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Learn more about electricity and electronics with our free printable electronics and electrical word search puzzles. These puzzles help with vocabulary acquisition by offering clues for terms related to electric motors, circuitry, fiber optics, and safety precaution. These are also a great way for adults and kids to develop their knowledge in this field.

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Electricity and Magnetism

magnetic domain, electric current, magnetic field, series circuit, generator, electric power, conductor, voltage, resistance, insulator, electric …

Electrical Current

wire, electron, battery, electricity, voltmeter, switch, component, volts, terminal, parallel, positive, series, voltage, conductor, current, …

Electrical Safety

complete circuit, hazard, arc flash, trip hazard, insulation, lock out tag out, current, short, grounded, caution, voltage, extension cord

Electric Circuits

circuit, wire, buzzer, bulb, switch, path, diagram, battery, energy, cell, symbols, motor, output, insulation, conductor, material


ampere, joule, ammeter, circuit, conductor, capacitor, insulator, gate, polarity, byte, flux, ohms law, diode, fuse, resistor, frequency


open circuit , components , batteries , electricity , resistance , connection , data , short circuit , appliances , flashlight bulb , television , …

Electrical Engineering

resistance, battery, ohm, capacitor, sensor, polarity, current, conductor, troubleshoot, insulator, electron, neutron, power, circuit board, …

Electrical Terms

power, ground, relay, distribution, charge, load, phase, terminal, safety, circuit, current, illumination, bulb, ampere, watts, shock, substation, …

Electrical Words

electric circuit, cell, electricity, transformers, circuit, power, alternating, battery, wattage, current, watt, short circuit, charged, voltage, …

Electrical Measuring Instruments

voltmeter, shunt resistance, magnet, series, rheostat, magnetic field, ammeter, current, circuit, meter bridge, resistance, potentiometer, ampere, …

Basic Electricity

ampere, atoms, induction, volts, current, motor, micro, mega, joules, ohms, static, amps, shock, cable, shell, copper, charges, wire, voltage, kilo

Electric Devices

freezer, grill, refrigerator, toaster, shredder, table lamp, computer, shaver, convector, kettle, television, food mixer, iron, light bulb, blow …

1960s Electronics / Technology

music player, smaller tvs, dishwashers, toasters, portable tv, record player, adding machine, comm satellite, computer mouse, fiber optics, heart …

Fiber Optics

emission, attenuation, connector, micro bend, kilometer, power budget, absorption, technician, clear field, concentric, megahertz, infrared, …

Electrical Circuits

copper, light, buzzer, connector, metal, water, socket, plug, parallel, bulb, cell, conductor, simple, zap, insulator, switch, rubber, battery, …

Basics of Electricity

circuit breaker, alternating, watt, conductor, direct current, inverter, electricity, grounding, ohm, rectifier, volt, kilowatt, fuse, ampere, …


ohm, direct current, current, circuit diagram, complex circuit, circuit, electrical power, volt, voltage, series circuit, resistance, resistor

Electronics Technology

leakage, frequency, coupling, resistor, capacitance, amplifier, regulator, parallel, junction, transistor, binary, ampere, collector, buffer, flux, …


breakdown, current, depletion layer, signal diode, reverse, forward, bias, power diode, pn junction, extrinsic, intrinsic, electron, zenar, pnp, npn


gallium, germanium, lasers, breakdown, emitter, base, barrier, beta, doping, trivalent, clippers, transistor, photo diode, arsenic, diode, rectifier, …

Electric Motor Control

hertz, device, low voltage, on delay, wiring diagram, safety switch, deceleration, rotor, surge, starter, relay, branch circuit, circuit breaker, …


neutral, solid wire, ground, atoms, blueprint, non metallic, hot wire, battery, conduit, load center, service wires, watts, single pole, stranded …

Your Smartphone

organizer, bluetooth, videos, contacts, apps, pictures, alarm, wifi, calendar, icons, flashlight, music, memory card, emails, phone book, notes


wifi, qr code, camera, internet, cloud, storage, keyboard, video call, bluetooth, payment, upload, charger, mobile, speaker, data, emoji, vibration, …


computer, humanoid, assistant, robot arm, cyborg, drone, nanobot, surgery, bionic, innovate, kinematic, motor, assembly, circuitry, companion, …

Apple Products

mac pro, mac studio, iphone, imac, apple watch, airpods max, airtag, mac mini, homepod, vision pro, ipad air, macbook air, apple tv, macbrook pro

Energy and Electricity

potential, wire, kinetic, thermal, load, tidal, chemical, turbine, cell, battery, lamp, nuclear, heat, circuit, oil, energy, component, generator, …


phishing, logon, modem, software, hardware, network, flash drive, hard drive, algorithm, defining, branching, monitor, cpu, blog, function, mouse, …

Electronic Components

thermistor, transistor, capacitor, nand gate, regulator, voltmeter, and gate, inductor, inverter, nor gate, resistor, xor gate, ammeter, or gate, …

Remote Control

help, stop, captions, volume, play, mute, record, menu, text, channel, exit, select, info, forward, interact, sound, rewind, pause, standby, input

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