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Are you a comics and animation fan? These word searches are specially tailored towards animation movies fans. Simply download and print. These 15x15 grid word searches come with words from some of the world's most famous comics and animated movies. From Fairy Tales to Classic Cartoons, these word searches are a lot of fun to solve. Download and see how many comic and animation movies and TV shows you can find.

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Classic Cartoons

pink panther, casper, betty boop, little lulu, porky pig, me magoo, mighty mouse, popeye, tom and jerry, superman, bugs bunny, felix the cat, bull …

Fairy Tales

Download Fairy Tales Word Search. Find the list of fairy tale characters from children's books or Disney animation movies.

Demons Slayer Characters

rengoku, gyomei, inosuke, makamo, rokuta, kagaya, sabito, genya, nezuco, obanai, shinobo, tanjiro, akaza, ruka, takeo, sumi, tengen, zenitsu, shigeru, …

Marvel Cinematic Universe

hawkeye, rocket, avengers, thor, hulk, gamora, war machine, doctor strange, star lord, wasp, captain america, captain marvel, spiderman, iron man, …


x ray vision, secret identity, superhuman, mutants, powers, save the world, capes, origin, justice, villains, alter ego, team-up, masked, avengers, …

Captain Underpants

captain, evil, laser, diaper, doctor, underpants, elementary, comics, pranks, warehouse, robbers, slingshot


the chancerler, mrs puff, krabby patty, mr krabs, goofy goobers, pearl, burger beard, sandy, bubble bass, gary, perch birchins, squilliam, king …

The Simpsons

disco, otto mann, bart, dolph, krusty, selma, nelson, ned, barney, gumble, lisa, lionel, apu, poochie, ralph, sideshow, hutz, smithers, kearney, …

The Lion King

rafiki, mufasa, sarabi, scar, simba, nala, sarafina, banzai, shenzi, ed, hyenas, timon, pumbaa, pride lands, pride rock, circle of life


elves, wizard, nymphs, alicorn, goblin, dragon, centaurs, pegasus, pixie, giant, dragonets, gnomes, merfolk, unicorn, trolls, dwarves, hobbits, fairy, …

The Princess and the Frog

bayou, frog, charlotte, mama odie, lawrence, maldonia, louis, magic, midnight, alligator, tiana, prince, evil, curse, naveen, jazz

The Avengers

tony stark, marvel, thor, stark tower, loki, dr selvig, nick fury, bruce banner, coulson, iron man, asgard, hulk, superhero, hawk eye, iridium, …


street, disguise, jasmine, prison, bread, jewels, parade, guards, rub, desert, lamp, steal, aladdin, freedom, capture, commoner


the sorceress, whip lash, fisto, man e faces, beast man, heman, battle cat, buzz off, met man, tri klops, teela, stratos, prince adam, webstor, …

Jungle Book

vultures, wolves, monkeys, baloo, fire, king louis, mancub, mowgli, kaa, bare, elephants, necessities, bagheera, colonel, shere khan

Superhero Movies

the dark knight, wonder woman, batman, avengers endgame, man of steel, black panther, thor ragnarok, superman returns, doctor strange, joker, batman …

Superheroes & Villains

bat girl, superman, black panther, flash, joker, cat woman, riddle, iron man, wonder woman, spider man, aqua man, batman, hulk, cyborg, thor, magneto, …

Marvel Character Names

groot, deadpool, black widow, tony stark, wolverine, daredevil, nick fury, vision, peter parker, hawkeye, punisher, steve rogers, wong, wanda …


gong, khan, spirit, shang, horse, mushu, soldier, alarm, drums, announce, awaken, ancestor, dragon, sentence, mulan, camp

Sleeping Beauty

fulfilled, awaken, wheel, birthday, woods, kiss, aurora, weaken, asleep, first, true, burn, stefan, sixteen, love, spindle

Marvel Comics Characters

falcon, antman, black widow, vision, wasp, black panther, iron man, jean grey, cyclops, scarlet witch, deadpool, spiderman, thor, captain america, …

Fairytale Creatures Vocabulary

dragon, ghost, monster, demon, leprechaun, sorcerer, voodoo doll, unicorn, goblin, mermaid, dwarf, ghoul, spirit, troll, genie, golem, goddess, fairy, …


fox, cupcake, seal, raccoon, panda bear, anime, adorable, kawaii, sweets, cuties, japanese, bun bun

Fairytale Adventure

butterfly, fairy, lollipops, forest, friends, unicorns, dragons, princess, adventure, magic, bows, flying, bunny, castle, ribbons, cottage, bubbles, …

Childres TV Shows

top cat, bubble guppies, spongebob, henry danger, postman pat, blue peter, thunderbirds, scooby doo, sesame street, barney, masha and the bear, …

The Little Mermaid

land, ocean, guppy, curious, triton, eric, ariel, shore, melody, ursula, sing, ship, treasures, chef, father, friend

Beauty and the Beast

balcony, bond, enchanted, curse, plot, spell, gaston, mob, sick, belle, beast, rescue, manners, proposal, marriage, love

Snow White

grumpy, sleepy, forest, poison, cook, doc, bashful, guest, happy, beds, apple, dopey


Pocahontas is the titular protagonist of 1995's animated feature film of the same name.

A Day at Disneyland

Word search related to fun stuff and activities at Disneyland.

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