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Looking for a word search to help with vocabulary? Vocabulary word searches include words from all sorts of different types of vocabulary. From verbs to spelling to palindromes, this word search has it all. Simply download and print.

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Plurals Ending with -es

benches, gloves, foxes, guesses, brushes, speeches, splashes, scratches, horses, mixes, churches, crashes, voices, peaches, eyelashes, kisses, …

Spelling Bee

sphere, sparrow, spirit, splash, spoil, sparse, spew, spurge, spill, special, spectrum, spoken, spare, spin, spree, speed, splat, spent, split, spear

Begins with Letter H

handful, health, hall, habit, helpful, harmony, halloween, heart, hazard, haunch, hairy, hurry, hillside, harvest, hastily, hope


stubby, petite, little, tiny, baby, cramped, miniature, infinitesimal, truncated, microscopic, knee high, junior, minute, trivial, diminutive, slight

Familiar French Words

meringue, fondue, saxophone, limousine, oxygen, croissant, pastry, helicopter, sauce, leotard, casserole, silhouette, parachute, apricot, television, …

Three Letter Blends

three, sign, screams, thread, knife, scribble, scrubs, spread, throw, streamer, splash, streak, scrape, strength, spray, screen, scratch, wrote, …

Linking Words

in conclusion, unless, however, otherwise, consequently, in order that, in addition to, for instance, apart from, neither, whose, to, although, …

Spanish Vocab

pasar, rodear, volver, conductor, romper, sera, exitoso, accidente, tendra, finanzas, futuro, herir, querra, soltero, idioma, casado, lograr, …

Names Starting with E

eliza , eric , elisha , eathan , elise , ethan , edward , elliot , eva , evan , emma , ellie , eamon , ela , ellen , eden , elena , ebony , earl , …


elementary, basic, plain sailing, clear, yielding, simple, effortless, no problem, piece of cake, facile, cinch, obvious, manageable, picnic, …


Palindrome is a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward.

Grammar and Punctuation

comma, exclamation mark, semi colon, noun, proper noun, abstract noun, verb, capital letter, question mark, adjective, full stop, colon, adverb, …

Strange Words

tmesis, oxter, metanoia, spanghew, termagant, sinecure, maieutic, urt, syzygy, chthonic, estivate, zareba, fug, palindrome, chatoyant, susurrus, …

Action Verbs

create, discover, follow, read, crawl, thought, climb, orbited, waddle, type, dance, crept, drive, flew, elaborate, sleep, analyze, throw, depart, …

Computer Terms

bandwidth, query, gateway, emoticon, raw data, bitmap, vector, favicon, javascript, webcam, dashboard, keywords, firewall, network, media, safe mode

Synonyms for Happy

amazing, nice, funny, easy, grand, wonderful, superb, humorous, engaging, pleasant, spectacular, dandy, delightful, gleeful, positive, bright

Phonetic Alphabet

whiskey, zulu, echo, bravo, kilo, india, stop, victor, golf, charlie, alpha, sierra, code, yankee, mike, juliet, delta, hotel, lima, tango

Begins with Letter L

lawyer, look, lady, learn, labor, ladle, landmark, lacquer, little, language, laminate, leap, lake, longer, label, landlord

Begins with Letter J

jets, jeans, journal, jigsaw, judicial, jungle, jackpot, journey, job, jasmine, jointed, jeep, jewelry, joke, jingle, junction

Present Tense of Verbs

likes, wants, swims, bakes, opens, waxes, enjoys, carries, drinks, dries, presses, plays


tow, fair, flour, air, bare, toe, four, knight, fare, which, bear, night, for, pane, horse, witch, hoarse, heir, flower, pain

Begins with Letter U

unicorn, utter, unified, universe, unclear, uniform, useless, utmost, urchin, uncle, urban, under, upper, umbrella, ugly, ultra

'Lo' Words

lounge, lowly, lookout, load, longer, loud, local, lodge, locust, loving, logical, location, loose, lord, lotion, london


windy, awful, dusty, mimic, humid, hyper, humorous, amiable, radical, horrid, cheerful, chilly, dizzy, sneaky, bashful, stormy

Begins with Letter C

courage, cabinet, camel, carrot, calming, caliber, cable, creative, critical, chemical, curious, collect, calendar, cunning, cashier, calculate

Novel Words

pace, chapters, reviews, characters, storyteller, themes, style, author, agent, fiction, narrative, publisher, synopsis, gripping, blurb, imagination, …

Find The Verbs

search, sit, take, hear, know, sell, wash, argue, write, mix, stop, go, laugh, knock, give, catch, hate, study, smile, dry, make, attend, draw, walk, …

Words that contain ER

List of words that contain the letter -ER- in them.


Pronouns are the words you may like others to use for you in place of your proper name.

Begins with Letter A

archive, attract, arrive, aloof, allusive, alert, abrupt, antagonist, attire, addition, available, artistic, adverse, accept, achieve, alternate

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