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Love science? Test your science knowledge with these Science word searches. This puzzle includes words from all sorts of different types of sciences. From chemistry to Solar System to biology, this word search will be well enjoyed by little scientists and researchers.

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Animal Body Parts

shell, trunk, ears, wing, fin, teeth, mane, eye, fur, claw, tusk, paw, beak, hoof, hump, gill


hammer, anvil, sensorineural, stirup, conductive, ear, audiometer, conservation, tympanogram, hearing aid, mixed, tube, protection, cochlea, canal, …


plankton, algae, penicillin, yeast, mushrooms, fungi, bacteria, mould, antibiotics, vaccine, yogurt, germs

Immune System

plasma, leukemia, antigen, bone marrow, estrogen, enzymes, macrophages, penicillin, immune, tonsils, clones, allergy, thymus, antibody, vaccine, …

Separation Techniques

filtration, distillation, pure, soluble, chromatogram, insoluble, dissolve, residue, solvent, mixture, impure, filtrate, chromatography, solute, …

Anatomy & Physiology

thyroxine, epidermis, endocrine, axillary, inguinal, estrogen, pancreas, oxytocin, abscess, pharynx, cephalo, insulin, stomach, humerus, cardiac, …


stars, telescope, galaxy, black hole, spaceship, solar, light years, atmosphere, cosmic, space, astronaut, sun, moon, energy, gravity, planets


benign, sarcoma, mortality, rhabdmyoma, adenosis, biopsy, dysplasia, thoracoscopy, viruses, metastasize, neoplasm, pet scan, tumor staging, protocol, …

Science Careers

List of career opportunities available in the field of Science.

Science Fiction Authors

david brin, dan simmons, h wells, larry niven, greg bear, arthur clark, vernor vinge, isaac asimov, jules verne, douglas adams, ray bradbury, frank …


anode, filament, intensifier, fluoroscopy, ct scan, contrast, ultrasound, barium, cathode, roentgen, radiation, curie, isovue, hounsfield, scatter, …

Separating Mixtures

centrifuging, concentrated, solute, solvent, colloid, emulsion, suspension, dissolve, solubility, chromatography, mixture, filtrate, solution, …

Chemical Bonding

covalent, shared, double, triple, pairs, bond, strong, weak , inter molecular, force, transferred, electron, ionic, charge, electrostatic, attraction


burners, charts, gloves, analysis, fire, formulas, equations, chemicals, beakers, tongs, test tubes, gas, explosion, experiment, eye wash, atoms

Science Terms

proteins, evolution, reaction, bacteria, biology, environmental, genetic, pharmaceutical, targets, organism, psoriasis, antibodies, generate, toxin, …

Science: Mixtures and Solutions

solution, gas, saturated, plasma, solid, evaporation, compound, safety, dissolve, solubility, reaction, insoluble, chemical, distill, experiment, …


supernova, meteor, rocket, earth, lunar, celestial, milky way, satellite, spacecraft, star, astronomer, moon, galaxy, telescope, mars, sun, comet, …

Space Exploration

spacesuit, satellite, space x, astronaut, blue origin, galaxy, orbit, telescope, lunar module, capsule, shuttle, comet, spacewalk, nebula, cosmonaut, …

Medical Terminology

malacia, rhin, arthr, osis, gastr, otomy, ologist, oma, cerebr, ology, aden, spasm, cardi, nephr, megal, angi, gingiv, dermat, itis, path, plast, …

Cardiovascular System

p wave, ventricle, septum, epi, right atrium, myocardium, endocardium, aortic, coronary, oxygenation, vasculo, sa node, phlebotomy, diastole, …

Neil Armstrong

armstrong, nasa, air force, moon, rocket ship, neil, small step, man, apollo, first, alden, space, orbit, gravity, space suits, walk

Soil Science

aerate, soil horizons, organic, humus, soil taxonomy, topography, tillage, symbiotic, bacteria, nematodes, topsoil, fungi, ecosystem, inorganic, …

Forensic Science

arson, clues, gun shot, science, photographs, victim, evidence, drugs, cartridge, homicide, bullet, rh factor, detective, witness, blood, forensic, …


radioisotope, radiation, neutron, proton, gamma ray, trefoil symbol, half time, cluster decay, beta decay, marie curie, nuclear, radon, alpha decay, …


Metals are usually crystalline solids that are good conductors of heat and electricity. Word search puzzle based on commonly used metals.

Elements of the Periodic Table

helium, potassium, einsteinium, iron, calcium, copper, radon, silicon, oxygen, carbon, neptunium, uranium, hydrogen, chlorine, mercury, silver, …

The Atom / Periodic Table

bohr, mass number, cation, orbit, nucleus, thomson, group, atomic number, rutherford, protons, neutrons, electrons, dalton, reactivity, anion, period, …

Solids, Liquids And Gases

energy, fixed, compressed, properties, materials, evaporate, liquids, volume, shape, movement, matter, flows, expansion, atoms, state, contraction, …

Solar System

List of bodies related to outer and space especially to our solar system.

Chemical & Physical Changes

solid, boiling, precipitate, aroma, molecule, fizzing, compound, physical, matter, atom, periodic, evidence, new substance, change, product, corrosive

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