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If you are a teacher and looking for educational resources for your students, you have come to the right place. These Educational Word Search puzzles include word searches for Days and Months, Verbs, Shapes and words from all sorts of different academic subjects. From math to science to English, this word search has it all. Download it now and see how many educational words your students can find.

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School Supplies

tissue, books, lunchbox, stapler, scissors, paintbrush, chalk, eraser, backpack, crayons, glue, clips, paper, markers, calendar, desk, notebook, …

Study Skills

organize, reading, evaluate, summarize, rest, underline, memorize, flash cards, concentrate, relax, writing, highlighter, agenda, breakfast, supplies, …

School Subjects

maths, history, english, drama, business, medical, language, engineering, geography, science, art, music, sports, media, french, catering


English Word Search is perfect to use as a learning resource for students in elementary school. Teachers and homeschooling parents can use this in their classroom or at home!

Helping Verbs

may, does, might, could, were, must, shall, will, had, being, was, am, have, has, can, did, would, should, been, are

Data and Statistics

categorical, data, pie graph, column, bi modal, statistics, fractions, outcome, mode, graph, histogram, event, dot plot, discrete, mean, continuous, …

Engineering Careers

design, flight, automotive, electrical, water craft, building, zoologist, vacuum, umbrella, mechanical, yard, nuclear, telephone, petroleum, …


artifact, context, chronology, midden, documents, test pit, site, archaeology, ruins, grid, survey, dig, erosion, anthropologist, ceramics, fragments, …


therapy, freud, pavlov, stress, behaviorism, counseling, memory, cognitive, perception, psychologist, personality, motivation, mental health, self …

School Days

midterm, homework, faculty, school, recess, pencil, headmaster, computer, science, educate, reading, textbook, student, calendar, library, campus, …


systems, civil, machines, science, invent, materials, design, economic, practical, processes, chemical, technology, build, tools, aerospace, research

High Frequency Words

looked, one, have, people, all, any, like, said, asked, are, my, school, some, me, they, called, were, come, if, where


homework, geography, biology, books, history, chemistry, learning, classroom, tutoring, university, library, graduation, exams, college, student, …


graph, scale, cube, percent, multiply, parallel, capacity, chord, measure, angles, acute, radius, axes, area, diameter, circle, plane, problems, …


coefficient, equation, expression, isolate, order, operations, variable, exponents, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, parentheses, …


stem, programming, cyber, biology, forensics, information, nursing, math, algorithm, chemistry, computers, geology, scientist, science, theory, …

Engineering Terms

robots, biomedical, control, drafting, mechanical, chemical, medical, wires, airplane, building, petroleum, geological, java, blueprints, buildings, …

Triangles and Quadrilaterals

angles, square, right, polygons, trapezium, congruent, triangles, quadrilaterals, isosceles, rectangle, acute, rhombus, parallelogram, obtuse, …


hypotenuse, significant, decimal, sin, side, elevation, adjacent, triangle, measure, solve, length, cos, degrees, opposite, figures, ratio, angle, …

Social Studies

Social studies is the study of people in relation to each other and to their world.

School Things

notebook, exercise book, usb stick, contact book, pen, glue stick, rubber, highlighter, pencil, workbook, earphones, ruler, paintbrushes, sellotape, …

First Grade Sight Words

was, did, help, like, run, get, yes, were, can, eat, but, you, jump, make, and, have, sat, are, day, out, that, the, not, play, look, for, her, read

Engineering Design

explore, identify, prototype, engineer, problem, improve, variable, test, condition, technology, object, criteria, solution, make, fair, investigate, …

All About STEM

knowledge, science, stem, technology, research, solution, observe, imagine, engineer, device, problems, career, math, build, numbers, experiment, …

Reading Material

poster, comic, atlas, website, journal, script, blog, novel, newspaper, letter, catalog, brochure, textbook, poetry, biography, magazine

Graduation Day

award, diploma, speaker, gown, reception, tassel, cap, degree, honors, family, party, friends, stadium, ceremony, march, pictures

Days and Seasons

monday, tuesday, wednesday, fall, thursday, friday, winter, summer, saturday, autumn, sunday, spring

Trigonometric Functions

cosine, sine, central angle, secant, cotangent, radians, reference angle, right triangle, periodic, amplitude, unit circle, frequency, degrees, …

Algebra Terms

algebra, term, coefficient, variable, expression, equation, unknown, brackets, formula, simplify, multiply, divide, evaluate, solve, constant, …

In the Classroom

student, pen, notebook, pencil case, glue, window, scissors, rubbish bin, chair, ruler, door, pencil, rubber, board, teacher, table, sharpener, book

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