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How many countries have you traveled to? Do you know the name of the Most Populated Countries? How about the Least Populated Countries? Test your know about different countries of this world by doing these Countries word searches. These come with words from USA States, Capital Cities of Europe, European Countries and more.

If you are a teacher or homeschool parent, you can use these word searches to teach children all about the counties. Ask them to find 5 Letter Countires, 7 Letter Countries, Smallest Countries, Largest Countries and so on!
From America to Australia, this word search has it all. Download it now and see how many country-related words you can find.

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Around the World

egypt, sudan, libya, germany, bahrain, iran, italy, algeria, morocco, canada, pakistan, angola, australia, belgium, india, china, liberia, cambodia, …

Small Countries

tonga , monaco , maldives , singapore , grenada , malts , bahrain , nauru , palau , barbados , andorra , dominica


turkey, india, canada, norway, greece, indonesia, japan, egypt, italy, germany, belgium, brazil, poland, ireland, russia, spain, sweden, argentina, …

Ancient Greece

athens, aristotle, sparta, aphrodite, plato, sappho, iliad, olympics, amphitheater, odyssey, acropolis, hades, zeus, archimedes, corinth, goddess


maple, hockey, snow, moose, mountie, maple syrup, poutine, beaver, nanaimo bars, niagara falls, tim hortons, canoe, polar bears, rocky mountains, …


seals, fish, explore, whales, continent, penguins, cold, polar, bears, expedition, frozen, byrd, mountains, glacier, research, barren

Countries in Europe

portugal, finland, slovakia, germany, denmark, ukraine, russia, sweden, serbia, albania, moldova, turkey, iceland, bulgaria, austria, romania, greece, …

Countries of Asia

japan, vietnam, sri lanka, china, syria, indonesia, jordan, bangladesh, kuwait, maldives, pakistan, india, taiwan, iraq, russia, iran, north korea, …

South America

bolivia, atacama, guyana, argentina, colombia, venezuela, paraguay, peru, aconcagua, amazon, madeira, brazil, ecuador, uruguay, orinoco, lake …

Native to Australia

brolga , numbat , sawfish , quokka , yabby , platypus , koala , honeyeater , kangaroo , echidna , wombat , dingo , bilby , wallaby , quoll , galah

Most Populated Countries

List of countries with high population figure.

Countries & Nationalities

holland, dutch, scottish, spanish, greece, ireland, germany, portuguese, spain, albania, albanian, scotland, german, greek, russia, swiss, …


abbey, chestnuts, bee eaters, fizzy pop, bearskins, bath, big ben, westminster, luggage, graduation, separated, gap, castles, warwick, museum, hot, …

Islands of Africa

corisco, rodrigues, lamu island, maskali, goree, seal island, bird island, robben, likoma, pate island, primeiras, debre sina, inhaca, morfil, dek …

Dominican Republic

peso, silver, gold, baseball, copper, centavo, sugar, tropical, republic, dominican, merengue, paradise, spanish, christian, carnival, plantains, …


agrarian, america, artisan, beach, colonization, democracy, desert, emigrant, forest, hills, lakes, mountain, people, rivers, roads, rural, sea, …

Capital Cities of Europe

Word search based on capital cities of countries in European continent.


wine, rijeka, zadar, adriatic, osijek, pula, kuna, istria, split, dalmatian, velebit, tourism, soccer, europe, croatian, zagreb

Great Britain

big ben, king charles, market, london eye, thames, regent canal, the shard, tower of london, underground, camden town, london zoo, london, queen …


emirates, dhow, spice souk, metro, gold souk, camel, palm islands, aquarium, safari, skyscrapers, creek, shopping, atlantis, burj al arab, desert, …

Cities in Japan

List of Japanese cities and towns.

WW1 Countries

germany, greece, austria, bulgaria, serbia, japan, hungary, uk, romania, russia, belgium, portugal, usa, turkey, italy, france


sydney eye tower, kangaroo, sydney, barrier reef, melbourne, king charles, koala, museum, harbour bridge, opera house, joey, sydney aquarium, sydney …


griot, republic, caribbean, rum, vetiver, cremas, carnival, creole, barbecue, dessalines, jacmel, french, tropicsl, gourde, les cayes, hispaniola


wine, baguette, paris, eiffel, croissant, louvre, cheese, macron, fashion, revolution, bastille, monet, versailles, champagne, provence, camembert, …


st patrick, blarney, potatoes, kilkenny, green hills, dublin, cliffs, shamrock, ulster, danny boy, castles, limerick, moher, gaelic, belfast, donegal

Large Countries

mexico , libya , canada , argentina , usa , iran , russia , peru , brazil , australia , algeria , china , mongolia , sudan , indonesia , india


france, denmark, estonia, uk, albania, germany, italy, norway, belgium, poland, bulgaria, latvia, canada, romania, hungary, greece, croatia, iceland, …

7 Letter Countries

Countries having seven letter names.


arabic, beirut, zahle, sidon, druze, tripoli, phoenicia, christian, republic, cedar, asia, middle east, levant, kibbeh, islam, byblos

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