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Old Testament Terms

titus, herodians, exile, septuagint, pharisees, zealots, masada, essenes, persians, jews, romans, herod, sicarii, sadducees, scribes, synagogues, …

Supernatural Powers

blood magic, shape shifting, invisibility, possession, dream walking, necromancy, psychic visions, summoning, mind reading, cursing, resurrection, …

Greek and Roman Gods

demeter, amphrite, muses, deities, hermes, athena, temples, ancient, morpheus, nemesis, legends, tyche, dionysus, triton, selene, aphrodite, zeus, …

Women In the Bible

ruth, eve, sarah, elizabeth, mary, esther, hannah, rahab, deborah, priscilla, phoebe, dorcas

Hindu Gods

vishnu, brahma, ganesha, krishna, hanuman, avatar, incarnations, shaivism, vaishnavism, shiva, mandir, rama, trimurti, brahman

Heaven's Gate

dooms day, afterlife, consciousness, cult, eschatology, cybernetics, belief system, evacuation, final exit, ascension, suicide, cosmic, ufo, …


mark, peter, rock, cross, donkey, hades, devil, dreams, legion, jordan, forty, levi, chief, thomas, art, thorns, luke, mary, hence, herod, john, …

Creatures Of Mythology

pegasus, basilisk, cipactli, bigfoot, unicorn, fairy, hellhound, typhon, dragon, chupacabra, sea serpent, jersey devil, griffin, manticore, hydra, …

God Can Always Be Trusted

scattered, redeem, covenant, restore, captivity, minds, judah, unconditional, new, love, gladness, people, forgives, create, praises, prophecy, …


righteous, conviction, justified, bible, christ, rejection, attendance, church, study, confession, death, truth, gospel, life, faith, good deeds