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Are you a book lover? If you love books, you will enjoy these Books word search puzzles. No matter who your favorite author is, or which story you liked the best, you will look forward to doing these Word Searches. You have to search for words from some of the world's most beloved and popular books. From Sherlock Holmes to Twelfth Night, this word search has a huge collection of popular books and related words. Download and see how many book-related words you can find.

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Science Fiction Authors

david brin, dan simmons, h wells, larry niven, greg bear, arthur clark, vernor vinge, isaac asimov, jules verne, douglas adams, ray bradbury, frank …

Language Features

tense, connotations, rhetorical, concrete, adjectives, alliteration, nouns, abstract, semantic field, metaphor, emotive, verbs, personification, …

Gothic Genre

corpse, decay, death, heartbeat, abandoned, suspense, castles, murder, forests, emotions, gothic, obsession, ghosts, werewolves, psychology, …

Spy Fiction

darkness, solve, spy, skilled, spy glass, action, swift, covert, back alley, government, sly, mystery, identity, crept, double life, thriller, clues, …

Sherlock Holmes

crime, victorian, mycroft, logic, adventure, london, police, irene, forensics, baker street, novels, observation, scotland yard, conan doyle, watson, …

Literary Terms

archetype, anecdote, flashback, tone, epic, genre, foil, allusion, mood, setting, protagonist, tenor, symbol, epiphany, foreshadow, vehicle, …


Download Free Library Word Search. Find the words related to the library.


coriolanus, king john, hamlet, globe, henry viii, cymbeline, theater, sonnets, as you like it, othello, bard of avon, julius caesar, tragedy, …


anecdotes, family, success, personal journey, documentary, accomplishments, memoir, iconic, achievements, influence, legacy, history, adversity, life …

Financial Literacy

credit union, checking, goal, bankruptcy, withdrawal, loan, savings, wants, mortgage, deposit, invest, refinance, banking, needs, bonds, interest

Famous Book Characters

peter pan, harry potter, tigger, finch, dodger, tintin, alice, holly, snow white, james bond, mr fox, becky sharp, gandalf, oliver twist, julien …

Poetic Devices

metaphor, personification, assonance, simile, stanza, rhythm, enjambment, repetition, alliteration, rhyme, syllable, tone, imagery, onomatopoeia, …

To Kill A Mockingbird

dog, aunt alexandra, overalls, mayella, pants, atticus, tom robinson, miss caroline, pocket watch, gum, bob ewell, boo radley, maycomb, calpurnia, …

In the Library

library, record, entries, books, science, search, card, browse, read, subjects, copyright, edition, online, appendix, glossary, catalog, index, …

The Smart Cookie

confident, smart, dough, cookie, butterflies, accomplished, mesmerized, poem, cakewalk, homework, creative, bakery


metaphor, language, alliteration, onomatopoeia, prose, free, scheme, poetry, simile, verse, poem, rhyme, figurative, sound, device

Story Genres

drama, books, fantasy, comedy, autobiography, thriller, romance, western, mystery, tall tales, novels, literature, religious, sci fi, short stories, …

Jungle Book

vultures, wolves, monkeys, baloo, fire, king louis, mancub, mowgli, kaa, bare, elephants, necessities, bagheera, colonel, shere khan

Indian in the Cupboard

arrow, little bear , brothers, horse, iroquois, fire, plastic toy, magical, army medic, five nations, fight, key, bright stars, longhouse, cupboard, …


account , address , audio , blue , coloring , cook , coupon , date , guide , library , log , note , phone , work , text , story , sketch , scrap , …

Anne of Green Gables

minnie, phillips, gilbert, prissy, barry, josie, muriel, charlie, ruby, anne, john, thomas, matthew, diana, rachel, bentley

Parts of a Story

theme, moral, conflict, setting, genre, dialogue, characters, plot, climax, resolution

Romeo and Juliet

tragedy, capulet, peter, paris, feud, gregory, montague, nurse, play, abram, verona, rosaline, tybalt, romeo, sampson, juliet

The Little Red Hen

selfish, mill, bake, consequences, teamwork, wheat , dog, helpful, red , oven, cat, hen, lazy , bread, goal , plan

Animal Farm

manipulate, scapegoat, totalitarianism, oligarchy, exploit, cynical, propaganda, dictatorship, dissent, corruption, comrade, subjugate, autocratic, …

Literature Genres

epistolary, western, mystery, romance, crime, dystopian, gothic, fantasy, adventure, comedy, biography, mythology, farce, fiction, travelogue, poetry, …

Percy Jackson

ares, argo ll, piper, percy, chiron, bluefood, hera, annabeth, grover, leo, jason, bigthree, frank, persassy, demeter, octavian, olympus, zeus, hazel, …

Book Club

home, mood, group, imagery, poem, meet, opinion, likes, library, setting, connect, engage, theme, plot, write, cafe, social, friends, shared, read, …

The Crucible Act

evade, diabolism, abominations, anarchy, condemnation, licentious, hypocrites, ecstatic, quail, indignant, prodigious, ascertain, conjured, bemused, …

In a Library

glasses, documents, newspapers, dvds, customer, bookmark, desk, pencil, computer, printer, database, silence, librarian, maps, books, manuscripts

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