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If you are a teacher and looking for educational resources for your students, you have come to the right place. These Educational Word Search puzzles include word searches for Days and Months, Verbs, Shapes and words from all sorts of different academic subjects. From math to science to English, this word search has it all. Download it now and see how many educational words your students can find.

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School Supplies

tissue, books, lunchbox, stapler, scissors, paintbrush, chalk, eraser, backpack, crayons, glue, clips, paper, markers, calendar, desk, notebook, …


undecagon, nonagon, octagon, heptagon, dodecagon, triangle, decagon, hexagon, polygon, pentagon, quadrilateral, regular polygon

Adjectives and Verbs

eating, writing, colourful, running, nervous, huge, burning, tiny, watching, tired, winning, sleepy, playing, happy, fast, laughing, hungry, jumping, …

Computer Science

code, data, java, python, html, css, algorithm, logic, binary, byte, bit, compiler, debugger, database, encryption, firewall, internet, network, …


hypotenuse, significant, decimal, sin, side, elevation, adjacent, triangle, measure, solve, length, cos, degrees, opposite, figures, ratio, angle, …

First Grade Sight Words

was, did, help, like, run, get, yes, were, can, eat, but, you, jump, make, and, have, sat, are, day, out, that, the, not, play, look, for, her, read


nonagon, pentagon, diamond, decagon, polygon, triangle, square, rectangle, rhomboid, hexagon, heptagon, icosagon, digon, octagon, trapezoid, rhombus

Days and Seasons

monday, tuesday, wednesday, fall, thursday, friday, winter, summer, saturday, autumn, sunday, spring

School Days

midterm, homework, faculty, school, recess, pencil, headmaster, computer, science, educate, reading, textbook, student, calendar, library, campus, …

Present Tense of Verbs

likes, wants, swims, bakes, opens, waxes, enjoys, carries, drinks, dries, presses, plays


culture, halo effect, capitalism, ideology, class, network, power, aggregate, status, values, wealth, norm, marx, dyad, theory, urbanism


agriculture, harvest, crop genetics, yield, agronomy, horticulture, crop production, soil science, tillage, chemicals, cultivation, machinery, plant …


class, program, address, degree, college, parties, farewell, diploma, pride, cap, speech, shake hands, hopes, rank, alumni, classmates, friends, …

Grammar and Punctuation

comma, exclamation mark, semi colon, noun, proper noun, abstract noun, verb, capital letter, question mark, adjective, full stop, colon, adverb, …


stem, programming, cyber, biology, forensics, information, nursing, math, algorithm, chemistry, computers, geology, scientist, science, theory, …

Teacher's Day

classroom, blackboard, student, school, copybook, timetable, lesson, flower, pencil, card, subject, teacher

Social Studies

Social studies is the study of people in relation to each other and to their world.

Months and Seasons

autumn, april, july, february, october, september, june, spring, winter, january, august, december, may, summer, march, november

Algebra Terms

algebra, term, coefficient, variable, expression, equation, unknown, brackets, formula, simplify, multiply, divide, evaluate, solve, constant, …


infinity, three, one hundred, zillion, million, fifteen, four, thirteen, twenty, seven, twelve, sixteen, five, thirty, trillion, one fourth, thousand, …


classroom, teacher, students, learning, education, homework, books, desks, whiteboard, chalkboard, pencils, pens, backpacks, lockers, school bus, …

Study Skills and Note Taking

short hand, abbreviations, four square, scanning, pros and cons, study skills, symbols, process flow, contrast, similarities, summarize, tracking, …


equidistant, inscribed, central, circle, major, tangent, radius, pythagorean, minor, diameter, chord, arc, sector, quadrilateral, line, segment, …


account , address , audio , blue , coloring , cook , coupon , date , guide , library , log , note , phone , work , text , story , sketch , scrap , …

School Subjects

maths, history, english, drama, business, medical, language, engineering, geography, science, art, music, sports, media, french, catering

Study Skills

organize, reading, evaluate, summarize, rest, underline, memorize, flash cards, concentrate, relax, writing, highlighter, agenda, breakfast, supplies, …


column, mixed, rounding, value, borrow, expanded, estimate, compare, hundredth, digits, carry, point, decimal, whole, estimation, place, order, …

Data and Statistics

categorical, data, pie graph, column, bi modal, statistics, fractions, outcome, mode, graph, histogram, event, dot plot, discrete, mean, continuous, …

Linking Verbs

taste, seem, look, is, become, grow, been, smell, feel, appear, was, were, are, sound, being, remain

Reading Material

poster, comic, atlas, website, journal, script, blog, novel, newspaper, letter, catalog, brochure, textbook, poetry, biography, magazine

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