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Love to travel? Test your travel knowledge with this Travel & Tourism word search puzzle. This puzzle includes words from all sorts of different types of travels. From camping to cruise ships to visiting foreign countries, this word search has it all. Download and print it now to see how many travel-related words you can find.

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A Day at Disneyland

Word search related to fun stuff and activities at Disneyland.

Amusement Places

parlor, theater, bike path, pool hall, arena, casino, run, museum, ice rink, gym, ranges, cinema, center, garden, slides, zoo, band hall, arcade, …

At the Airport

security, captain, seating, escalator, passport, luggage, air traffic, landing, families, airplane, safety, bar, carrier, taxi, runway, police

World Heritage Sites

mesa verde, delos, acropolis, shark bay, meteora, city of graz, gondwana, wadden sea, stonehenge, lake baikal, mogao caves, paphos, angkor, taos …


rotate, carnival, horses, pole, gears, lights, mechanics, platform, tail, gilded, enamel, amusing, colorful, saddle, shiny, festival, animals, fair, …


terminal, customs, jumbo jet, delay, airlines, ticket, safety, seat belt, pilot, cabin, vacation, luggage, tower, runway, airplane, coach, travel, …


power, speed, rudder, pitch, seats, heading, motion, controls, steer, flaps, flying, light, airline, aviation, gravity, stall, horizon, blimp, wings, …

On Vacation

golf, island, bike, horse, desert, camp, explore, boat, hike, peaks, beach, lake, sail, casino, cabin, abroad, ride, trip, cruise, ship

Let's Take a Holiday

adventure, budget, foreign, cruise, luxury, boat, hotels, cottage, spring, dinner, luggage, season, beach, airplane, ocean, summer, relaxation, …

Places to Visit

london, berlin, nepal, arctic, england, greece, athens, paris, scotland, shina, rome, brazil, mauritius, thailand, egypt, bahama, austria, france, …

Air Transportation

storage, pilot, porter, flight, manager, airplane, labor, executive, general, office, support, service, copilot, training, freight, airfield, repair, …

Summer Vacation

cruise, ship, passport, enjoy, camera, vacation, road, tour, sunglasses, airplane, itinerary, travel, ocean, auto, swimsuit, adventure, train, beach

Got a Ticket?

show, opera, concert, football, baseball, driving, plane, car show, bus, zoo, ballet, art show, gallery, lottery, theater, skiing, garden, museum, …

Holiday Destinations

List of places popular as holiday destination.


luggage, excursion, journey, vacation, tour, motel, directions, ship, ticket, auto, destination, train, hotel, cruise, reservation, world, ferry, …

At a Hotel

restaurant, internet, expenses, newspaper, check in, wake up call, swimming pool, towels, do not disturb, room service, star rating, reception, gym, …


snakes , baboon , plants , fish , lion , bears , visitors , crocodile , jaguar , africa , tropical , hawk , park , apes , fun , tickets

Travel Destination

paris, new york, rome, tokyo, barcelona, bangkok, london, dubai, sydney, cairo, venice, machu picchu, santorini, riodejaneiro, capetown


amenities, ballroom, beds, bellhop, breakfast, business trip, coffee, concierge, doorman, elevator, floors, front desk, gift shop, gym, housekeeping, …

Hotel Amenities

dry cleaning, pool, hot tub, health club, restaurant, spa, catering, gift shop, bar, shuttle, game room, kitchen, internet, parking, breakfast, …

Planning a Vacation

passport, suitcases, oil change, condo, flight, rental car, packing, food, camera, amenities, tickets, money, map, shopping, attractions, itinerary

African Sights

aksum, banjul, cyrene, luxor, wildlife, serengeti, fort jesus, animals, abu mena, aldabra, safari, bird island, tsodilo, cape town, red sea, timbuktu


soaring, aviation, thrust, throttle, horizon, gps, gliders, yawning, tachometer, radio, mixture, flaps, climbs, heading, wings, tail, pilot, lift, …


maldives, married, husband, romance, relax, hawaii, champagne, island, luxury, love, chocolate, restaurant, celebrate, exotic, wife, memories


tide, sun, shovel, castle, rafts, ocean, waves, seashells, swimsuit, lawn chair, bucket, sandals, family, swimming, sunscreen, sand

Popular Vacation Destinations

montreal, tokyo, barcelona, sydney, rome, maldives, amsterdam, phuket, santorini, venice, paris, cape town, machu picchu, cancun, rio de janeiro, …

The Wonders of Cuba

beaches, havana, tropical, rice, baseball, azul, blanco, spanish, rojo, salsa, island, cubana, ropavieja, diadeltrabajo, tourism


rudder, ropes, ocean, reefing, genoa, anchor, wake, forestay, bowsprit, tacking, astern, boom, rigging, captain, keel, waves

Hotel Chains

hilton , hyatt , best western , travelodge , delta , loews , novotel , sheraton , sofitel , holiday inn , la quinta , aloft , radisson , omni , riu , …

Winter Vacation

hot cocoa, winter sports, icicles, snow angels, woods, polar bear, scarfs, snow, snowboarding, fireplace, sledding, winter break, hats, mountains, …

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