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East Coast

vermont, newport, beaches, boston, marina, bayonne, skyline, lobster, cape cop, quaint, acadia, coastal, nautical, maine, colonial, cape may, boating, …

Tropical Paradise

rainfall, hot, volcano, humid, tropical, ocean, travel, lush, rainforest, hammock, sunset, pineapple, coral reef, hibiscus, hurricane, coconut, coast, …

Coastal Sciences

coastal system, hurricane, oysters, coral reefs, fish, sediment, shipwreck, seagrass, ecosystem, deltas, marsh, water table, artifact, archaeology, …


peninsula, butte, bay, island, plateau, waterfall, lake, ocean, prairie, mountain, archipelago, river, canyon, desert, valley


rain, jaguar, butterfly, snakes, toucan, tiger, elephant, bear, tarantula, sloth, streams, gorilla, forest, trees, macaw, panda

Caribbean Islands

bahamas, cuba, grand cayman, haiti, puerto rico, st thomas, aruba, bonaire, curacao, jamaica, costa rica, mexico, belize, honduras, guatemala, …


amber, jurassic, dimetrodon, resin, evolution, brachiopod, eon, paleontology, ichnofossil, stegosaurus, extinct, trace, superposition, peat, ammonite, …


arctic, sharks, atlantic, pacific, salt, red, sailors, fish, wind, seahorse, southern, shore, fresh, whales, indian, waves


reservoir, fog, dew point, heat, water, cycle, air, vapor, collection, drought, rain, dew, condensation, melting, atmosphere, cloud

Map Terms

compass rose, map symbols, equator, cardinal, physical map, hemispheres, south pole, time zones, tropic, cancer, prime meridian, directions, north …

Major World Rivers

fraser, amazon, thames, mississippi, yarra, brahmaputra, murray, ganges, danube, indus, lena, mekong, niger, euphrates, hudson, orinoco, seine, …

History of Earth

geology, core, gem, pressure, carbon, time, mantle, fossil, sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous, rock, heat, minerals, crust, lava

Desert Oasis

heat, oasis, reflection, solitude, sunsets, shelter, coolness, sunlight, water, shade, water spring, sand, palm tree, boulders, desert flowers, …

Hurricane Hugo

efforts, panic, flooding, fatalities, recovery, season, damage, routes, natural, debris, emergency, warning, storm surge, destruction, preparation, …

Texas Geography

region, era, artifact, geography, coal, brazos, river, native, columbia, cattle, agriculture , gonzales, hills, mountains , alamo, aquifer

Canadian Mountain Ranges

rainbow, osborn, goat, purity, kettle river, thornike, lardeau, bruce, franklin, challenger, macdonald, inglefield, joy, dawson, hankin, windy, …

Pacific Seas

bali, visayan, flores, sulu, bohai, koro, sibuyan, chilean, java, arafura, philippine, camotes, coral, solomon, celebes, salish, yellow, east china, …


matka, palo duro, bad rock, grand, dniester, fish river, bighorn, skippers, ouimet, antelope, fraser, rugova, horseshoe, nine mile, logan, somoto

Californian Lakes

big bear, bicycle, henshaw, aloha, convict, echo, anderson, goose, elizabeth, grant, baldwin, kangaroo, cedar, harper, deep, canyon

Weather Terms G-W

lightning , pressure , winds , haze , humidity , rain , monsoon , gust , overcast , heat , storm , hail , ice , radar , landfall , hurricane , knot , …

American Caves

marengo, marvel, laurel, fort rock, baker, lava river, big bone, carlsbad, kazumura, airmens, skeleton, neffs, fox, ape, bear, jewel

Bays of the United States

herring, biloxi, newark, onslow, dyer, great, bodega, boiler, hilo, buzzards, east, belmont, green, bristol, trinity, casco