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Love learning about society and culture? Society and culture word search puzzles include words from all sorts of different types of societies and cultures. From mythology to happiness to family, this word search has it all. Download and print. Let's see how many society and culture-related words you can find.

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knitting, origami, camping, photography, baking, reading, sculpting, pottery, writing, calligraphy, playing, cooking, fishing, hiking, chess, …

Creation Story

moon, god, animals, humans, birds, universe, stars, eve, adam, creation, sky, fish, sun, genesis, sea, bible


music , blueprint , telegram , debate , note , fax , internet , map , circular , verse , talk , poetry , column , message , email , television , …

Qualities of a Friend

hugs, listens, generous, pal, sincere, strong, loving, funny, helps, sweet, steadfast, caring, gentle, truthful, kind, forgiving, friend, open, …


Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal relationship or mutual affection between two people.

The Good Samaritan

strength , jericho , samaritan , beaten , torah , heart , neighbor , mercy , innkeeper , wounds , soul , road , robbed , eternal life , priest , …


success, goals, empowered, courage, strength, organize, happiness, accomplish, encouraging, breathe, calendar, believe

Means of Communication

receive, efficient, deliver, immature, device, remote, available, source, technology, replace, wire, quality, addiction, portable, affect, reliable


overwhelming, baby, scary, feelings, parent, help, love, child, routine, laugh, frustrating, hygiene, fun, home, rules, school


teamwork, together, team, goal, achieve, leadership, trust, respect, communication, support, cooperation, help, caring, united, patience, sharing

1960s Pop Culture

record players, rock and roll, motown, bob dylan, stereo, elvis presley, young population, psychedelic, protestors, hippies, color tv, transistor …

Pop Culture

san diego, shakespeare, lil pump, memes, miami, spotify, ms desio, lakers, kim kardashian, kylie jenner, snapchat, beyonce, rihanna, twitch, travis …

Indigenous Peoples' Day

indigenous, harmony, reflection, reconciliation, community, respect, unity, sacred, ancestors, activism, recognition, resilience, spirituality, …

Charity Events

dance, art exhibition, fashion show, disco, gala, festival, concert, karaoke, bingo, bake sale, game, fun run, party, comedy gig, auction, donation

Native Americans

signals, rituals, chief, paint, warrior, headdress, horses, beads, fire, arrow, bow, tribes, feathers, rain dance, buffalo, drawing


antisocial, changes, school, middle, parties, drugs, noisy, sleep, developing, rude, money, future, relationships, energetic, food, alcohol, …

Family and Friends

stepson, grandparent, aunt, nephew, swim, sister, camp, husband, friend, uncle, cousin, grandchild, trip, child, children, father, spouse, daughter, …

All Things Mexican

chili peppers, salsa, mexico, tacos, guacamole, tequila, poncho, fiesta, colors, culture, spanish, embroidery, peso, pinatas, spicy, churro, sombrero, …

Obedience / Disobedience

god, leviticus, blessings, obedience, penalties, disobedience, laws, sin, unhappy, happy, obey, special, punishments, confess, best, peace, happiness, …

Postive Emotions

joy, amusement, hope, interest, excitement, happiness, courage, affection, pride, surprise, elation, love, delight, empathy, pleasure, trust

Characteristics Of Role Models

responsibility, moral, influence, good, kindness, perseverance, empathy, inspiring, trustworthy, honest, respectful, consideration, positive, …

Slave Trade

slavery, ivory, capture, tobacco, plantations, wilberforce, auction, scramble, triangle, separation, equiano, rebellion, shackled, transportation, …


work, job, responsible, duty, time, need, goals, patience, charge, obligation, actions, burden, chores, rewards, commitment, imperative

1960s Toys

gi joe toys, operation game, barbie doll, skipper doll, duncan yo yo, hot wheels, suzy homemaker, rock em sock em, hamilton invader, twister, petal …

Words Of Joy

gleefulness, exuberance, rejoice, content, happy, delighted, euphoria, cheerfulness, triumph, swell, enjoyment, merriness, ecstasy, mirth, elation, …

Self Love

push, loved, enough, blessed, confidence, faith, increase, worthy, release, growth, amazing, leadership, mindset, strong, beautiful, believe

Reconciliation Week

land, children, elders, indigenous, sharing, nature, reconciliation, phyllis, residential, communities, matters, september, truth, ribbon skirt, …

Zodiac Signs

scorpio, aries, aquarius, cancer, pisces, taurus, sagittarius, gemini, libra, capricorn, leo, virgo

Family Members

niece, mom, grandchild, mother, husband, children, partner, daughter, grandfather, granddaughter, grandson, nephew, uncle, cousin, son, sister, …

Positive Affirmations

clever, creative, loving, empathetic, flexible, curious, funny, glowing, kindness, cool, adventurous, brave, selfless, smart, friendly, calm

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