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Are you an explorer interested to know more about new places? Make sure to download these Geography word search puzzles. You will enjoy doing variety of different puzzles from oceans to continents to countries. These word searches are perfect for students to learn about geography. Teachers can download and print to use these in their classrooms. Students will enjoy searching for geography words.

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rubidium, quartz, platinum, peat, cesium, iodine, mica, cobalt, iron, copper, bauxite, indium, gold, silicon, nickel, arsenic, graphite, diamond, …

Natural Wonders of the World

northern lights, aurora, everest, travel, reef, victoria falls, seven, volcano, continent, tourism, natural, grand canyon

Bodies of Water

brook, waterfall, lagoon, river, swamp, delta, bay, ocean, channel, lake, sea, gulf, marsh, creek, pond, cove

Natural Disasters

avalanche, hailstorm, volcano, tornado, blizzard, tsunami, typhoon, drought, landslide, windstorm, shelter, cyclone, evacuation, hurricane, wildfire, …

Map Skills

latitude, continent, northeast, path, map, intermediate, longitude, compass, globe, south, directions, southwest, southeast, cardinal, north, map key, …


energy, quake, volcano, frequency, earth, center, crust, thrust, landslide, geography, tectonic plate, tremor, ritcher scale, magnitude, fault, focus, …

Colorado's Peaks

el diente, red cloud, la plata, sherman, lindsey, humboldt, windom, columbia, culebra, lincoln, belford, san luis, snow mass, crestone, antero, …

Save the Planet

pollution, endangered, smoke, storm, pollute, protect, warming, danger, preserve, hurricane, climate, greenhouse, environment, sustainable, recycle, …

The Grand Canyon

limestone, fissure, arizona, steep sides, shale, eagle rock, granite, national park, schist, strata, sandstone, walls, tourists, rockfalls, geology, …


nile, minnesota, delaware, wabash, tennessee, potomac, laramie, rio bravo, amazon, smoky hill, colorado, hudson, thames, wisconsin, penobscot, …


island, estuary, atoll, strait, waterfall, country, prairie, forest, mountain, volcano, bay, lake, ocean, glacier, hill, peninsula, valley, river, …


animals, orbit, planet, forest, ocean, volcano, land, sun, clouds, stars, desert, tsunami, moon, gravity, humans, water

Natural Wonders

rainforest, mount everest, ayers rock, bryce canyon, paricutin, iguazu falls, great blue hole, yosemite, ha long bay, grand canyon, northern lights, …

Formation of Caves

oxygen, acid rain, column, fossils, boulders, carbon dioxide, flow stone, copper, sulfur, cavern, calcite, rainwater, corals, marine animals, …


engineering, bay, erosion, mass movement, deposition, rock armour, transportation, nourishment, sand dune, spit, hydraulic, cave, bar, stack, drift, …

Hawaiian Volcanoes

kauai, ojin, kammu, kohala, mauna kea, yomei, koko, meiji, colahan, kimmei, suiko, maro reef, nintoku, laysan, abbott, jingu


artifact, context, chronology, midden, documents, test pit, site, archaeology, ruins, grid, survey, dig, erosion, anthropologist, ceramics, fragments, …

Wind and Weather

gale, showers, windy, cloudy, breezy, warm, rainy, sunny, thawing, gusty, melting, rainbow, tornado, snowy, sleet, springtime, blizzard, chilly, ice, …

Landforms and Landscapes

plateau, values, landform, perceptions, landcover, convergent, volcano, transform, exogenic, landscape, plate, erode, forest, divergent, valley, …

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

volcano, earthquake, lava, layers, rupture, richter scale, epicenter, vibrations, volcanic bombs, shield, magnitude, larva, plates, eruption, focus, …

Grand Canyon

hopi house, roosevelt, arizona, guano point, colorado river, pack mules, camp grounds, south rim, tourist, hiking, mohave point, national park, …


minerals, past climates, hydrocarbon, igneous, rock cycle, earth, mantle, sedimentary, metamorphic, lithosphere, magma, erosion, rocks, weathered, …

Gold Rush

nugget, panning, gold dust, boom town, forty niners, riverbed, placer, miners, klondike, sluice, yukon, shovel, assayer, claim, california, alaska

Tropical Trees

avocado, heaven lotus, orchid, mango, moringa, star apple, kona coffee, cacao, banana, mahogany, true bay, tamarind, sausage, dragon, neem, jacaranda

Rivers of Ireland

shannon, moy, inny, clare, foyle, erne, nore, bann, barrow, liffey, corrib, boyne, suir, lee, blackwater, slaney

Glacier Park

cedar , climb , hawk , bear , grizzly , bald eagle , deer , glaciers , coyote , ridges , lakes , camp , hike , drifts , peaks , moose , elk , …

Plant Adaptations

woodlands, cactus, bromeliads, rainforest, drip tips, adaptation, water, tropical, support, leaves, forest, grassland, bark, desert, waxy, stem, …

Landscape Features

tundra, hill, crater, canyon, plains, lake, basin, ridge, fault, forest, plateau, valley, range, delta, cliff, island

On the Mountains

coyote, chipmunk, lion, lizard, hikers, beaver, deer, climbers, skunk, bobcat, eagle, fox, tent, hawk, bear, snow


man made, inland, coastal, flat, mountain, wind, earthquake, slope, road, hill, peak, valley, plateau, landscape, archipelago, bay, gulf, island, …

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