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Celebrate a special occasion with our printable word search puzzles! We have puzzles for all sorts of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and even Valentine's Day.

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Memorial Day

decoration, veteran, banner, battlefield, celebration, heritage, cemetery, flags, peace, friendship, memorial, hero, duty, gatherings, military, …

Bundle of Joy

lullaby, socks, sleeping, burpcloth, gerber, nursing, delivery, bib, diapers, gifts, clothes, washcloth, carrier, baby name, crying, shampoo, onesie, …

Halloween Movies

thriller, clue, halloween, beetle juice, frankenstein, gremlins, goosebumps, scream, twitches, casper, cursed, the baby sitter, dracula, hocus pocus

Earth Day

nature, planet, resource, trees, paper, ocean, recycle, trash, fuel, solar, cleanup, litter, habitat, conserve, environment, renew, water, pollute, …

Thanksgiving Dinner

macys, squash, family, norman, gravy, stuffing, pie, potatoes, casserole, green beans, pumpkin, turkey, lincoln, rolls, cranberry

April Fools' Day

fun, comical, fool, spoof, gullible, gag, prank, beguile, deceive, april, hoax, stunt, frivolous, pretense, caprice, absurd, nonsense, joke

Easter Fun

basket, ducks, chick, candy, eggs, jellybeans, bunny, chocolate, holiday, dye, jesus, lamb, april, lent, easter, bonnet, carrot, decorate


easter lily, good friday, flower, eternal life, crucifixion, ressurection, easter egg, last supper, is risen indeed, easter, apostles, cross


playful, victory, celebrate, holika, renewal, prayers, bonfires, colors, water, unity, powder, spring, legends, dahan, joyful, sweets, music, hindu …


traditional, finery, assemble, lent, bunny, bonnet, worship, gospel, festive, eggs, emerge, inspiration, faith, basket, revelation, spring, devoted, …

National Junk Food Day

cupcakes, pizza, onion rings, milkshakes, pies, donuts, burgers, ice cream, candy, mozzarella stick, nachos, jalapeno poppers, churros, corn dogs, …

Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

corn, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, peas, cheese macaroni, rolls, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cornbread, whipped cream, …

St. Patrick's Day

clover, gold, fairy, jig, shamrock, leprechaun, parade, green, tricky, bagpipe, pub, march, lucky, pinch, brogue, irish, magic, blarney, vanish, harp, …

Halloween Night

fear, haunted, ghost, graveyard, mummy, boo, cat , pumpkin, goblin, creepy, nightmare, coffin, skeleton, dracula, danger, cauldron , gloomy, broom, …

Halloween Candy

kracklebar, juniormints, laffytaffy, lemonheads, jellybeans, dumdum, almondjoy, clarkbar, bottlecaps, hershey, fundip, butterfinger, gobbstoppers, …

Pancake Day

lent, mardi gras, sizzle, butter, frying pan, lemon, sugar, eggs, flip, christian, milk, easter, tuesday, pancakes, sweet, shrove

Saint Patrick's Day

march, dance, ireland, rainbow, shamrock, celebration, clover, celtic, pinch, emerald, pot of gold, lucky, parade, potato, green, irish

Employee Appreciation

awesome, thank you, diligent, superb, fantastic, excellent, thanks, dynamite, well done, approachable, great job, outstanding, fabulous, terrific, …

Independence Day

peanuts, hamburgers, veterans, firecrackers, summer, sunsets, fireworks, fireflies, july fourth, cookout, friends, baseball, barbecue, patriotic, …

Indigenous People Day

lakota, native, hunters, mayas, nomads, history, aborigines, maori, indian, tradition, october, tribes, gatherers, resourceful, culture

Presidents Day

capital, leader, military, cabin, states, february, holiday, election, war, lincoln, usa, liberty, america, patriot, president, birthday, colonists, …

Easter Sunday

apostles, sunday, spring, holy, ducks, church, joy, crown, angel, friends, easter, april, cross, earthquake, chocolate, disciples, family, calvary, …

Valentine Bouquet

kiss, be mine, family, friends, smile, hug, candy, valentines, jewels, happy, day, warm, bouquet, sweetheart, flowers, marriage, sunshine, love

New Year's Resolutions

drink more water, diet, quit smoking, be grateful, self-care, volunteer, learn a new skill, get organized, learn, save money, take up a hobby, …

Carnival / Mardi Gras

feasting, samba, parade, mask, costumes, celebration, revelry, fat tuesday, rio de janeiro, shrove tuesday, bourbon street, jazz, beads, floats, ash …

Armed Forces Day

war, air force, usa, admiral, soldier, sailor, pilot, navy, general, holiday, ship, space force, coast guard, honor, weapon, flag, marines, peace, …

Happy New Year

dance, confetti, clock, january, fireworks, family, football, year, kiss, party, first, resolution, parade, champagne, midnight, calendar, happy, hat, …

Father's Day

supportive, giving, honest, loving, friend, respected, courageous, appreciated, wise, intelligent, responsible, capable, father, provider, caring, …

Happy Valentine's Day

pink, cupid, love, dear, hug, valentine, doves, red, treats, candy, sweetheart, heart, february, flowers, cards, kiss, friends

Halloween Costumes

vampire, monster, angel, mummy, pumpkin, ninja, superhero, witch, ghost, cowboy, fairy, pirate, astronaut, robot, clown, princess, cop, wizard

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