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Love science? Test your science knowledge with these Science word searches. This puzzle includes words from all sorts of different types of sciences. From chemistry to Solar System to biology, this word search will be well enjoyed by little scientists and researchers.

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Skin Structure, Growth, & Nutrition

pspule, epidermis, dermis, minerals, excretion, acne, pheomelanin, proteins, dermatology, vitamins, collagen, calluses, elastin, eumelanin, melanin, …

Medical Terminology

malacia, rhin, arthr, osis, gastr, otomy, ologist, oma, cerebr, ology, aden, spasm, cardi, nephr, megal, angi, gingiv, dermat, itis, path, plast, …

Plant Parts

cotyledon, perennial, development, seed, emerge, leaf, pasture, percentage, pollination, water, temperature, sowing, root, stem, annual, sun, …

Human Bones

Word search puzzle related to the name of bones found in human skeleton.

Electricity and Magnetism

magnetic domain, electric current, magnetic field, series circuit, generator, electric power, conductor, voltage, resistance, insulator, electric …

Chemical Bonding

covalent, shared, double, triple, pairs, bond, strong, weak , inter molecular, force, transferred, electron, ionic, charge, electrostatic, attraction

Cell Division

mitotic spindle, cytokinesis, cyclins, protooncogenes, kinectochore, chromatid, centromere, meiosis, aneuploid, somatic cell, metaphase plate, cancer, …


zaniah, bellatrix, procyon, diadem, capella, rana, regulus, acrux, vega, polaris, betelgeuse, pollux, castor, rigel, canopus, sirius

Thermal Energy

molecule, dependent, model, control, transparent, reflected, mean, absorption, insulated, conduction, system, heat, light, temperature, thermal, open …

States of Matter

saturated, motion, liquid, solvent, solution, condensation, evaporation, solid, kinetic, boiling, sublimation, diffusion

Plant and Animal Cells

endoplasmic, animal, acids, respiration, ribosomes, cytoplast, proteins, amino, wall, scientific, plant, membrane, rough, mitochondria, cellular, …

Bacteria and Viruses

flagellum, polio, resistance, pandemic, disease, quarantine, virus, bubonic plague, inner core, influenza, respiration, cytoplasm, antibiotic, …


systems, civil, machines, science, invent, materials, design, economic, practical, processes, chemical, technology, build, tools, aerospace, research

Science Review

xrays , force , magnetism , reactions , energy , species , gamma rays , ecology , biology , astronomy , formula , fuel , current , colloid , …

Cells, Microbes and Disease

phagocyte, fungi, earwax, vacuole, tears, cells, antibiotics, membrane, disease, skin, vaccine, bacteria, nucleus, mucus, chloroplast, lymphocyte, …

Separation Techniques

filtration, distillation, pure, soluble, chromatogram, insoluble, dissolve, residue, solvent, mixture, impure, filtrate, chromatography, solute, …


planetesimal, kuiper belt, solar system, tail, nuclei, coma, swift-tuttle, dust tail, comets, nucleus, halleys, sun, ion tail, snowballs, orbit, …

Work and Energy

transfer, diagram, negative, elastic, conservation, friction, minimum, potential, matter, energy, mechanical, stored, time, velocity, moving, power, …


burners, charts, gloves, analysis, fire, formulas, equations, chemicals, beakers, tongs, test tubes, gas, explosion, experiment, eye wash, atoms

Separating Mixtures

centrifuging, concentrated, solute, solvent, colloid, emulsion, suspension, dissolve, solubility, chromatography, mixture, filtrate, solution, …

Light: It's Illuminating

refraction, luminous, moon, mirage, ray, transparent, fast, mirror, optics, energy, infrared, opaque, reflection, convex, source, colour, …


sunlight, leaf, herbivores, glucose, phloem, oxygen, temperature, roots, cytoplasm, chlorophyll, vacuole, starch, water, chloroplast, energy, …


stem, programming, cyber, biology, forensics, information, nursing, math, algorithm, chemistry, computers, geology, scientist, science, theory, …

Biological Levels of Organization

biotic, tissue, mitochondria, community, population, organ, organelles, ecosystem, cell, earth, sun, organism, molecule, biosphere, abiotic, species


stars, telescope, galaxy, black hole, spaceship, solar, light years, atmosphere, cosmic, space, astronaut, sun, moon, energy, gravity, planets


supernova, meteor, rocket, earth, lunar, celestial, milky way, satellite, spacecraft, star, astronomer, moon, galaxy, telescope, mars, sun, comet, …

Ear & Eye

lens, cochlea, pupil, lacrimal gland, eyeball, ossicles, rods, pinna, muscles, cornea, nerve, ear, ear canal, optic, outer, retina, auditory, cones, …

Bonding Terms

ions, malleable, molecular, poly atomic, octet rule, chemical bond, diatomic, halide ions, compound, alloy, electrons, formula, ionic bond, covalent …


rubidium, quartz, platinum, peat, cesium, iodine, mica, cobalt, iron, copper, bauxite, indium, gold, silicon, nickel, arsenic, graphite, diamond, …

Science Careers

List of career opportunities available in the field of Science.

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