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Looking for a word search puzzle that comes with fun and stylish words? Check out our beauty and fashion word search puzzles. These puzzles include words related to different types of beauty and fashion. From hairstyles and makeup to clothing and accessories. Download and see how many beauty and fashion-related words you can find.

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spritz, floral, vanilla, chanel, notes, oils, fragrance, jasmine, pyramid, bottles, amber, wrist, woody, musk, citrus, attraction, subtle, aroma, …


curl, scalp, flat iron, rollers, gel, scissor, fingers, mousse, comb, equipment, head form, hairdryer, greasy, water, conditioner, shampoo, section, …


jacket, scarf, tie, boots, blouse, sweater, coat, shoes, trousers, sweatshirt, jumper, shorts, jeans, hat, suit, pants, cap, shirt, trainers, socks, …


catwalk, trend, classic, costume, chic, media, accessories, footwear, denim, vintage, designer, model, style, bohemian, cosmetics, clothing

1960s Pop Culture

record players, rock and roll, motown, bob dylan, stereo, elvis presley, young population, psychedelic, protestors, hippies, color tv, transistor …

Fashion Brands

tommy hilfiger, kate spade, givenchy, valentino, armani, chanel, versace, coach, gucci, prada, louis vuitton, zara, balmain, dior, ralph lauren, …


shorts, belt, skirt, dress, coat, blazer, heels, bikini, socks, hoodie, gloves, boots, raincoat, jacket, hat, headband, jeans, tie, suit, pajamas, …

Jewelry Store

chain, gems, watch, silver, hoop, belgium, ring, pendant, crystal, gold, necklace, band, diamond, kay, bracelet

Tailor Made

lace, gown, jacket, fabric, dress, suit, alter, garment, seam, bodice, sleeve, vest, facing, cuff, jumper, darts, pants, shirt, fitting, zipper

Powerful Crystals

hematite, obsidian, topaz, jade, garnet, clear quartz, rose quartz, onyx, lapis lazuli, pyrite, citrine, fluorite, moonstone, tourmaline, malachite, …

Makeup Steps

foundation, skin care, concealer, brows, primer, toner, moisturizer, sponges, makeup, brushes, powder, shadow, spf, cleanser, lipstick, blush

Clothing and Accessories

stockings, smock, sandals, sash, skirt, sari, slippers, sporran, shoes, shirt, suit, scarf, shawl, socks, sling bag, swimwear

Fast Fashion Key Terms

affordability, availability, economic growth, fast fashion, disposable, trend-driven, mass production, exploitation, overconsumption, textile waste, …

Fashion Styles

retro, arty, designer, preppy, romantic, elegant, goth, vintage, classic, mod, tomboy, bohemian, formal, rocker, emo, chic, trendy, casual, western, …


conceal, complexion, foundation, blending, blush, effect, lip gloss, eyeliner, depth, powder, lip liner, lipstick, pigment, contouring, coverage, …

Clothes and Fibres

felt, fleece, nylon, silk, fiber, linen, hessian, cocoon, rubber, fabric, fibre, polyester, power loom, jute, synthetic, yarn, coir, garments

1980s Fashion

Find the terms related to the fashion styles of 1980s era.


conditioner, shampoo, mascara, exfoliation, lipstick, beeswax, foundation, emollient, emulsifier, aloe vera, eyeliner, manicure, chamomile, pedicure, …


Terms related to hair care and styling.

1990s Fashion

Find the terms related to 1990's fashion styles.

Precious Gems

jade, diamond, rare, sapphire, crime, amber, agate, gold, jasper, investment, beryl, jewelry, ruby, topaz, turquoise, silver, hardness, canada, …

Watch Brands

Find the words related to popular wrist watch brands.

French Clothing

amener, aporter, baskets, blouson, bootverbs, bottes, casquette, chapeau, chaussures, chemise, costume, cravate, japorte, jeans, jupe, manteau, polo, …

Nail Care Tools, Materials & Equipment

nipper, spa basin, nail pusher, trolley, cotton, nail polish, alcohol, solvent, acetone, disinfectant, sterilizer, timer, nail file, nail separator, …

Hair Care

frizz, haircut, comb, curling iron, hairspray, curls, serum, split ends, hair mask, dandruff, straightener, moisturize, gel, hairdryer, hairbrush, …

90's Popular Culture

teenagers, grunge fashion, toy story, baseball caps, genres, wiggles, movies, wifi, retro fashion, bluetooth, colored tv, fashion, flannel shirts, …

Nail Care

antiseptic, contaminated, dispose, disinfectant, implements, ppe, foot spa, infection, radiation, hand spa, pathogen, spa, hygiene, polythene, …

Nail Polish Colors

crimson, urban, mauve, mojo, coral, nude, maroon, pink, navy, pansy, overboard, grey, carnation, jungle, hot pink, melody, mulberry, purple, …


jasper, amazonite, opal, morganite, amethyst, apatite, quartz, moonstone, calcite, turquoise, beryl, onyx, pearl, amber, obsidian, agate

Spa Day

facial, robe, jacuzzi, pedicure, meditation, steam, hydro, relaxation, scrub, aroma, mask, manicure, yoga, massage

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