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Are you an explorer interested to know more about new places? Make sure to download these Geography word search puzzles. You will enjoy doing variety of different puzzles from oceans to continents to countries. These word searches are perfect for students to learn about geography. Teachers can download and print to use these in their classrooms. Students will enjoy searching for geography words.

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The Rock Cycle

igneous, magma, solidification, melting, heat, metamorphism, burial, sedimentation, sedimentary, metamorphic, pressure, cooling, weathering, …

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

volcano, earthquake, lava, layers, rupture, richter scale, epicenter, vibrations, volcanic bombs, shield, magnitude, larva, plates, eruption, focus, …


rain, jaguar, butterfly, snakes, toucan, tiger, elephant, bear, tarantula, sloth, streams, gorilla, forest, trees, macaw, panda


matka, palo duro, bad rock, grand, dniester, fish river, bighorn, skippers, ouimet, antelope, fraser, rugova, horseshoe, nine mile, logan, somoto


An archipelago is an area that contains a chain or group of islands scattered in lakes, rivers, or the ocean.

Sea Names

north, red, salish, black, greenland, arabian, weddell, caribbean, irish, yellow, kara, aegean, east china, labrador, aral, mawson

Geographic Features

hills, lake, plateau, plains, waterfalls, ocean, glacier, peninsula, cliff, river, mountains, sea, desert, forest, island, oasis

Bodies of Water

brook, waterfall, lagoon, river, swamp, delta, bay, ocean, channel, lake, sea, gulf, marsh, creek, pond, cove


crocodiles, nature, alligators, cliffs, lakes, monkey, bears, cheetah, rain, gorillas, plants, green, trees, caves, lions, pythons

Natural Disasters

avalanche, hailstorm, volcano, tornado, blizzard, tsunami, typhoon, drought, landslide, windstorm, shelter, cyclone, evacuation, hurricane, wildfire, …

Map Skills

latitude, continent, northeast, path, map, intermediate, longitude, compass, globe, south, directions, southwest, southeast, cardinal, north, map key, …


leaf, field, cat, tree, donkey, hen, lake, rock, flower, dog, grass, pig, countryside, sheep, garden, cow, parrot, river, horse, forest, house, …


energy, quake, volcano, frequency, earth, center, crust, thrust, landslide, geography, tectonic plate, tremor, ritcher scale, magnitude, fault, focus, …

Landforms and Landscapes

plateau, values, landform, perceptions, landcover, convergent, volcano, transform, exogenic, landscape, plate, erode, forest, divergent, valley, …


cliff, waterfall, marsh, valley, forest, plateau, lake, stream, hill, rocks, mountain, cave, canyon, volcano, ocean, glacier, river, desert, plain, …

Wind and Weather

gale, showers, windy, cloudy, breezy, warm, rainy, sunny, thawing, gusty, melting, rainbow, tornado, snowy, sleet, springtime, blizzard, chilly, ice, …

Plate Tectonics

lava, epicenter, causation, magma, erosion, earthquake, bedrock, volcano, sediment, crust, mantle, correlation, constructive, deposits, destructive, …


man made, inland, coastal, flat, mountain, wind, earthquake, slope, road, hill, peak, valley, plateau, landscape, archipelago, bay, gulf, island, …

Save the Planet

pollution, endangered, smoke, storm, pollute, protect, warming, danger, preserve, hurricane, climate, greenhouse, environment, sustainable, recycle, …


wave, crest, geyser, aquifer, upwelling, gyre, mouth, tide, sodium, watershed, seamount, bathymetric, spring, runoff, thermocline, chlorine, saturated …


rubidium, quartz, platinum, peat, cesium, iodine, mica, cobalt, iron, copper, bauxite, indium, gold, silicon, nickel, arsenic, graphite, diamond, …


island, estuary, atoll, strait, waterfall, country, prairie, forest, mountain, volcano, bay, lake, ocean, glacier, hill, peninsula, valley, river, …

Coal Mining

cold, candle, flooding, explosion, steam pump, cramped, hewers, coal mining, gases, rats, black spit, mine shaft, sad, bearers, long hours, dark, pit …

Desert Oasis

heat, oasis, reflection, solitude, sunsets, shelter, coolness, sunlight, water, shade, water spring, sand, palm tree, boulders, desert flowers, …

On the Globe

desert, continents, terrain, plateaus, gulfs, mountains, landforms, countries, seas, rivers, islands, ice lands, lakes, volcanoes, equator, oceans

Glacier Park

cedar , climb , hawk , bear , grizzly , bald eagle , deer , glaciers , coyote , ridges , lakes , camp , hike , drifts , peaks , moose , elk , …


minerals, past climates, hydrocarbon, igneous, rock cycle, earth, mantle, sedimentary, metamorphic, lithosphere, magma, erosion, rocks, weathered, …


artifact, context, chronology, midden, documents, test pit, site, archaeology, ruins, grid, survey, dig, erosion, anthropologist, ceramics, fragments, …

Nitrogen Cycle

bacteria, wanted, fixation, plants, nitrification, gas, death, bald, carnivores, animals, nitrates, decay, feces, nitrogen, school, ammonia, …


peninsula, butte, bay, island, plateau, waterfall, lake, ocean, prairie, mountain, archipelago, river, canyon, desert, valley

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