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Root Vegetables

bush potato, beet, arracacha, bush carrot, arrowroot, desert yam, maca, chufa, black cumin, bush onion, pignut, artichoke, ginger, turnip, canna, …

Fast Food

panera, checkers, kfc, subway, arbys, cinnabon, diary queen, hardees, mcdonalds, wimpy, sonic, chipotle, five guys, in n out, pizza hut, wendys, …

Gummy Candies

artificial, shapes, wrapped, packaged, flavored, colors, kids, texture, soft, sour, gelatin, snack, rainbow, popular, jellies, sweet, tasty, candy, …


yogurt, pretzel, cookie, trail mix, popcorn, fruit, muffin, almonds, fritters, cheese, bagel, chips, chocolate, vegetables, raisins, ice cream


Name of common vegetables used in different cuisines.

Farmers Market

strawberry, produce, onion, corn, pumpkins, apple, local, fried pie, potato, tomato, blueberry, fresh, honey, pecans, lettuce, fudge, watermelon, …


grape, sour, round, treat, hard, fruit, sucker, tootsie, whirly pop, swirl, rainbow, jawbreaker, dum dums, sweet, sugar, satisfying, flavored, pop, …

Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

corn, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, peas, cheese macaroni, rolls, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cornbread, whipped cream, …


cream filled, blueberry, jelly filled, frying, baked, cinnamon, hole, cruller, sprinkles, cronut, long john, icing, dunkin, maple, glaze, beignet, …

Tortilla Chips

guacamole, crunchy, jalapeno, taco, cheese, chili, salsa, dip, corn, nachos, quesadilla, appetizer, mexican, salted, triangular, crispy, tomatoes, …


delicious, cut, italian, yeast, pepper, olives, crust, tomato, fast food, baked, basil, piece, round, oven, slice, bake

Ice Cream Day

sprinkles, cream, flavor, vanilla, sundae, spoon, malt, chocolate, bowl, sugar, fudge, cone, cold, shake, dessert, milk, sorbet, gelato, scoops, …

Types Of Soda & Drinks

cherry coke, orange soda, coke, vitamin water, coke zero, energy drink, grape soda, root beer, almond milk, ginger ale, cola, powerade, tonic, water, …

Baking Ingredients

eggs, butter, sugar, flour, cinnamon, milk, icing, nutmeg, salt, honey, baking powder, cocoa, chocolate, oil, nuts, coconut

Red Wines

sangiovese, tannat, barolo, grenache, malbec, zinfandel, merlot, bardolino, gamay, syrah, port, mataro, amarone, claret, barbera, pinot noir


vegetarian, onion, chunky, fresh, appetizer, spicy, cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, creamy, lime, garlic, savory, party food, healthy, condiment, dip, …

Energy Drinks

stamina, endurance, vitamins, sports, electrolytes, sweeteners, carbonated, boost, sugar, hydration, alertness, taurine, guarana, power, stimulant, …


beverage, bottle, bubbly, caffeine, can, carbonated, cherry, cola, cream soda, fizzy, fountain, grape, lemon lime, orange, pop, refreshment, root …

Types of Cheese

farmer, string, queso blanco, pinconning, cream cheese, cheddar, nacho, cheshire, colby, red hawk, pepper jack, beaufort, cantal, oka, swiss, stilton

Pizza Toppings

pineapple, pesto, asparagus, spinach, garlic, ricotta, tomato, onions, basil, salami, peppers, mozzarella, parmesan, olives, sausage, mushrooms


tomatoes, hot, durum, cheese, wheat, spaghetti, rotini, lasagna, flavor, orzo, variation, italian, eggs, soft, hearty, linguine

Chocolate Bars

baby ruth, milky way, coffee crisp, caramilk, skor, mars bar, dairy milk, aero, nestle crunch, almond joy, oh henry!, snickers, mr. big, butter …

Breakfast Foods

fried bread, doughnut, croissant, hash browns, muffin, waffle, oatmeal, boiled eggs, toast, bagel, sausage, baked beans, pancake, fruit, cereal, …

Mexican Food

sauces, chipotle, beans, papaya, garlic, onions, tamarind, tomatoes, carnitas, maize, chocolate, mango, chiles, guacamole, habanero, herbs


omelet, bagel, sausage, smoothie, juice, granola, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, toast, cereal, fruits, doughnut, eggs, pastry, muffin

What's in the Fridge?

yogurt, juice, beer, mayonnaise, milk, cole slaw, jelly, salami, hot dogs, leftovers, fruits, cheese, dressings, lettuce, eggs, water


kettle corn, healthy, caramel, popped, snack, air popper, cheese, movie night, salted, white cheddar, butter, bowl, movie theater, redenbacher, …

Corn Chips

cheese, tortilla, bbq, fritos, mexican, salty, guacamole, corn, party, jalapeno, chips, fiesta, nachos, picnic, dip, spicy, texmex, salsa, crunchy, …


mince, pecan, raspberry, custard, blackberry, chocolate, ice cream, apple, strawberry, apricot, pumpkin, cherry, lemon, key lime, blueberry, peach

Types of Honey

fireweed, alfalfa, heather, blackberry, eucalyptus, palmetto, aster, blueberry, sage, clover, acacia, sourwood, wildflower, tupelo, buckwheat, linden