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Kids word search puzzles include words from all sorts of different types of rhymes, back to school, bedtime stories. From babies to toddlers to preteens, this word search is perfect for all. Download and print it now to see how many words you can find in these 15x15 grid word searches.

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School Supplies

tissue, books, lunchbox, stapler, scissors, paintbrush, chalk, eraser, backpack, crayons, glue, clips, paper, markers, calendar, desk, notebook, …

Fairy Tales

Download Fairy Tales Word Search. Find the list of fairy tale characters from children's books or Disney animation movies.

4 Digit Numbers

1725, 3975, 9146, 6811, 4978, 8805, 9610, 5874, 5009, 7603, 3931, 2866, 8538, 7704, 3268, 4777, 1193, 3392, 8579, 3666

Harry Potter

Word search terms related to happy potter series.

6th Grade Science Vocabulary

deposition, melting, condensation, change, fog, evaporation, chemical, steam, phase, cooling, matter, sublimation, freezing, state, dissipate, vapor, …

The Lion King

rafiki, mufasa, sarabi, scar, simba, nala, sarafina, banzai, shenzi, ed, hyenas, timon, pumbaa, pride lands, pride rock, circle of life

First Grade Sight Words

was, did, help, like, run, get, yes, were, can, eat, but, you, jump, make, and, have, sat, are, day, out, that, the, not, play, look, for, her, read

School Days

midterm, homework, faculty, school, recess, pencil, headmaster, computer, science, educate, reading, textbook, student, calendar, library, campus, …

Days of the Week

week , weekend, wednesday, days, holiday, tuesday, friday, monday, sunday, saturday, thursday, weekday

Colors and School Supplies

backpack, red, blue, pen, color, black, grey, paper, scissors, notebook, yellow, green, glue stick, folder, pencil, picture, pink, brown, white, book, …


piano, marbles, electronic, playdoh, teddy bear, basketball, puzzles, doll, frisbee, cars, yoyo, whistle, barbie, bike, bubbles, pogo stick, drums, …

Teacher's Day

classroom, blackboard, student, school, copybook, timetable, lesson, flower, pencil, card, subject, teacher


ken, dakota, pink, dream house, friends, dress, seven, hair, dreams, barbie, car, imagine, malibu, dog

Animation Movie Characters

bambi, mulan, merlin, dumbo, alice, oliver, micky, snow white, lion king, pinocchio, copper, hercules, cinderella, lilo, goofy, aladdin

Kids Food

apples, ice cream, chocolate, pizza, spinach, salami, cake, macaroni, burger, ravioli, falafel, soup


classroom, teacher, students, learning, education, homework, books, desks, whiteboard, chalkboard, pencils, pens, backpacks, lockers, school bus, …

The Smart Cookie

confident, smart, dough, cookie, butterflies, accomplished, mesmerized, poem, cakewalk, homework, creative, bakery

Spongebob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants is a popular animated comedy television series.

School Subjects

maths, history, english, drama, business, medical, language, engineering, geography, science, art, music, sports, media, french, catering

Sight Words

number, jump, favorite, look, when, some, down, your, make, funny, here, because

Ch, Th, Sh

thick, chap, chick, chat, them, shop, cheese, she, that, ship, those, thing, sheep, chin, the

County Fair

agriculture, balloons, banner, booth, bumper cars, children, cotton candy, entertain, entrance, ferris wheel, festival, fields, gathering, laughter, …

Classic Toys

lite brite, spirograph, gi joes, pogs, jacks, tinker toys, koosh balls, wiffle ball, barbie, simon, rubiks cube, troll dolls, hot wheels, he man, skip …

Magic Tricks

gimmick, crimp, invisible, subtlety, mechanic, patter, palm, pledge, force, effects, load, hocus pocus, conjurer, wand, misdirect, juggler, card …

Nursery Rhymes

hen, cat, mother, buns, plum, garden, cow, fleece, fiddler, fall, king, wall, lamb, pig, fiddle, twinkle, bone, star, shoe, moon

Train Parts

cylinder, wheels, firebox, piston, carriage, chimney, water tank, cab, boiler, valve, buffer, tender


mist, fades, blue, vanishes, circle, after rain, reflection, angles, red, yellow, arch, beautiful, prism, green, rain drops, brilliant, sky, bivgyor, …


imagine, fairy tale, castle, magical, hero, whimsy, animals, love, book, witch, amuse, legend, fable, read, aliens, action, moral, humor, plot, …

Children's Indoor Fun

movies, dance, instruments, doll house, paint, game boards, puzzles, crafts, color, cards, sleepover, sing, read, dress up, toys, computer

Dr. Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American children's author, political cartoonist, illustrator, poet, animator, and filmmaker.

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