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Love watching TV? Test your television knowledge with this Television word search puzzle. This puzzle includes words from all sorts of different types of TV shows and their characters. From sitcoms to dramas to reality shows, this word search has it all. Download and print it now to see how many TV Shows you can find.

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The Walking Dead

walking, book, norman, walker, television, dead, apocalyptic, horror, rick, series, prison, survival, comic, maggie, farm, zombie


the chancerler, mrs puff, krabby patty, mr krabs, goofy goobers, pearl, burger beard, sandy, bubble bass, gary, perch birchins, squilliam, king …

Grey's Anatomy

lexie, meredith, cristina, karev, george, mercy, sloan, alex, webber, bailey, torres, grey, yang, surgical, shepherd, grace

Family Guy Characters

Word search based on the character names from the famous American animated sitcom Family Guy.

The Vampire Diaries

salvatore, sunlight, vampires, werewolves, originals, alaric, caroline, immortality, klaus, bonnie, elena, heretics, katherine, petrova, stefan, …

The Transformers

reflector, rumble, mirage, robots, jazz, laserbeak, bumblebee, prowl, animation, huffer, gears, cliffjumper, bluestreak, hound, giant, brawn

Gilmore Girls

taylor, gilmores, liz, luke, zack, chilton, lorelai, stars hollow, rory, sookie, mrs kim, jess, dean, davey, logan, emily, richard, jackson, lane, …

The World of Television

Word search puzzle with terms related to the television (TV) industry.

The Simpsons Characters

Word search puzzle related to the name of characters from famous sitcom The Simpsons.


ghosts , john winchester , hunters , the colt , castile , the apocalypse , demons , heaven , kansas , classic rock , lovecraft , road trips , angels , …


A sitcom is a television (TV) comedy show that features the same group of characters on each episode as they find themselves in funny and relatable situations.

Famous TV Characters

fonzie, scully, buffy, captain kirk, don draper, beaver, mulder, sheldon, kojak, jeannie, batman, sponge bob, gilligan, seinfeld, norm, cliff claven, …

TV Game Shows

host, chance, buzzer, cards, puzzle, clock, spin, prize, answer, points, match, dice, stage, winner, rules, audience, draw, money, solve, teams

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is an American adult animated sitcom that follows the life of propane salesman Hank Hill, who lives with his substitute-teacher wife Peggy.


costume, mobile, barbara, villains, secret, freeze, poles, penguin, tights, cat woman, bruce, robin, poison ivy, belt, joker, signal

2000's Sitcoms

Popular sitcoms, daily soap operas and television series from 2000 era.

Classic TV Shows

addams family, happy days, i love lucy, flintstones, batman, bewitched, threes company, that girl, brady bunch, perry mason, maverick, the odd couple, …


knowledge, wager, prize, tournament, strategy, host, board, total, tryout, category, learning, challenge, buzzer, audio, chance, speed, winnings, …


cuban, idea, deals, money, marketing, business, product, greiner, pitch, entrepreneur, negotiate, risk, investor, corcoran, equity

Star Trek Species

ferengi, gorn, romulan, orion, bajoran, kazon, elasian, tribble, borg, cardassian, vulcan, andorian, klingon, breen, iotian, dralian

1970's TV

charlies angels, happy days, barney miller, police woman, emergency, bonanza, all in the family, the odd couple, night gallery, brady bunch, good …

M*A*S*H : TV Series

M*A*S*H or Mobile Army Surgical Hospital is a popular war comedy-drama television series from 1970s era.

The Big Bang Theory

Word hunt puzzles related to The Big Bang Theory, an American television sitcom.

Sesame Street

music, bert, zoe, children, puppets, big bird, kermit the frog, cookie monster, fun, the count, ernie, grover, elmo, jim henson, education, learning, …

Adventure Time

bubblegum, comedy, rainicorn, betty, series, marceline, finn, martin, cartoon, trunks, princess, ice king, jake, gunter, emmys, fantasy

Star Wars

eqok, mark hamill, death star, tatooine, luke, yoda, podraching, endor, empire, daisy ridley, carrier fisher, john boyega, leia, jedi, wookiee, the …

Bones - TV Series

seeley, cases, sweets, comedy, television, booth, mystery, angela, solve, saroyan, fbi, bones, drama, zack, series, victims

Hannah Montana

Miley Stewart, an average teenage girl, lives a double life as a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana and constantly tries to conceal her true identity from the public.

Star Trek Planets

aldea, eden, spica, benzar, fabrina, kavaria, pluto, rakal, hanoli, lysia, gaia, miri, regulus, coridan, taresia, seros

Grey's Anatomy : TV

april, lexie, owen, drama, arizona, jackson, addison, george, teddy, erica, romance, mark, callie, alex, richard, derek

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