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International Food

mozzarella, sushi, barbecue, teriyaki, lasagna, croissant, curry wurst, gnocchi, poutine, sorbet, eclair, baguette, bacon, escargot, coleslaw, burger, …

Cocktails with Gin

Find the words based on cocktails drinks made up of Gin, a distilled alcoholic drink that derives its predominant flavor from juniper berries.

Ice Cream

Ice cream or iced cream is a sweetened and flavored frozen food made up of milk or cream and eaten as a dessert or a snack.


Word search based on different types of cookies, biscuits and crackers.


root beer, pepsi, coffee, water, iced tea, coca cola, frappe, soda pop, dr pepper, hot chocolate, milk, code red, fruit punch, mountain dew, koolaid, …

Types of Cheese

farmer, string, queso blanco, pinconning, cream cheese, cheddar, nacho, cheshire, colby, red hawk, pepper jack, beaufort, cantal, oka, swiss, stilton


Free Sandwiches Word Search. Find the words related to Sandwich fillings and toppings.


Terms related to a beverage called Beer, their brands and the things involved in brewing.


plates, bowls, cups, glasses, forks, knives, spoons, saucers, mugs, serving platters, salad plates, soup bowls, dessert plates, teacups, wine glasses, …

Flow of Food

cool, temperature, reheat, hand wash, serve, prepare, hold, yopi, disinfect, fifo, store, receive, prevention, inventory, clean, contamination, …

Fruit and Vegetables

oranges, peaches, cucumber, mushroom, dragonfruit, grapes, strawberry, raspberry, broccoli, lettuce, tomato, potato, peas, cauliflower, cabbage, …


yogurt, pretzel, cookie, trail mix, popcorn, fruit, muffin, almonds, fritters, cheese, bagel, chips, chocolate, vegetables, raisins, ice cream

Kids Food

apples, ice cream, chocolate, pizza, spinach, salami, cake, macaroni, burger, ravioli, falafel, soup

Types Of Soda & Drinks

cherry coke, orange soda, coke, vitamin water, coke zero, energy drink, grape soda, root beer, almond milk, ginger ale, cola, powerade, tonic, water, …

Stores and Restaurants

walgreens, jewel, nordstrom, jc penny, macys, ralph lauren, build a bear, pier one, hallmark, whole foods, maggianos, old navy, hollister, foot …


Types of bread or bread products.


panzerotti, empanada, croissant, pastry heart, pan dulce, pecan pie, baklava, palmier, turnover, danish, lattice, apple pie, cherry pie, pot pie, …


tuscany, racking, red wine, crush, barrel, aging, white, harvest, aroma, vineyard, cork, rose, winemaker, bottling, grapes, glassware, bouquet, …

Italian Foods

focaccia, pita, italian, formaggi, calzone, ciabatta, olives, grissino, bruschetta, penne, pasta, insalata, macaroni, lasagne, pizza, cappellini


caffeine, green, oolong, teapot, tannins, black, cup, infusion, aroma, brewing, darjeeling, relaxation, assam, earl grey, puerh, leaves, steep, …

Street Food

arepa, hot dog, lok lok, empanada, shawarma, maruya, tamale, gyro, doughnut, kebab, poutine, imqaret, quesadilla, fry bread, curry wrust, roti

Happy Hour

gibson, gimlet, hottoddy, eggnog, margarita, ginsling, highball, ginfizz, manhattan, zombie, pinklady, bloodymary, martini, robroy, kamikaze, stinger


omelet, bagel, sausage, smoothie, juice, granola, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, toast, cereal, fruits, doughnut, eggs, pastry, muffin

National Liquors

raksi, bourbon, gin, moonshine, sherry, arak, midus, tequila, dawa, pisco, ouzo, rum, vodka, chacha, grappa, rye whiskey

Candy Delights

lollipop, sour candy, jaw breaker, caramel apple, sugar rush, candy wrapper, gummy worms, bubble gum, candy bar, candy corn, licorice, peppermint, …


vegans, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, balance, intolerance, vegetarians, toxicity, ingredients, fiber, cholesterol, metabolism, …

At the Bar

smirnoff, tequila, bacardi, cosmopolitan, bloody mary, white russian, whiskey, margarita, amaretto, mojito, grasshopper, gin fizz, manhattan, martini, …


score, sugar, parchment, butter, cake, batch, yeast, mold, aerate, pastry, gelatin, sift, dough, dozen, drizzle, frosting, knead, tart, cookies, …

Sweet Treats

hamantash, digestive, kichel, bourbon, oreo, fig roll, macaron, almond cookie, berger cookie, florentine, amaretto, macaroon, custard cream, biscotti, …

What's on the Menu?

drinks, cocktails, phone, prices, hours, address, dinner, description, salads, desserts, wine, beer, breakfast, entree, appetizers, lunch