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teflon tape, flux, tee, drain, union, coupling, hose bib, end cap, potable, fixture, cast iron, slope, water hammer, pipe strap, nail plate, elbow, …


electrode lead, blue prints, twin hose, slag, acetylene, electrode, lap joint, regulator, contact tip, defuser, argon, safety glasses, liner, oxygen, …

Carpenter's Tools

chisel, nails, frames, boards, gutter, square, file, cabinets, lumber, shelf, level, hinge, drill, chalk, blueprint, ruler, planes, hammer, apron, …

Carpentry Tools

utility knife, carpenter saw, hand winch, nail, table saw, hack saw, drill press, chalk line, bow saw, jointer, nail bag, coping saw, drywall saw, …

Building Construction

framing, slope, plumbing, hvac, nails, siding, hammer, level, header, foundation, saw, layout, demo, blueprint, windows, screws

Wood Working

mallet, varnish, guard, veneer, jigsaw, taper, miter, stain, carbide, wood grain, lathe, gullet, planer, grinder, carving, hand plane, elbow, joint, …

Design and Technology

sanding machine , chisel, wood lathe, guard, spindle gouge, speed clamp, file, vice, coping saw, tool rest, pillar, dovetail saw


lantern, halving, keeper, eaves, sash, fascia, mullions, jambs, gable, mallet, dry rot, camber, invert, jack rafter, emboss, groove


pine, sawdust, paints, glues, bins, putty, mallet, aprons, fumes, sander, router, vacuum, timber, hammer, rags, jigsaw, piping, diagram, nails, …


sword, smithy, shaping, manipulate, solid fuel, steel, vice, finishing, tongs, anvil, splitting, slag, rolling, induction, sickles, metal, horseshoe, …

Resistant Materials

sandpaper, file, painting, metal, sawdust, vice, drill, glue, wood, tools, clamp, design, safety, saw, laser, engrave, apron, equipment, backboard, …

Metal Tools

bench vise, hammer, scriber, dividers, rivet gun, file, tin snips, vise grip, buffer, hole punch, hacksaw, drill, mallet, magna bend, ball pin, steel …


hammer, bricks, paint, truck, crane, build, people, buildings, machines, concrete, toolbox, safety

Sewing Tools

needle, bobbin, thread, tape measure, pattern, sewing machine, safety pin, iron, material, ironing board, fabric, stitch, button, pin cushion, spool, …


biscuit, router, rebate, bandsaw, sander, box, dovetail, cabinet, table, driver, dowel, drill, xcarve, cnc, jigsaw


lumber, belt sander, band saw, dovetail, drill press, wood glue, lacquer, sandpaper, stain, rotary tool, lap joint, miter cut, cross cut, clamps, …

Equipment & Machinery

forklift, auger, pelletizer, pump, conveyor, blades, chiller, heaters, blower, grinder, chain, blender, motor, bands, compactor, dryer, gearbox, silo, …


stapler, crayon, pencil, marker, eraser, notebook, ruler, pencil case, scissors, glue, pen, sharpener

Useful and Harmful Materials

wood, radon, cadmium, glass, silicon, oxygen, rubber, asbestos, formaldehyde, arsenic, aluminum, paper, mercury, sulfur dioxide, steel, plastic, …

Useful Tools

hammer, rake, scissors, ladder, edger, mallet, drill, spade, crowbar, pliers, chain saw, sickle, wrench, shears, hatchet, hacksaw

Woodworking Terms

pilot hole, nail set, hardwood, crosscut, safety glasses, handsaw, staple, spindle sander, dual sander, softwood, drill press, countersink, miter saw, …


caps, mixture, nozzle, spray, solution, aerosol, foam, oils, cfcs, cleaners, mist, droplets, open, shake, ozone, chemical, gases, paint, cloud, mousse


polish, milling, band saw, alloy, abrasive, molten, turning, soldering, bullion, grinding, hammer, drawing, forging, ironwork, ingot, molding, …

Woodworking Tools

marking gauge, pillar drill, belt sander, sand paper, sash cramp, coping saw, try square, steel rule, flat file, saw board, tenon saw, wood glue, …

Plastic Items

hose, bucket, keyboard, coat hanger, pen, cup, button, light switch, jar, straw, bottle, dvd case, phone case, mouse, carton, spoon

In the Toolbox

wood glue, vise grips, screws, mallet, tape, wire cutters, flashlight, drill, level, gloves, hacksaw, hammer, knife, nails, pliers, wrench

Made of Plastic

television, keyboard, cd case, straw pipe, water bottle, comb, toothbrush, credit card, button, trash can, remote control, toy, lunch box, apron, …


spear, rake, chisel, jack, mallet, knife, screw, hammer, wrench, plow, shovel, toolbox, saw, lever

Gems and Minerals

flint, moss, gems, amethyst, polished, rounded, glossy, ornamental, opal, silica, rock, clouded, jasper, colors, alumina, carnelian

Woodworking Machines

sander, cordless drill, skill saw, hammer, miter saw, level, band saw, shaper, planer, kreg, jointer, router, table saw, screwdriver, radial arm saw, …

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