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Celebrate a special occasion with our printable word search puzzles! We have puzzles for all sorts of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and even Valentine's Day.

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Independence Day

peanuts, hamburgers, veterans, firecrackers, summer, sunsets, fireworks, fireflies, july fourth, cookout, friends, baseball, barbecue, patriotic, …

July 4th

bonfire, hot dogs, lemonade, celebration, party, picnic, sparklers, music, block party, america, philadelphia, independence, summer, pool, holiday, …

Armed Forces Day

war, air force, usa, admiral, soldier, sailor, pilot, navy, general, holiday, ship, space force, coast guard, honor, weapon, flag, marines, peace, …


streamers, bank holiday, holidays, balloons, chocolate, tradition, church, festivals, fireworks, easter bunny, occasions, baptism, easter eggs, …

April Fools

jokes, april fools, april first, prank, champions, laughing, silly, playful, giggle, tricks, surprise, smiling, jester, happy, hoodwinked, funny

Columbus Day

caribbean, world, longitude, indians, isabella, new world, america, crew, ships, discover, compass, nina, cuba, ferdinand, spain, columbus, captain, …

Martin Luther King Day

bus, march, history, ballot, change, intolerance, minister, black, memorial, courage, racism, vote, prejudice, equality, bigotry, boycott, freedom, …

Labor Day

beer, food, cookout, ice cream, friends, family, travel, fun, barbecue, holiday, back to school, free day, day off, football, relax, celebrate


hanukkah bush, candles, miracle, oil, jewish holiday, star of david, dedication, dreidel, latkes, hebrew calendar, festival, blessings, eight nights, …

Happy Hanukkah

song, gifts, prayer, lights, candles, blessings, eight, dedication, latkes, potato, dreidel, menorah, brisket, hora, gelt

New Year's Eve

hourglass, new, confetti, celebration, cheers, calendar, balloons, champagne, holiday, kiss, clock, countdown, music, memories, dancing, time, …

Carnival / Mardi Gras

feasting, samba, parade, mask, costumes, celebration, revelry, fat tuesday, rio de janeiro, shrove tuesday, bourbon street, jazz, beads, floats, ash …

New Year's Resolutions

drink more water, diet, quit smoking, be grateful, self-care, volunteer, learn a new skill, get organized, learn, save money, take up a hobby, …

Happy New Year

dance, confetti, clock, january, fireworks, family, football, year, kiss, party, first, resolution, parade, champagne, midnight, calendar, happy, hat, …

Presidents Day

capital, leader, military, cabin, states, february, holiday, election, war, lincoln, usa, liberty, america, patriot, president, birthday, colonists, …

April Fools' Day

fun, comical, fool, spoof, gullible, gag, prank, beguile, deceive, april, hoax, stunt, frivolous, pretense, caprice, absurd, nonsense, joke

Earth Day

nature, planet, resource, trees, paper, ocean, recycle, trash, fuel, solar, cleanup, litter, habitat, conserve, environment, renew, water, pollute, …

Cinco De Mayo

poncho, amigo, dancing, parade, maracas, pepper, sombrero, jalapeno, mariachi, salsa, beans, flag, mexico, holiday, guitar, pinatas, burrito, spanish, …

Flag Day

symbol, respect, banner, salute, field, honor, wave, pledge, fifty, stripes, flag, stars, eagle, red, white, usa, blue, holiday

Father's Day

supportive, giving, honest, loving, friend, respected, courageous, appreciated, wise, intelligent, responsible, capable, father, provider, caring, …

Employee Appreciation

awesome, thank you, diligent, superb, fantastic, excellent, thanks, dynamite, well done, approachable, great job, outstanding, fabulous, terrific, …

Pancake Day

lent, mardi gras, sizzle, butter, frying pan, lemon, sugar, eggs, flip, christian, milk, easter, tuesday, pancakes, sweet, shrove

Memorial Day

decoration, veteran, banner, battlefield, celebration, heritage, cemetery, flags, peace, friendship, memorial, hero, duty, gatherings, military, …

Memorial Day Celebration

battle, memorial, grill, ribs, blue, survival, rolls, celebration, burgers, died, fight, survived, food, family, served, red, decoration, white

Victoria Day

empire day, helena, two four, beatrice, birthday, louise, victoria, england, may, union jack, monday, ireland, india, canada, long weekend, edward …

Jumping & Bouncing

jump, jumping, bounce, bouncing ball, high, long, tripple, rebound, elasticity, energy, leap, spring, hopping, pouncing, skipping, pole vault

Happy Mother's Day

patience, heart, family, mommy, comforting, bouquet, woman, giving, teacher, kind, brave, laughter, forgiving, kisses, inspiration, understanding, …

Halloween Candy

kracklebar, juniormints, laffytaffy, lemonheads, jellybeans, dumdum, almondjoy, clarkbar, bottlecaps, hershey, fundip, butterfinger, gobbstoppers, …

Halloween Movies

thriller, clue, halloween, beetle juice, frankenstein, gremlins, goosebumps, scream, twitches, casper, cursed, the baby sitter, dracula, hocus pocus


cake, groom, train, reception, tradition, planning, honeymoon, blue, gifts, lace, church, venue, satin, love, glamour, toasts, photos, bride, bouquet, …

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