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Love vehicles and transportation? Test your vehicle knowledge with these Vehicles word searches. You have to find the words from all sorts of different types of vehicles. From cars to trucks to boats, this word search has it all. Download and print it now to see how many vehicle types you can find.

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compact, hybrid, coal, cable, convertible, side, custom, elevator, sports, baggage, family, antique, used, foreign, motor, electric, expensive, model, …


railroad, engineer, freight, famous, porter, vehicle, cable, speed, carriages, livery, sleeping, braking, schedule, dining, electric, downhill, …


manual, automatic, hatchback, limousine, sports, rear view, suv, minivan, off road, sedan, luxury, muscle, electric, classic, coupe, diesel, vintage, …

Famous Cars

edsel, corvette, rolls royce, bugatti, jaguar, thunderbird, mercedes benz, cadillac, military jeep, impala, camaro, alfa romeo, hudson, monte carlo, …

1950's Car Brands

buick, chrysler, packard, willys, hudson, edsel, cadillac, ford, nash, lincoln, oldsmobile, studebaker, rambler, plymouth, pontiac, chevrolet, …

Modes of Transport

helicopter, van, coach, truck, bicycle, scooter, kayak, boat, moped, airplane, bus, cab, train, motorcycle, lorry, horse

Fancy Cars

lamborghini, cadillac, tesla, mitsubishi, renault, acura, maserati, bugatti, mini, honda, lexus, hummer, dodge, buick, ferrari, subaru, volvo, mazda, …

Car Parts

door , headlight , air bags , tire , emission , piston , radiator , fan , gasoline , oil , steering , heater , seat , rim , brakes , engine


track, helmet, woops, oatlands, dungey, wheels, 50cc, boots, penguin, clutch, kawasaki, yamaha, gloves, cambridge, motorbike, step up, jumps, tomac, …


stabilization, hover, technology, airspace, mapping, camera, payload, gps lock, flight, autonomous, delivery, altitude, telemetry, photography, …

Washing a Car

List of things or stuff used while cleaning a car or vehicle.

Honda Vehicles

Popular models and lineup of Honda cars and vehicles.


automatic, gas, head lights, wipers, spark plug, belt, motor, oil pan, oil, transmission, pistons, heads, power, tires, dip stick, blower

Car Manufacturers

nissan, mazda, toyota, hyundai, renault, isuzu, suzuki, mini, mercedes, dacia, honda, bmw, citroen, kia, skoda, porsche, volkswagen, mitsubishi, ford, …

Sea Transport

kayak, barge, houseboat, sea plane, yacht, hover craft, jet ski, fishing trawler, paddle boat, speed boat, cruise ship, ferry, submarine, steamboat, …

Distracted Driving

death, gps, alert, responsibility, cognitive, laws, talking, texting, attention, reaction, visual, passanger, radio, vehicle, prevent, driving, stop, …

Introduction to Logistics

machinery, movement, supply, replacement, warehouse, distribute, purchase, package, store, service, department, vehicles, planning, deliver, job, …

Train Parts

cylinder, wheels, firebox, piston, carriage, chimney, water tank, cab, boiler, valve, buffer, tender

World War II Aircraft

black widow, sky raider, sea wolf, warhawk, shooting star, fireball, tigetcat, marauder, black bullet, wild catfish, neptune, startojet, liberator, …

Airplane Parts

engine, door, dorsal, tail, fuel, landing gear, spinner, cockpit, fuel tank, flaps, control stick, aileron, seats, spoiler, fuselage, propeller, fin, …

Logistics Tools

procurement, cargo, cables, trucking, intelligence, genesis, vehicles, back haul, hammerhead, forklift, ordnance, lot storage, pallet jack, warehouse, …


Direction is a course along which a person or thing moves.

A to Z of Cars

jaguar, kia, dodge, toyota, isuzu, anglia, mini, lancia, porche, holden, hyundai, peugeot, bentley, golf, nissan, chevrolet, mazda, yaris, honda, …

Car Brands

ducatti, bugatti, motorbike, citroen, suzuki, bmw, volvo, kia, fiat, audi, ford, honda, peugot, nissan, toyota, renault, yamaha, subaru, rover, mazda

Riding Bikes

ramp, wheels, spokes, mirror, trails, tassels, odometer, basket, kickstand, chain, knee pads, seat, horn, brakes, pedals, helmet


ferry, dhow, tugboat, dinghy, hovercraft, dory, banana, cruiser, fireboat, air boat, houseboat, kayak, gondola, motorboat, jetboat, yatcht

Types of Cars

pickup, crossover, roadster, off road, family, retro, cabriolet, sports car, minivan, limousine, convertible, city, coupe, classic, compact, midsize, …


delivery, pickup, dump, sedan, tow, bottler, log carrier, panel, fire, haul, cab forward, tank, van, box, canopy, garbage

Types of Planes

carrier, twin-engine, monoplane, fighter jet, torpedo bomber, interceptor, assault glider, night fighter, target drone, float plane, mail plane, …


parking, road, pass, blind spot, acceleration, signal, mirror, stop, reverse, license, clutch, gear, dashboard, brake, speed, learner

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