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Love to shop? Test your shopping knowledge with this Shopping word search puzzle. This puzzle includes words from all sorts of different types of shops. From clothing stores to toy stores to sporting goods stores, this word search will be well enjoyed by avid shoppers. Download, print and enjoy.

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At the Grocery Store

milk , cart , aisles , produce , bags , bread , scanner , scale , juice , eggs , flour , cookies , rice , cereal , cash , chips

Grocery Stores

prices, pin pad, credit, rewards, refrigerated, online, aisle, checkout, frozen, meat, debit, basket, points, cart, food, bakery, delivery, cash, …

Jewelry Store

chain, gems, watch, silver, hoop, belgium, ring, pendant, crystal, gold, necklace, band, diamond, kay, bracelet

Shopping List

cereal, milk, pistachios, cheese, spaghetti, almonds, cashew nut, walnuts, apple juice, yogurt, rice, pasta, green tea, butter, rolled oats, coffee

Stores and Restaurants

walgreens, jewel, nordstrom, jc penny, macys, ralph lauren, build a bear, pier one, hallmark, whole foods, maggianos, old navy, hollister, foot …


clothing, credit card, scan, gift, cash, browse, cart, bag, food, discount, refund, receipt, price tag, bargain, mall, aisle

Hardware Store

nails, knives, ruler, tool box, glue, saw, screws, file, putty, bolts, drill bits, hooks, buckets, hammer, paint, spade

Trip to the Grocery

mustard, yogurt, soup, pet food, fruit, cereal, crackers, cheese, pasta, butter, ketchup, eggs, bread, ice cream, ships, milk

On Sale This Week

market, bakery, cheese, coupons, change, dessert, cake, milk, bleach, cans, money, butter, bread, bargains, savings, cream, soap, meals, grocery, soup

Consumer Decision Making

capital, human, wants, natural, factors, strategies, scarcity, needs, influence, services, goods, profit, choices, purchase, survey, products, …


sales, service, purchase, goods, product, owner, stock, shop, credit, client, cards, aisle, profit, budget, retail, debit

Customer Service

manager, loyalty, tips, apology, please, refund, resolution, friendly, diplomatic, complaint, communication, polite, courteous, waiter, smile, …

Flea Market

poster, dishes, vendor, records, market, jewelry, vintage, clothing, bargain, collector, antique, mercado, recycle, booth

Shop Talk

Shop talk means conversation about one's occupation or business at an informal or social occasion.


braid, cheese, teeth, entertain, clean, agree, coach, dream, bleachers, peach, complain, display, grain, thrown, shadow, window, sunday, wheat, …

Grocery List

cheddar, yogurt, ham, bacon, oranges, onions, peppers, butter, grapes, bread, salmon, bagels, oatmeal, strawberries, lettuce, chicken, buns, cereal, …


sales , service , purchase , goods , product , owner , stock , shop , credit , client , cards , aisle , profit , budget , patron , retail , debit , …


staff, shelf, library, author, reader, biography, spine, romance, novel, fantasy, cover art, mystery, fiction, bestseller, checkout, history, travel, …

Online Shopping and Credit Cards

charged, full, accounts, fees, interest, minimum, payment, internet, plastic, cost, privacy, term, credit card, repayment, security, revolving credit, …

Making a Purchase

delivery, sale, stock, code, cash, receipt, order, coupon, online, bag, gift card, credit, price, discount, shop, returns


clearance, discounts, produce, snacks, superstore, frozen foods, nutrition label, brands, cart, organic, beverages, cashier, cereal, loyalty card, …

Garden Center

gnome, shed, statue, gift card, customer, fish, flowers, cashier, compost, decking, seeds, tools, swing, furniture, plant pot, cafe

Sale Days

register , value , beat , promotion , counter , cheap , bargain , brands , deal , choice , discount , save , year end , crowd , ads , hunt , price , …


artifacts , stationery , hats , boxes , toys , books , pictures , banners , dvds , minerals , statues , mugs , gifts , postcards , medallions , …


mean, cost effective, conserving, close fisted, saving, miserly, frugal, cautious, preserving, sparing, cheap, prudent, chintzy, canny, provident, …

Boxing Day

people, lineups, food court, deals, credit cards, crowds, purchasing, sales, groceries, stores, transaction, gift cards, parking, traffic, shopping, …

Kinds Of Shops

greengrocers, bakers, butchers, chemists, florists, offlicence, newsagents, stationers, bookshop, candy shop, fishmongers, jewelers

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