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Love sports? Test your sports knowledge with this Sports word search puzzle. This puzzle includes words from all sorts of different types of sports. From baseball to basketball to football, this word search has it all. Download and print it now to see how many sports-related words you can find.

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Terms about volleyball sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net.

NBA Basketball Teams

bucks, jazz, raptors, bulls, wizards, clippers, rockets, pelicans, suns, celtics, lakers, blazers, warriors, kings, nets, hawks


drive, strokes, racket, ace, feathers, forecourt, serve, projectile, net shot, rally, passing, hand eye, wide, flick, baseline, shuttlecock, match, …

Ice Skating

swizzle, technical, edge, mohawk, lift, loop, fall, program, transition, toe pick, throw, turn, flip, composition, crossovers, performance, costume, …

Jump Rope

jumping, skip, careful, over, high, cardio, exercise, rhythm, hopping, handles, feet, hold, crisscross, miss, swing, length, speed, aerobic, twirl, …

NBA Teams

wizards, hawks, warriors, bucks, grizzlies, cavaliers, celtics, nuggets, bobcats, pistons, rockets, pacers, knicks, hornets, raptors, clippers

Volleyball Terms

center line, baseline, dig, hit, serve, spike, double hit, rotation, setter, block, net, side out

Winter Sports

skiing, hockey, climbing, bobsled, slalom, football, biathlon, snowmobiling, skating, camping, luge, exploring, curling, handball, sledding, …

Ball Sports

bowling, goal, baseball, polo, pool, handball, football, billiards, rugby, cricket, tennis, volleyball, hockey, snooker, basketball, squash

Sport and Hobby

football, tennis, basketball, skateboard, baseball, badminton, run, dance, paint, swim, sing, ride, read, cook, watch tv, piano, guitar, do sport, …

Water Sports

swimming, paddle, jet ski, polo, sports, fishing, surfing, canoeing, kite, rescue, diving, boats, water, rowing, kayak, hockey, sailing, rafting, …


surfboard, offshore, tube, deck, blank, gnarly, aloha, shred, rocker, wax, fin, wind, crest, foam, wave, header, cutback, floater, reef, paddle, …


kick off, goal, red card, corner kick, ball, goal keeper, drop ball, whistle, referee, penalty kick, dribble, throw in, goal kick, striker, jersey, …


rugby, skiing, volleyball, soccer, rowing, table tennis, cycling, football, athletics, golf, cricket, baseball, sailing, swimming, hockey, basketball, …

NHL Teams

colorado, ottawa, toronto, boston, tampa bay, edmonton, penguins, panthers, pittsburgh, senators, new york, maple leaves, florida, lightening, …

Team Sports

field hockey, lacrosse, water polo, soccer, ultimate frisbee, hockey, basketball, football, cricket, softball, handball, baseball, volleyball, rugby, …

Adventure Sports

cave diving, surfing, paragliding, ice climbing, canoeing, hang gliding, scuba diving, snowboarding, snowmobiling, windsurfing, caving, rock climbing, …

Martial Arts

black belt, sumo, bruce lee, taekwondo, study, competition, techniques, advantage, judo, self defense, physical, kung fu, position, system, wrestling, …

Pro Football

mascots, bonus, picks, players, rules, teams, leagues, records, managers, agents, rookies, draft, divisions, union, coaches, contracts

Major League Baseball

marlins, brewers, bluejays, royals, giants, athletics, mariners, braves, rockies, cardinals, padres, mets, tigers, reds, orioles, yankees, pirates, …

Baseball Teams

cubs, giants, mets, reds, rangers, marlins, indians, pirates, braves, devil rays, royals, angels, astros, twins, tigers, blue jays

NFL Football Teams

patriots, texans, panthers, chargers, browns, dolphins, vikings, giants, rams, ravens, raiders, saints, bills, packers, jets, chiefs, colts, redskins, …

Motor Racing

driving, chicane, laps, stall, pit stop, black flag, slide, tactics, teams, engine, helmet, grand prix, qualify, acceleration, overtake, formula one

Super Bowl Sunday

pass, possession, punt, blitz, score, rival, center, league, secondary, football, half, block, kick, fans, defense, tackle, audible


Word search puzzle based on the terms related to field hockey or ice hockey.


female, serve, doubles, events, racquet, french, tennis, shot, grip, grand, court, olympic, player, break, backhand, levels, forehand, singles, ball, …


shooting, window, feathers, longbow, sight, crest, gap, target, bracer, balance, depth, bow, quiver, perception, laminated, point, spine, riser, …


pickled, dill ball, half, rally, carry, slammers, kitchen, paddle, pancake, side out, fault, drop shot, drive, dink shot, flapjack, boomers, volley, …


duck, backstroke, synchronized, crawl, turnaround, wet, drill, snorkel, drag, cap, lessons, anaerobic, healthy, freestyle, wild, intensity, …

NFL Teams

broncos, cowboys, lions, vikings, buccaneers, rams, browns, panthers, saints, jaguars, dolphins, bears, seahawks, eagles, ravens, colts, jets, bills, …

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