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If you love doing home renovation projects and gardening, you will love doing these Home and garden word search puzzles. You have to search for words from all sorts of different types of homes and gardens, from kitchens to bathrooms to yards. Download and print to see how many home and garden words you can find.

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seedpod, sod, pods, mulching, aerating, rooting, baskets, edging, pruning, plant, tilling, seeds, seeding, sowing, dividing, fertilizers, trimming, …

Kitchen Utensils

peeler , juicer , mixer , glass , strainer , blender , grater , grill , plate , whisk , kettle , fork , scales , opener , oven , microwave


larkspur, corolla, floret, lilac, root, stem, sage, zinnia, bud, snapdragon, bark, sunflower, seed, vines, blossom, genus, leaf, clover, dandelion, …

Flowers and Plants

lily, larkspur, orchid, gazania, pansy, dogwood, jade, aster, roses, daffodil, tulip, bearberry, primula, fern, sunflower, poppy

Garage Storage

tires, paint, brushes, lawn mower, cables, coats, broom, tools, ladder, bicycles, car, power saw, hedge cutter, furniture, rake, boots, fertilizer, …


deck , climber , accessory , drainage , garden , soil , patio , compost , accent , rock , brick , tree , design , lawn , masonry , yard , nursery , …

Flower Terminology

corolla, blossom, base, filament, buds, species, carpels, seeds, pollen, scent, floral, sepal, flower, head, calyx, nectar

In The Garden

tomatoes, green beans, bell pepper, peas, sweet corn, broccoli, radishes, carrots, zucchini, lettuce, cilantro, onion, beets, cucumber, eggplant, …

Vegetable Garden

eggplant, carrots, peas, kale, leek, corn, beets, broccoli, artichoke, beans, cabbage, coriander, asparagus, cucumber, lettuce, celery

My House

kitchen, bungalow, bathroom, house, cellar, semi detached, living room, flats, garage, small, garden, terraced, bedroom, hostel, attic, hallway, loft, …

House Vocabulary

bathroom, lamp, curtain, cushion, sofa, chair, closet, door, kitchen, table, backyard, window, desk, tv, rug, bedroom

Junk Drawer

candles , thread , nuts , washers , gloves , tape , pins , buttons , nails , coins , cord , matches , dice , pliers , scissors , clippers , knobs , …

Tool Box

List of common thing found in a toolbox.

Flower Names

tiger lily, delphinium, sweet pea, larkspur, daffodil, anemone, gladiolus, amaryllis, sunflower, gardenia, solidaster, hyacinth, orchid, freesia, …

Kitchen Items

Common things used in kitchen including food ingredients and appliances.

Kitchen Gadgets

peeler, baster, ladle, ramekin, spatula, skewer, garlic press, apron, saucepan, tongs, kettle, sifter, oven mitts, baking rack, zester, grater, …


fresh, wreath, decor, bloom, daisy, centerpiece, bouquet, buttonhole, composition, display, buds, roses, herbs, peonies, cut flowers, foliage


sunflower, geranium, rose, marigold, daisy, carnation, tulip, orchid, petunia, daffodil, lily, lilac, iris, aster, clematis, fuchsia


vacuum, iron, stereo, heat lamp, can opener, mixer, television, kettle, toaster, dryer, humidifier, broiler, hair dryer, microwave, shaver, freezer, …

In the Kitchen

stove, counter, milk, cups, cream, sink, water, fruit, food, bowls, faucet, oil, vinegar, coffee, microwave, spices

Cookware & Bakeware

tea pots, skillets, griddle, saucepan, rice pot, cookie sheet, kettle, pie pan, pot racks, cake pan, icing comb, wok, broiler, poacher, soup pot, loaf …

Summer Yardwork

greenery, pressure wash, shrubs, planting, lawnmower, trimmer, remove debris, landscaping, herbicides, weed wacker, pruning, lawn, watering, …

Buying a Home

appreciate, appraisal, collateral, title insurance, workout, preclosing, underwriting, secured loan, closing agent, asset, character, principal, title …

Planting Flowers

lilies, roses, shovel, plant, spade, bees, leaves, dig, daisy, fertilizer, stem, dandelion, soil, gloves, weeds, petals

Home Appliances

oven, pump, sink, refrigerator, stove, iron, scale, microwave, broiler, air fryer, dryer, coffee maker, vacuum, mixer, garbage disposal, blender, …

In the Bathroom

shower, brush, shampoo, curling iron, soap, sink, hair dryer, toilet, mirror, toothbrush, towels, conditioner, comb, razor, bathtub, rug


List of things usually found in gardens or used during gardening.

House Things

game console, dryer, cupboard, floor, door, attic, kitchen, washer, lamp, box, chessboard, bed, cymbal, cloth, chair, bathroom, books, rope, broom, …

Dining Room

bowls , buffet , cabinet , candles , chairs , crystal , cups , dinner , dishes , eating , vase , table , supper , plates , pitcher , pictures , …


turret , office , stove , shutter , drain pipe , well , window , patio , kitchen , door , foundations , rooms , wall , gutter , garage , floor

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