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Who doesn't love delicious food? These Food and drinks word searches are perfect to play at a family game night, party or classroom. Teachers and parents can use these word searches to teach children about healthy as well as delicious eating. You will find healthy word search puzzles like Salads, Hight Fiber Foods or Vegetables. There are delicious food choices as well like Pizza, Cookies and Pasta. Download and see how many food and drink-related words you can find.

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Restaurant Menu

pies, sides, dessert, pizza, torte, elegant, courses, party, cookies, delicious, entrees, cheese, cake, soups, latte, ice cream

Gummy Candies

artificial, shapes, wrapped, packaged, flavored, colors, kids, texture, soft, sour, gelatin, snack, rainbow, popular, jellies, sweet, tasty, candy, …


pork chops, corn on the cob, charcoal, ribs, hamburger, fish, relish, grill, summer, mustard, condiments, bratwurst, baked beans, chicken, potato …

Summer Fruits

banana, blueberries, strawberries, mango, apples, tomatoes, apricots, honeydew melon, watermelon, cherries, lemons, cantaloupe, plums, blackberries, …


tangerine, cantaloupe, pineapple, kiwi, melon, honeydew, plums, strawberry, blueberry, apples, grapes, apricot, cherry, pear, blackberry, raisins

healthy Food

peaches, apple, lettuce, cranberry, lemon, strawberry, mushroom, grapefruit, tomato, apricot, eggplant, corn, cabbage, carrots, watermelon, avocado, …

Baking Ingredients

eggs, butter, sugar, flour, cinnamon, milk, icing, nutmeg, salt, honey, baking powder, cocoa, chocolate, oil, nuts, coconut

Pasta Shapes

fusilli, capellini, fettuce, spaghetti, conchiglie, lasagna, gemelli, cannelloni, linguine, campanelle, pici, penne, garganelli, farfalle, rigatoni, …

Fruits and Vegetables

avocado, potato, watermelon, garlic, banana, peach, cucumber, pumpkin, lemon, strawberry, coconut, tomato, broccoli, grapes, melon, pineapple, corn, …

International Food

mozzarella, sushi, barbecue, teriyaki, lasagna, croissant, curry wurst, gnocchi, poutine, sorbet, eclair, baguette, bacon, escargot, coleslaw, burger, …


omelet, bagel, sausage, smoothie, juice, granola, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, toast, cereal, fruits, doughnut, eggs, pastry, muffin

Foods in the Bible

corn, almonds, barley, honey, mustard, melons, water, milk, salt, nuts, olives, grapes, butter, eggs, wheat, bread, wafers, cakes, apples, fish, …

Bake me a Cake

knife, oven, recipe, birthday, sugar, bowls, butter, pans, frosting, candles, mixer, spoon, icing, fork, flour, plate, sprinkles, spatula

Fruit Snacks

fruit shaped, sweet, vitamin c, colorful, low fat, juicy, kids, convenient, packaged, snack, flavors, energy, artificial, fun, candy, gummy, gluten …


refined, cellulose, replace, diet, cells, glycogen, pasta, galactose, fruit, lactose, bread, simple, plants, food, structure, necessary, maltose, …


avocado, balsamic, carrots, cucumber, tomato, radishes, lettuce, dressing, onion, ranch, peppers, crouton, caesar, arugula, kale

Tea Time

chamomile, jam, earlgrey, bergamot, oolong, matcha, lemon, biscuits, peppermint, herbal, sugar, honey, breakfast, tea, chai, cookies

Chocolate Bars

baby ruth, milky way, coffee crisp, caramilk, skor, mars bar, dairy milk, aero, nestle crunch, almond joy, oh henry!, snickers, mr. big, butter …

Happy Hour

gibson, gimlet, hottoddy, eggnog, margarita, ginsling, highball, ginfizz, manhattan, zombie, pinklady, bloodymary, martini, robroy, kamikaze, stinger


root beer, pepsi, coffee, water, iced tea, coca cola, frappe, soda pop, dr pepper, hot chocolate, milk, code red, fruit punch, mountain dew, koolaid, …

Delicious Fruits

blueberry, date, apple, raspberry, cherry, lemon, papaya, strawberry, pomegranate, banana, coconut, tangerine, pineapple, lime, plum, watermelon, …


steamer, paprika, coriander, oven, whisk, mince, ladle, barbecue, broil, blender, roast, basil, skillet, recipe, simmer, pasta, pastry, grill, …


concentrate, citrus, drink, refreshing, fresh, beverage, sweet, pitcher, cold, summer, pink lemonade, lemon, homemade, sour, ice, mint, tart, classic, …

Thai Food

peanut sauce, green curry, tom yam, som tam, jasmine rice, yam, roti bread, wonton soup, pad thai, tempura, mussaman curry, phat kaphrao, laap, kai …


buns, table cloth, hamburger, friends, charcoal, ice, grill, potato salad, potato chips, sunshine, hotdog, beans, ketchup, lemonade, mustard, corncob

Let's Eat Out

salads, diner, cuisine, cashier, seats, food truck, entree, restaurant, soups, menu, order, deli, nibble, cafe, feast, cafeteria, wines, sandwiches, …

Spanish Foods

paella, fideua, patatas bravas, chorizo, migas, crema catalana, gazpacho, jamon iberico, cochinillo, albondigas, fabada, sangria, carillada, churros, …


delicious, cut, italian, yeast, pepper, olives, crust, tomato, fast food, baked, basil, piece, round, oven, slice, bake

Sugary Drinks & Beverages

powerade, softdrink, healthy, mind, disease, sprite, water, coke, smoothie, diabetes, sport, sugar, acid, sportdrink, electrolyte, obesity, gatorade, …

Orange Juice

carton, concentrate, tangy, healthy, citrus, brunch, antioxidants, quencher, juice bar, refreshing, glass, sunrise, mimosa, sweet, florida, breakfast, …

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