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First Aid Kit

safety pin, face mask, eyewash, tissues, aspirin, spirit, cotton swab, gloves, fabric strips, gauze, eye pad, bandage, thermometer, tape, wipes, …

Safety, Health & Environment

flashback, back pain, health, hearing loss, dust, safety, safety boots, boiler man, charge men, fume hood, emergency, rest area, cotton rags, …

Fire Prevention

alarm, awareness, carelessness, combustible, debris, defense, escape, evacuate, extinguisher, fire, firefighter, flame, foam, heat, hose, preparation, …

First Aid

bump, wellness, sprain, scrape, sore, heat, band aid, strain, cut, first aid, ice, bruise, swelling, muscle, ibuprofen

Road Safety

pavement, traffic warden, traffic lights, traffic sign, parking zone, zebra crossing, yellow lines, lean, seat belt, driver, both ways, kerb, bike …

Water Safety Awareness

signal, help, first aid, flags, life jacket, rescue, no diving, swimming, tides, hats, deep, drowning, survival, safety, water, float, current, tread, …

Fire & Safety Awareness

heat, emergency, first aid, hazard, evacuation, procedures, safety, extinguisher, fatigue, heat stroke, exhaustion, osha, right to know, compliance, …

Toxic Chemicals

acutely toxic, ingestion, toxicity, safety data sheet, controlled area, absorption, mutagen, injection, chemical hygiene, hydrogen sulfide, irritant, …

Accident Prevention

injuries, lockout, earthquake, be safe, caution, first aid, hazards, safety, fire alarm, blood borne, fire, slip, extinguisher, emergency, active …

October - National Cyber Security Month

firewalls, theft, griefing, malware, spoofing, cookies, provider, service, phishing, identity, encryption, online, spyware, data, bookmarks, fraud, …


isolation, epidemic, biosecurity, ppe, outbreak, quarantine, pathogen, zoonotic, decontamination, hazmat, contamination, vector borne, pandemic, bio …

Electrical Safety

complete circuit, hazard, arc flash, trip hazard, insulation, lock out tag out, current, short, grounded, caution, voltage, extension cord

Traffic Safety

red, whistle, speed limit, yield, stop, green, construction, look, signals, railroad, school zone, listen, walk, cross walk, bridge, policeman

Car Accidents

cops, lights, red, drugs, money, hospital, jail, love, tickets, car crash, alcohol, car, insurance, maturity, drunk, innocents, family, death

Lighthouse Logic

keeper, watch, glow, beacon, guide, shine, bright, harbor, island, tower, flash, ships, signal, coast, nautical, safety, night, foghorn

Safety Aids

float, buoy, helmet, lifeline, safety boots, wet suit, earmuffs, harness, earplugs, visor, padding, lab coat, goggles, knee pads, gloves, mouth guard


play, sports, camping, zinc, swim, river, spray, towel, swimsuit, sun burn, tanning, fishing, beach, protection, aloevera, sting, walking, lotion, …

Distracted Driving

death, gps, alert, responsibility, cognitive, laws, talking, texting, attention, reaction, visual, passanger, radio, vehicle, prevent, driving, stop, …

Theft Awareness

thieve, shoplifter, cost, items, arrest, habit, shame, charge, guilt, resell, store, retail, urge, shopper, teenagers, money, stolen, merchandise, …

Food Safety Hazards

chemical, segregation, contamination, pathogens, bacteria, fake nails, jewellery, food safety, handwashing, foreign body, screw, glass, listeria, …

Workshop Safety

goggles, safety switch, clear zone, follow rules, gloves, close drawers, hair tie, walk, turn off, first aid, rest, supervision, guard, apron, wires …

Heat Exhaustion

fatigue, dizziness, cooling blanket, hydration, cramps, rapid pulse, temperature, rest, faintness, medical, overheat, stroke, unconscious, nausea, ice …

Outdoor Hazards

steps, ice, ramps, uneven ground, snow, sloped surfaces, dust, debris, muddy areas, metal surfaces, rain, lighting, powders, paper

Sizzling Hot

fevered, warm, broiling, torrid, scorching, burning, ardent, piping, boiling, blazing, smoking, scalding, igneous, sizzling, roasting, heated

Fearless Firefighters

first, fire, responder, extinguish, hero, caution, alarm, firefighter, evacuate, danger, water, emergency, brave, rescue, flame, helpful


fear, wildfire, deadly, jeep, survival, escape, intense, teamwork, timberland, summer camp, smoke, lever, arson, addiction, heat, drought, forest, …

Bhopal Chemical Disaster

medical appeal, disaster, toxic gas, accident, union carbide, isocyanate, activism, legal action, gas leak, environmental, leak detection, gas cloud, …

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