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Halloween Candy

kracklebar, juniormints, laffytaffy, lemonheads, jellybeans, dumdum, almondjoy, clarkbar, bottlecaps, hershey, fundip, butterfinger, gobbstoppers, …


Free Printable Halloween Word Search. Download and print terms related to the popular fall seasoned festival Halloween celebrated in October.

Halloween Costumes and Characters

wizard, superhero, skeleton, werewolf, pirate, zombie, clown, princess, devil, mummy, witch, frankenstein, vampire, witch's cat, ghost

Supernatural Halloween

charmed, spell book, cauldron, wicked, crystal ball, ouija board, magic, sorcery, broomstick, potion, curses, spells, enchantment, mystical, witch's …

Halloween Costumes

vampire, monster, angel, mummy, pumpkin, ninja, superhero, witch, ghost, cowboy, fairy, pirate, astronaut, robot, clown, princess, cop, wizard

Flag Day

symbol, respect, banner, salute, field, honor, wave, pledge, fifty, stripes, flag, stars, eagle, red, white, usa, blue, holiday

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

asleep, laugh, beard, snowy white, kissing, mommy, mistletoe, creep, peep, bedroom, tucked, daddy, underneath, tickle, stairs

Spooky Halloween

bloodthirsty, cemetery, creatures, creepy, dracula, frankenstein, fright, goblins, gruesome, halloween, haunted, horror, mansion, scary, shadow, …

Happy Halloween!

ghost, witch, trick, treat, candy, pumpkin, boo, october, halloween, spooky, scary, monster

Patriot Day

september, aircraft, twin, resolution, ground, service, veterans, zero, soldier, battlefield, military, towers, flag, congress, policeman, fireman, …

Be My Valentine

friends, valentine, flowers, chocolate, kisses, february, love, stuffed animals, roses, hearts, candy, be mine, sweetheart, fourteenth, cards, hugs, …

Armed Forces Day

war, air force, usa, admiral, soldier, sailor, pilot, navy, general, holiday, ship, space force, coast guard, honor, weapon, flag, marines, peace, …

Indigenous People Day

lakota, native, hunters, mayas, nomads, history, aborigines, maori, indian, tradition, october, tribes, gatherers, resourceful, culture

Halloween Costume Ideas

rabbit, monster, fox, cat, banana, vampire, mermaid, cowboy, pirate, devil, sailor, fairy, clown, angel, witch, doctor

Labor Day

beer, food, cookout, ice cream, friends, family, travel, fun, barbecue, holiday, back to school, free day, day off, football, relax, celebrate

Father's Day

supportive, giving, honest, loving, friend, respected, courageous, appreciated, wise, intelligent, responsible, capable, father, provider, caring, …

Valentine Movie Night

netflix, dirty dancing, hbo, pretty woman, valentine, on demand, ghost, titanic, peacock, secret admirer, love actually, the proposal, enchanted, …

July 4th

bonfire, hot dogs, lemonade, celebration, party, picnic, sparklers, music, block party, america, philadelphia, independence, summer, pool, holiday, …

Baking Christmas Cookies

sweet, frosting, nibble, cooling, mint, dough, sprinkles, tray, baking, favorite, delicious, snack, snicker, cookbook, doodle, family

Independence Day

peanuts, hamburgers, veterans, firecrackers, summer, sunsets, fireworks, fireflies, july fourth, cookout, friends, baseball, barbecue, patriotic, …

Memorial Day

decoration, veteran, banner, battlefield, celebration, heritage, cemetery, flags, peace, friendship, memorial, hero, duty, gatherings, military, …

Happy Mother's Day

patience, heart, family, mommy, comforting, bouquet, woman, giving, teacher, kind, brave, laughter, forgiving, kisses, inspiration, understanding, …


traditional, finery, assemble, lent, bunny, bonnet, worship, gospel, festive, eggs, emerge, inspiration, faith, basket, revelation, spring, devoted, …

Earth Day

nature, planet, resource, trees, paper, ocean, recycle, trash, fuel, solar, cleanup, litter, habitat, conserve, environment, renew, water, pollute, …

Saint Patrick's Day

march, dance, ireland, rainbow, shamrock, celebration, clover, celtic, pinch, emerald, pot of gold, lucky, parade, potato, green, irish

Chinese New Year

luck, new, dragon, dance, jade, year, firecrackers, lunar, happiness, tradition, silk, rice, prosperity, incense, gold, red, noodles, chinese, …

Presidents Day

capital, leader, military, cabin, states, february, holiday, election, war, lincoln, usa, liberty, america, patriot, president, birthday, colonists, …

A Christmas Lullaby

hushaby, sweet, christmas eve, babies, receive, goodnight, lullaby, cradles, gowned, sound, rockaby, quiet, tiny, sweetest, dreams

Valentine's Day

Word search based on terms related to Saint Valentines Day that is celebrated annually on February 14.

Happy New Year

dance, confetti, clock, january, fireworks, family, football, year, kiss, party, first, resolution, parade, champagne, midnight, calendar, happy, hat, …