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Are you a health coach? Do you like to work out? Download and print these Health and fitness word searches. You will enjoy solving puzzles like Acrobatics, Get Fit, Human Body System and more. Download and see how many health and fitness words you can find.

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In Hospital

radiology, injury, pulse, records, midwife, diagnosis, maternity, fracture, newborn, emergency, concussion, accident, nurse, discharge, surgeon, …

Components of Fitness

power, flexibility, aerobic, body composition, coordination, balance, endurance, reaction time, strength, speed, agility, muscular

Food Safety and Hygiene

knife, flip, wash, cook, handle, bacteria, food, safety, carry, hygiene, dice, fry, slip, hold, cut, spatula, scratch, stab, fall, blanch

Medical Billing and Coding

insurance, medical records, statement, diagnosis, benefits, deductible, fraud, insured, network, authorization, birthday rule, coinsurance, trace …

Psychology Terms

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.

Human Body Systems

oxygen, joints, smooth, touch, septum, bones, inhaling, cardiac, nervous, mouth, smell, hear, digestive, rectum, heart, blood, muscular, exhaling, …

Hospital Week: Departments

supply chain, surgery, administration, clinic, icu, dietary, security, lab, facilities, emergency, inpatient, finance, nursing, radiology, pharmacy, …

Food and Nutrition

cheese, bread, peanuts, vegetables, legumes, grains, carrot, apples, spinach, pumpkin, protein, nutrition, sugar, nutrients, sodium, lentils, water, …


subluxation, whiplash, lumbar, cervical, chiropractic, thoracic, vertebrae, atlas, appointment, health, spine, hope

Self Care

courage, social, supporting, memory, love, hygiene, sleep, plan, humble, self image, acceptable, confidence, selfcare, mindfulness, value, comfort, …


carbohydrate, wholegrain, dairy, vitamins, vegetables, plain water, serving, protein, good fats, poultry, sugar, salt, fruits, legumes, calories, …

Autoimmune Disease

anemia, hashimoto, myasthenia, addison, pernicious, graves, celiac, enteropathy, thyroiditis, sclerosis, dermatomyositis, sprue

Vision and Eyes

cones, cornea, pupil, sight, lens, stare, iris, tears, focus, peer, squint, blink, retina, myopia, eyelash, hazel

Addiction Recovery

sponsor, faith, serenity, meetings, change, spirituality, misunderstood, prayer, obsession, hopeful, stigma, sober, recovery, addiction, disease, …

Bacteria and Viruses

flagellum, polio, resistance, pandemic, disease, quarantine, virus, bubonic plague, inner core, influenza, respiration, cytoplasm, antibiotic, …


breathing, sit bones, studio, mantra, bikram, focus, jnana, life force, kundalini, meditation, flexibility, downward, mindfulness, flow, core, pose, …

At the Dentist

xray, gloves, rinse, floss, nurse, plaque, crown, cleaning, bridge, filling, cavity, hygienist, tools, chair, braces, decay

Cells, Microbes and Disease

phagocyte, fungi, earwax, vacuole, tears, cells, antibiotics, membrane, disease, skin, vaccine, bacteria, nucleus, mucus, chloroplast, lymphocyte, …

Occupational Therapy

dressing, activity, transfers, adapt, hands, reacher, writing, purpose, productivity, perception, aphasia, cognition, leisure, driving, bathing, …

The Digestive Systems

rectum, poly gastric, stomach, defecation, mouth, esophagus, propulsion, teeth, mechanical, anus, small intestine, ingestion, tongue, large intestine, …


seated row, plank, weights, wrist curl, crunches, squats, pull up, dips, bar, push up, squat jumps, leg raise, calf raise, chin up, deadlift, bench …


sprint, stairs, dance, goal, schedule, routine, pulse, treadmill, workout, warm up, strenuous, aerobic, hike, tennis, weights, tension, cool down, …

Sport and Hobby

football, tennis, basketball, skateboard, baseball, badminton, run, dance, paint, swim, sing, ride, read, cook, watch tv, piano, guitar, do sport, …

Anger Management

timeout, music, count, take a nap, meditate, walk, exercise, basketball, soccer, breathe, puzzles, bubbles, tablet, draw, slime, dance

Mental Health Awareness

acceptance, resolution, resilience, therapy, anger, perception, social skills, hospital, awareness, support, sleep, relationships, medication, …

Mental Health

life, mental, stress, illness, feelings, isolation, treatments, anxiety, symptoms, anorexia, social, bipolar, motivation, depression, hereditary, …

Allergy and Cold Season

allergies, flu, cold, covid, autumn, cough, weather, sneeze, protection, medicine, masks, tissues, distancing, fall, sanitize, leaves

healthy Food

peaches, apple, lettuce, cranberry, lemon, strawberry, mushroom, grapefruit, tomato, apricot, eggplant, corn, cabbage, carrots, watermelon, avocado, …

Food Safety & Personal Hygiene

refrigerate, shower, healthy, storage, heat, cooking, hygiene, clean, hand wash, contaminate, sweat, bacteria

Take a Break

holiday, hobbies, leisure, fun, exercise, sport, enjoyment, shopping, pleasure, gardening, amenities, entertainment, retail, activities, destination, …

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