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Looking for a word search to help with vocabulary? Vocabulary word searches include words from all sorts of different types of vocabulary. From verbs to spelling to palindromes, this word search has it all. Simply download and print.

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Pronouns are the words you may like others to use for you in place of your proper name.


Palindrome is a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward.

ish, ash, ush Word Families

fish, trash, brush, cash, rush, mash, dish, hush, dash, rash, wish, mush, flash, crush, blush, swish, crash, smash

5 letter words starting with A

about, after, among, again, above, along, award, allow, alone, ahead, apply, aware, avoid, agent, asset, agree, adult, apart, audio, aside, audit, …

Words Containing 'OW'

cower, owlet, growth, tower, blower, allow, prowl, vowel, lowbrow, towel, shown, flow, fellow, however, bowl, dowager, crow, pillow, rowing, snow

Food Adjectives

crunchy, ripe, sour, hard, hot, sweet, shiny, unripe, salty, sticky, creamy, soft, spicy, bitter, juicy

Begins with Letter Z

zipper, zero, zircon, zebra, zounds, zinc, zucchini, ziplock, zygote, zone, zesty, zealous, zoo, zilch, zipcode, zoology


jumbo, towering, whopping, colossal, extensive, massive, gigantic, tremendous, mighty, huge, mega, immense, enormous, vast, giant, outsize


stubby, petite, little, tiny, baby, cramped, miniature, infinitesimal, truncated, microscopic, knee high, junior, minute, trivial, diminutive, slight

Five Letter Words

stale, voter, abide, stain, quack, later, smile, react, month, great, dodge, alone, treat, loath, field, crate

Long 'a' Sound Words

straight, rain, hey, vein, brake, complain, escape, weight, play, plate, eighty, skate, trade, plane, take, break, tale, neighbor, train, brain, rail, …

Begins with Letter Q

quest, quirk, quality, quart, quick, quilt, qualify, quack, quota, question, quill, query, quail, queen, quit, quantity


expect, handle, explode, produce, doubt, arrive, taste, annoy, wrap, cover, hope, afford, attempt, test, cycle, start

Synonyms for Happy

amazing, nice, funny, easy, grand, wonderful, superb, humorous, engaging, pleasant, spectacular, dandy, delightful, gleeful, positive, bright


hard won, unyielding, uphill, laborious, demanding, severe, toilsome, difficult, problematic, tough, onerous, prohibitive, immense, intricate, …


bleak, numbing, crisp, polar, cool, arctic, chill, nippy, brisk, frosty, icy, freezing, gelid, frozen, bitter, frigid

Three Letter Blends

three, sign, screams, thread, knife, scribble, scrubs, spread, throw, streamer, splash, streak, scrape, strength, spray, screen, scratch, wrote, …

Long Vowel

soak, glow, bind, hold, feast, crew, light, way, grind, crow, scene, tone, jail, drew, steep, wave, dry, slide, pool, sneak, sold

Irregular Verbs

fight, catch, make, find, hide, break, saw, learn, sell, dive, beat, grow, pay, cling, keep, bend

British English

jam, timetable, nappy, fortnight, autumn, dummy, shop, biscuit, taxi, ill, plaster, jumper, dustbin, lolly, caravan, chemist

Begins with Letter F

five, fearful, flow, fabric, fruit, factor, fancy, fairy, fish, facial, facet, faculty, feasible, family, fabulous, favorite

La Escuela

el escritorio, las tijeras, el cartapacio, regla, grapadora, el reloj, el librero, el mundo, el profesor, el pupitre, la carpeta, el cuaderno, la …


elementary, basic, plain sailing, clear, yielding, simple, effortless, no problem, piece of cake, facile, cinch, obvious, manageable, picnic, …

Begins with Letter X

xyst, xylene, xanthyl, xyster, xerox, xyloid, xylose, xebec, xenias, xenon, xanthic, xinca, xiphoid, xylol, xenium, xanthium

Commonly Misspelled Words

independent, rhythm, vacuum, separate, occasion, tomorrow, definitely, privilege, hygiene, necessary, accommodate, believe, exceed, fiery, millennium, …

Begins with Letter J

jets, jeans, journal, jigsaw, judicial, jungle, jackpot, journey, job, jasmine, jointed, jeep, jewelry, joke, jingle, junction

Helping Verbs

may, does, might, could, were, must, shall, will, had, being, was, am, have, has, can, did, would, should, been, are


sharp, profound, creative, wise, clever, sapient, brilliant, capable, enlightened, bright, perceptive, alert, imaginative, discerning, inventive, …


Word search based on onomatopoeia which is the process of creating a word that phonetically imitates, suggests or resembles the sound that it describes.

Two Syllable Jobs

plumber, doctor, actor, dentist, artist, dancer, lawyer, teacher, cleaner, singer, farmer, banker, writer, chemist, driver, pilot

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