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Looking for a fun word search puzzle about animals? Free Animals Word Search puzzles are fun for kids and adults to enjoy at home, game night, or a birthday party. Teachers can use these in the classroom to teach children about different animals.

These educational word searches include words related to different types of animals. From farm animals and safari animals to pets and cats, this word search has it all. Download the puzzles now and see how many animal related words you can find.

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Adopting a Puppy

chasing, loyal, walk, pulling, pet, happy, cute, behavior, running, energetic, puppy, teach, friendly, chance, chew, jump

Dog Breeds

Type of dogs that are bred to perform specific tasks like hunting, guarding, herding etc.

Fish Species

List of different types of fish.


Word search based on types of dragons, their behavior and importance in different cultures.

Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores

omnivore, mouse, giraffe, sheep, cheetah, rabbit, tiger, bear, carnivore, horse, herbivore, cow, lion, zebra, pig


crow, duck, sparrow, hawk, owl, canary, blue jay, eagle, falcon, dove, vulture, cockatoo, flamingo, finch, piegon, goose


hippopotamus, giraffe, leopard, monkey, meercat, wildebeest, ostrich, impala, zebra, hyena, elephant, cheetah, warthog, rhino, lion

Wild Animals

grizzly bear, wombat, elephant , african lion, bengal tiger, panda, sloth, lemur, giraffe, koala, red panda, bison , snow leopard, zebra, gray wolf, …


semi aquatic, venomous, mammal, unique, threatened, endemic, oviparous, species, paddle like tail, bill, platypus habitat, nocturnal, duckbilled, …

All About Dogs

paws, cute, friendly, pets, bark, companion, treats, furry, puppies, german, belgian, shepherd, vaccinations, husky, dogs, animals


predator, pride, lioness, king, cubs, powerful, roar, feline, savanna, grasslands, courage, plains, big cat, hunters, antelopes, carnivorous, african, …


flight, insectivorous, flowers, beautiful, hovering, wings, migration, endemic, plumage, pollinator, small, bird, nectar, bee, perching, humming

Sea Otters

range, alaska, addition, threat, ranging, provide, million, hypothermia, number, ability, soiled, demand, rafts, daily, pooping, japan, jerrod, russia

Animal Habitats

Find the different types of animal habitats and their living places in this word search puzzle.

Deep Sea Creatures

List of animals found deep under the sea or ocean.


montadale, dorper, santa cruz, royal white, columbia, debouillet, panama, jacob, criollo, suffolk, east friesian, hog island, otter, polypay, …


comb jellies, box, tentacles, moon, gelatinous, sting, flower hat, bell, cubozoa, ocean, sea nettle, staurozoa, blue, scyphozoa, pulsate, hydrozoa


beaver, elk, giraffe, bear, fox, tiger, jackal, lion, leopard, kangaroo, squirrel, bobcat, deer, elephant, raccoon, wolf, coyote, moose, bison, skunk, …

Canadian Wildlife

blue jay, wolverine, chickadee, red fox, marmot, caribou, bison, lynx, beaver, mountain lion, grizzly bear, bat, deer, loon, grey wolf, canadian …

Horse Breeds

jutland, appaloosa, mustang, friesian, zaniskari, boerperd, kabarda, noriker, warlander, lipizzan, clydesdale, gidran, quarab, paso fino, holsteiner, …


doe, oatmeal, weepy eye, nest, large ears, pellet, fiber, mites, dewlap, pets, orphan, research, hares, kindling, carrots, buck

Zoo Animals

Download Free Zoo Animals Word Search. Find the animal names that are common in city zoos.


dutch, warmblood, akhal teke, nivernais, shire, peruvian, paso, friesian, fjord, belgian, icelandic, marwari, falabella, arabian, taishuh, miniature

Red Panda

carnivore, himalayas, endemic, striped tail, bamboo, sikkim, nocturnal, wildlife, forests, brown fur, solitary, endangered, arboreal, conservation, …

Animal Young

joey, cub, gosling, cygnet, fawn, whelp, foal, squab, poult, duckling, kit, nit, eyas, calf, pup, infant, owlet, kitten

Amazing Animals

important, tail, broken, tusk, toothache, wasp, neck, peacock, feather, vet, plant, beak, beetle, forest, grasshopper, ladybird, insect, wing, paw, …

Land Animals

Word search puzzle to find the animals that live on land.

A to Z of Animals

bear, gorilla, hyena, racoon, kangaroo, mongoose, falcon, owl, ostrich, llama, giraffe, nightingale, quail, vulture, impala, donkey, zebra, lemur, …

Animal Characteristics

Word relates to animal behavior and their characteristics.

Animals in the Wild

gorilla, rhino, grizzly, polar bear, orangutan, koala, hippo, cheetah, jaguar, panda, kangaroo, crocodile, leopard, wolf, elephant, lion, chimpanzee, …

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