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Fun in the Sun

fishing, rafting, golf, bonfires, burgers, surf, picnic, vacation, party, hiking, scuba, beach, swim, run, blanket, flip flops, tents, sand, road …


hook , canoe , line , relaxing , flies , reel , bite , bait , tackle , bass , lure , perch , pike , minnow , catch , trout


relaxation, forests, ecology, wildlife, landscapes, trees, waterfalls, sunlight, oceans, seasons, climate, adventure, rivers, inspiration, …

Field Trip

social studies, recess, fun times, bus, lunch, mill, boat ride, science, inventions, picnic, discussion, walkways, metro park, providence, field trip, …

A Trip to the Zoo

elephant, snake, zebra, bear, cheetah, monkey, crocodile, bat, duck, wolf, baboon, deer, anteater, camel, lion, tiger, crane, hippo, fox, flamingo

Beach Time

dolphin, snacks, boat, fish, beach, fun, family, swim, sun, summer, friends, surfing

The Beach

bare feet, lifeguard, seashore, cloud, seashell, swimsuit, surfboard, surfing, kite, ocean, beach ball, sand, towel, wave, sailing, pail, boat, …

Outdoor Fun

List of fun activities people usually do outdoor.


bread , basket , cooler , blanket , park , appetite , snacks , beverages , heat , glasses , milk , dish , wine , butter , salad , outdoor

Amusement Arcade

video games, pinball, air hockey, gambling, pool table, ships, cabinets, fun, racing games, candy, casino, graphics, slot machines, claw cranes, …

Summer Fun

hiking, boating, walking, grilling, beach, fireworks, canoeing, swimming, water ski, water park, parks, golf, camping, gardening, baseball, surfing

At The Carnival

funnel cake, balloons, clown, admission, popcorn, ferris wheel, ticket booth, fair ground, midway, juggler, prizes, carousel, children, fun house, …

Glacier Park

cedar , climb , hawk , bear , grizzly , bald eagle , deer , glaciers , coyote , ridges , lakes , camp , hike , drifts , peaks , moose , elk , …

Summer Games

hot, pool, tent, camp, fish, sea, park, sun, sandcastle, swimwear, seashore, sunscreen, fun, ball, sand, ice cream, shell, wave, sunglasses, hat, …

Road Safety

pavement, traffic warden, traffic lights, traffic sign, parking zone, zebra crossing, yellow lines, lean, seat belt, driver, both ways, kerb, bike …

Hot Air Balloons

special shapes, field, panels, crew, spectators, helium, gas, fly, vent, altitude, glow, passenger, envelope, adventure, fiesta, skirt, burner, …


cadiz, labor day, cocogne, paris, mindelo, limburg, oruro, ovar, santa cruz, sitges, venice, valletta, bogota, limassol, binche, torello


canoeing, picnic, holiday, hiking, sandals, baseball, sunburn, summer, camping, outdoors, travel, gardening, boating, sunglasses, festivals, pool, …


challenges, sleeping, sunscreen, giant swing, cabins, water, camp, lawn games, archery, canoeing, teamwork, safety, encourage, raincoat, insects, bus

County Fair

agriculture, balloons, banner, booth, bumper cars, children, cotton candy, entertain, entrance, ferris wheel, festival, fields, gathering, laughter, …

Trip to the Fair

sheep, derby, lemonade, ferris wheel, games, barns, awards, concert, kids, cotton candy, crafts, tractors, rides, fries, rabbit, cow


hill, base layer, junction, fauna, fresh air, scenery, trek, elevation, ice axe, day hike, valley, sunrise, compass, hydration, nature, wag bag, …

Amusement Places

parlor, theater, bike path, pool hall, arena, casino, run, museum, ice rink, gym, ranges, cinema, center, garden, slides, zoo, band hall, arcade, …

Take a Hike

tent, first aid kit, boots, flashlight, trekking pole, hat, portable stove, insect repellent, map, water, blanket, sunscreen, food, gps, compass, …

Camping Adventure

storm, boat, farmer, buggy, field, sweet, sleep, land, late, eggs, worse, tree, supper, could, watch, farm, cooked, tent, stones, bags

It's Cold Outside

arctic, glisten, blistery, coal, shiver, wintertime, glitter, tinsel town, ugly sweater, snow boots, frost, frostbite, glimmer, glacial, snow …

Theme Park

Fun activities to do and and Disney characters that you can meet at Disney World in Florida.


rudder, ropes, ocean, reefing, genoa, anchor, wake, forestay, bowsprit, tacking, astern, boom, rigging, captain, keel, waves

Amusement Parks

crystal beach, fun, calypso park, big surf, children, la ronde, boomers, galaxyland, storyland, rides, amazoo, cultus lake, playdium, magic valley, …

Traffic Safety

red, whistle, speed limit, yield, stop, green, construction, look, signals, railroad, school zone, listen, walk, cross walk, bridge, policeman

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