cold.

Keep Warm

sweater, insulation, gloves, scarf, candles, bonfire, exercise, stove, huddle, lights, hot bath, hat, carpets, hot meal, blanket, snuggle

The Living World

consumer, food web, commercial , decomposer, sustainability, mineral, appropriate, over grazing, technology, extraction, debt reduction, over …


show, vanish, dexterous, exciting, coins, hypnosis, podium, fire, circus, secret, spectators, levitate, rings, stage, street, climax

Energy and Natural Resources

nuclear energy, reclamation, surface mining, solar energy, wind energy, mica, conservation, coal, ore, deforestation, sustainable, renewable, …

Under Construction

hammer, bricks, crane, anchor, dump truck, screw, fork lift, shovel, glasses, drill, wrecker, tool box, backhoe, cement, nail, hard hat


mustard, dandelion, daffodil, butter, canary, rubber duck, lemon, sunset, school bus, custard, bee, sponge, chick, corn, egg yolk, banana


erratic, offhand, luck, arbitrary, casual, varied, accident, about, lottery, whim, fluke, unexpected, chance, incidental, impulse, blindly

In the Pool

freestyle, pool, backstroke, goggles, water, swim cap, swimsuit, races, drag suit, stopwatch, beat time, butterfly, relays, streamline, towels, lanes

Daily Activities

drive, brush teeth, shop, play games, dress up , walk, shower, exercise, talk, write, clean up, think, watch tv, go to bed, read, school, cook, have …

Leap Year

february, honor society, days, calendar, annual, twenty ninth, year, leap, months, time, leap year, bad luck, romans, leaping, max, four


kerosene, peat, nitroethane, coke, whale oil, coalite, white gas, green wood, firewood, biofuel, ecalene, biogas, charcoal, hydrogen, butane, methane

Fire Prevention

alarm, awareness, carelessness, combustible, debris, defense, escape, evacuate, extinguisher, fire, firefighter, flame, foam, heat, hose, preparation, …

Famous Inventions

automobiles, light bulb, robot, refrigerator, vaccines, camera, internet, photography, telephone, steam engines, radio, gps, wheel, telescope, x ray, …

Green Things

peas, cabbage, jade, chilies, turtle, clover, lettuce, mint, mantis, bean, grape, leaves, celery, cactus, crayon, emerald


fatty acid, tallow, cleaning, cured, liquid, castor oil, laundry, detergent, bath, foam, scented, palm oil, washing, bubble, cleansing, bleach, bar, …

Calming Things

reading, bath, sauna, deep breath, spa, candle, prayer, music, painting, massage, meditation, ocean, makeover, sleep, drawing, walk

College Mascots

judege, durango, lafitte, dunker, attila, beaker, jumbo, brutus, dominic, magnus, boomer, baby jay, lightning, cosmo, ichabod, baxter


eastern, winter, hour, end, standard, mountain, pacific, november, fall, sunset, back, prime, meridian, sunrise, zulu, savings, clock, central, …