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How much do you know about celebrities? Our Celebrities word search puzzles come with some of the world's most famous celebrities like Katy Perry, Dwayne Johnson and George Clooney. From movie stars and singers to athletes and politicians, this word search has it all. Download and see how many celebrities you can find.

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Female Movie Stars

roberts, horne, madea, lewis, henson, bassett, winfrey, carroll, reese, streep, fields, latifah, pinkett, dandridge, goldberg, white, jolie, devine, …

Taylor Swift

Word search based on the songs, albums and lifestyle of American singer Taylor Alison Swift.

Michael J. Fox

rescue me, producer, alberta, actor, scrubs, doc hollywood, light of day, mars attacks, greedy, annie, boston legal, spin city, activist, teen wolf, …

Katy Perry

Word search puzzle based on an American singer and songwriter Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, who is popular by her professional name Katy Perry.

Harry Styles

flirt, hot, curly hair, cutie, chapel home, barry, boyfriend, hazza, kitty, february, cute, smile, cheshire, british, london, haylor

Male Movie Stars

poitier, pitt, boseman, smith, pryor, murphy, clooney, chestnut, perry, jones, johnson, de niro, peters, hanks, robeson, cruise, nicholson, …

Beyonce Knowles

sasha fierce, destiny, diva, irreplaceable, child, obsessed, baby boy, jay z, houston, dream girls, green light, beautiful liar, texas, knowles, …

Oscar Winning Actors

firth, benigni, crowe, spacey, cage, wayne, pacino, brody, hoffman, marvin, peck, penn, hanks, steiger, foxx, douglas

Sylvester Stallone

daylight, first blood, oscar, rambo, over the top, judge dredd, rhinestone, actor, cop land, action hero, creed, cobra, cliffhanger, rocky, …

Mark Twain

Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) was an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer.

George Clooney

smokehouse, ryan bingham, roseanne, syriana, seth gecko, insomnia, danny ocean, leatherheads, humanitarian, doug ross, the american, the jacket, up in …


reality stars, athletes, actresses, writers, influencers, entrepreneurs, socialites, chefs, scientists, authors, models, singers, comedians, …

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Douglas Johnson (the Rock), is an American actor, producer, businessman, professional wrestler and football player.

Julia Roberts

notting hill, money monster, crowne, larry, duplicity, satisfaction, hook, tess ocean, pretty woman, mary reilly, mystic pizza, darby shaw, friends, …


stage, actress, movie, actor, fans, camera, action, celebrities, agent, red carpet, cinema, director, stars, lights, glitz, idol

Justin Bieber

jaxon, talented, jazzy, march, justin, nsn, dan kanter, so sick, kidrauhl, believe, usher, bruce, drew, bieber, pattie, scrappy, music, avon theater, …


pablo, sculptor, ceramicist, picasso, drink, studio, painter, depressed, marcelle, lola, museum, figures, etching, spanish, print maker, france

Famous Authors

joyce, rowling, steinbeck, melville, wilde, dickens, tolstoy, austen, dahl, lewis, orwell, christie, twain, king, woolf, kafka

Jennifer Lopez

Word search based on Jennifer Lopez, an American actress, dancer, singer and songwriter and also know by her nickname J. Lo.

Tom Cruise

List of words related to popular American firm actor and producer Tom Cruise who is one of the highest actor in the world and has received many accolades for his work including Golden Globe Awards.

C Actors & Actresses

chastain, clarke, cooper, caine, close, cheadle, channing, collette, chalamet, cusack, cannavale, clooney

Richard Wagner

Wilhelm Richard Wagner was a German composer, polemicist, theater director and conductor who is chiefly known for his operas.

Oprah Winfrey

entrepreneur, beloved, humanitarian, media giant, gail king, harpo studios, am chicago, discovery, bob greene, own, danny glover, actress

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg (Caryn Elaine Johnson) is an American actor, author, comedian, and television personality.

Evangeline Lilly

bailey tallet, author, tauriel, actress, the hobbit, lost, movies, afterwards, white chicks, smallville, gotham award, ant man, canadian, alberta, …

Cameron Diaz

san diego, tina carlyle, in her shoes, the holiday, mary jensen, julie gianni, princess fiona, model, actress, vanilla sky, bad teacher, natalie cook, …

B Actors & Actresses

bogart , burgess , blunt , beatty , basinger , bates , bana , bacall , bullock , bridges , berry , brody , burrell , byrne , bening , boseman

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is an American actor, political commentator, comedian, filmmaker, and television host.

Andy Warhol

Word search based on the lifestyle and other events related to American artist and film maker Andy Warhol.

Buzz Aldrin

author, colonel, new york times, test pilot, football, space walk, eva, antarctica, moon, buzz aldrin, nasa, west point, edwin, korean war, three …

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