Religion and Belief Word Search

Our free printable religion and belief word searches are a fun and educational activity. These puzzles are perfect for all ages and can be downloaded and printed right from your own computer. Not only will you have a blast trying to find all the hidden words and phrases, but you'll also learn more about different religions and beliefs.

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Welcome to Church!

bible, god, welcome, church, kids, fun, pastor, community, friends, sunday, jesus, worship

Greek Mythological Figures

theia, oceanus, apollo, demeter, chaos, zeus, ares, styx, helios, dionysus, eros, artemis, hades, hermes, athena, themis

16 Attributes of God

good, love, righteous, comforter, immutable, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, faithful, compassionate, merciful, holy, sovereign, patient, truth, …


altar, bulletin, singing, greeter, worship, clergy, pews, service, prayer, baptism, cross, deacon, oil, bible, praise, minister, pastor, tithe, elder, …

Mythical Creatures - Werewolf

hungry, lycanthropy, humanwolf, curse, full moon, beast, legend, monster, moonlight, shapeshift, feral, howling, transformation, folklore, horror, …

Last Supper

communion, jesus, meal, gospel, cup, table, passover, betrayal, disciples, apostles, judas, foot washing, wine, last supper, bread

Mythical Creatures

hydra, pegasus, elf, griffin, unicorn, fairy, goblin, dragon, siren, leprechaun, nymph, werewolf, yeti, phoenix, minotaur, harpy, medusa, gorgon, …


optimism, knowledge, stars, cheerful, boundless, belief, build, opportunity, dream, creativity, imagination, devotion, resilience, healthier, conquer, …

World Religions

jusaism, taoism, islam, shinto, santeria, christianity, muslim, unitarian, buddhist, candomble, sikhism, hoa hao, jainism, hindu, rastafari, mormon

Famous Bible Stories

jonah and whale, creation, nativity, wise men, josephs coat, burning bush, last supper, resurrection, crucifixion, david and goliath, noah's ark, adam …

Books of the Bible

kings, psalms, ezra, chronicles, genesis, nehemiah, deuteronomy, exodus, esther, judges, numbers, samuel, leviticus, joshua, job, ruth

Zodiac Signs

scorpio, aries, aquarius, cancer, pisces, taurus, sagittarius, gemini, libra, capricorn, leo, virgo

Bible Places Starting with 'A'

asher , akkad , ararat , asia , aija , abarim , aram , ahiman , achor , azotus , assyria , ariel , athens , arad , ammon , alexandria


haggai, isaiah, nahum, hosea, god, obadiah, the, raise, habakkuk, moses, israelite, your, amos, jonah, joel, lord, ezekiel, zephaniah, jeremiah, …


elves, wizard, nymphs, alicorn, goblin, dragon, centaurs, pegasus, pixie, giant, dragonets, gnomes, merfolk, unicorn, trolls, dwarves, hobbits, fairy, …

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

still waters, celebrate, teaching, soul, identity, life, hope, abundant, guidance, flock, right paths, fold, love, witness, shepherd, good, restore, …

Church Service

minister , lectern , statues , holy water , bells , deacons , priest , basket , robes , programs , oil , candles , flowers , paintings , organ , …

The Beatitudes

mourn, peacemakers, matthew, blessed, hunger, merciful, kingdom, filled, righteousness, poor inspirit, comforted, see god, heaven, earth, meek, pure

Garden of Eden

entrance, knowledge, serpent, banished, eve, fruit, sword, garden, cherubim, evil, creatures, good, eden, adam, fear, tree


sidney, help, church, forgiveness, harm, blessings, trials, happy, angry, love, unkind, feathers, tar, friends, offended, joseph, persecution, …

Books of the Old Testament

jeremiah, ecclesiastes, proverbs, exodus, samuel, leviticus, nehemiah, kings, esther, jonah, zephaniah, hosea, micah, genesis, joel, haggai, …

Trust in the Lord

trust, destroy, lord, light, right, wisdom, abundantly, believes, acknowledge, steal, life, straight, confess, path, christian, repent, savior, …

Lord's Prayer

evil, name, forgive, father, temptation, daily, lead, earth, heaven, deliver, glory, thine, kingdom, power, forever, hallowed


kingdom, enemy, heaven, spirit, amen, praise, faith, gospel, honor, healing, god, bible, jesus, glory, psalm, salvation, worship, grace, pray, love, …

Attributes of Christ

self control, fearless, humility, truthful, patient, forgiving, love, faithful, advocate, meek, gentleness, cheerful, compassion, wise, fair, …

The Holy Ghost

godhead, confirmation, companion, testifies, quiet, spirit, directs, guides, speaks, holy ghost, gift, communication, still, baptism, prompts, …

Adam and Eve

eve, onyx, tigris, apple, pishon, aromatic, resin, adam, gihon, rib, cush, heaven, euphrates, sunday, garden, eden

Christian Worship

art, teaching, people, bible, windows, lectern, pulpit, church, forgiveness, font, music, building, objects, holy spirit, singing, jesus, please, …

Jesus Feeds 5000

others, blessing, generosity, give, energy, fish, loaves, practical, crowd, time, disciples, love, jesus, basket, need, hungry


john, sarah, matthew, saul, abraham, isaac, god, paul, rainbow, mark, goliath, salvation, luke, calvary, joseph, jesus, david, noah, mary, sampson