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Love to watch movies? Test your knowledge with this Movies word search puzzle. You have to find the words from all sorts of different types of movies. From action to comedy to drama, this word search is sprinkled with popular movies from different eras. Download and print to see how many movie-related words you can find.

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Highlander Movie

connor, fantasy, iman, walter, kate, warriors, sunda, immortal, action, rachel, james, candy, battle, dventure, heather, brenda

Marvel Cinematic Universe

hawkeye, rocket, avengers, thor, hulk, gamora, war machine, doctor strange, star lord, wasp, captain america, captain marvel, spiderman, iron man, …

Movie Genres

documentary, fantasy, horror, rom com, science fiction, war, mystery, western, musical, action, animated, martial arts, historical, comedy, drama, …


rocky, click, babysitter, titanic, forest gump, batman, sunrise, true lies, eragon, jaws, cabaret, shrek, barnyard, terminator, annie hall, chinatown, …

The Outsiders

sodapop, bob, tough, fuzz, ponyboy, johnny, heater, booze, broad, marcia, dallas, gangs, cherry, hot, sandy, cooler, darrel, lift, soc, rumble

Film Genres

documentary, silent, historical, horror, romance, war, epic, crime, supernatural, musical, disaster, thriller, comedy, mystery, fantasy, martial arts, …

Introduction to Film Studies

film, distance, angles, shots, history, lighting, color, movement, camera, genre, musical, horror, lenses, focus, comedy, editing, sound, design, …

Star Wars Characters

wicket, quigon, hansolo, jinn, yaddle, padme, fett, lando, boba, chewbacca, luke, yoda, jango, leia, calrisian, anakin, sabe, stormtrooper

Funny Movies

shampoo, ball of fire, big, best in show, harvey, mash, superbad, shrek, topper, airplane, fargo, old school, hitch, tootsie, joe dirt, arthur, …

Science Fiction

enders game, earth, dune, flatland, lord of light, contact, battlefield, gateway, snow crash, xenocide, way station, solaris, ring world, red mars, …

Fiction and Non-Fiction Genres

action, adventure, biography, drama, fantasy, horror, humor, journalism, mystery, mythology, romance, philosophy, thriller, true crime, western, …

Cinema and Theatre

video, horror, historical, trailer, science fiction, thriller, animation, action, musical, comedy, cartoon, film, fantasy, jazz, drama, romantic, …

1960s Cartoons

pop eye, the mighty heroes, the flintstones, the jetsons, bugs bunny show, the alvin show, courageous cat, bullwinkle, magilla gorilla, astro boy, …

Four Letter Movie Titles

Find the hidden movie names and titles.


scene, monologue, tension, director, script, plot, character, gesture, blocking, story, imaging, contrast, conflict, twist, role, subtext

The Great Gatsby

liar, myrtle, baker, summer, moods, symbols, queen, daisy, catholic, novel, nick, lights, jobs, poor, secrets, money, rich, trophy, rumors, cheated, …

Film & Cinema

blockbuster, director, editing, casting, special effects, cameo, screenplay, film festival, actor, horror genre, green screen, soundtrack, oscar, …

Funny Films

ball of fire, best in show, big, tootsie, harvey, hitch, shrek, fargo, joe dirt, old school, animal house, arthur, diner, shampoo, norbit, airplane

Hocus Pocus

spell, witch, dupe, divert, grip, humbug, hoax, hypnotize, bamboozle, entrance, bewitch, fake, enchant, conjure, deception, cajole

Superhero Movies

the dark knight, wonder woman, batman, avengers endgame, man of steel, black panther, thor ragnarok, superman returns, doctor strange, joker, batman …


industry, action, india, bombay, makeup, actors, hero, choreography, musicals, melodrama, mumbai, folk dance, hindi cinema, movies, singers, comedy, …

Back to the Future

time travel, car, history, california, biff, love, adventure, george, lorraine, jennifer, fiction, comedy, science, american, hill valley, gale

At the Theater

show, audience, entrance, drama, cast, exit, play, lights, director, scene, star, applause, curtain, role, author, props, comedy, acts, stage, lines

At the Movies

projector, thriller, drama, comedy, screen, drinks, stars, popcorn, snacks, stage, actors, trailers, seats, action, horror, romance

Classic Movies

casablanca, psycho, citizen kane, high noon, my fair lady, rebecca, stage coach, south pacific, the big sleep, red river, ben hur, king kong, …

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

mike, loompa, veruca, charlie, augustus, truthful, grandpa joe, factory, waterfall, willy, violet, invention, chocolate, oompa, gobstopper, wonka

Animation Movie Characters

bambi, mulan, merlin, dumbo, alice, oliver, micky, snow white, lion king, pinocchio, copper, hercules, cinderella, lilo, goofy, aladdin

Oscar Winning Actors

firth, benigni, crowe, spacey, cage, wayne, pacino, brody, hoffman, marvin, peck, penn, hanks, steiger, foxx, douglas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

packages, puzzler, popped, sore, paused, puzzling, merry, tags, grow, somehow, whoville, grinch, surprise, sound, ribbons

Male Movie Stars

poitier, pitt, boseman, smith, pryor, murphy, clooney, chestnut, perry, jones, johnson, de niro, peters, hanks, robeson, cruise, nicholson, …

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