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Running of the Bulls

white, mozos, july, photographs, toros, bulls, bullfight, pamplona, rockets, spain, fiesta, festival, security, red, san fermin, museum

New Year's Resolutions

drink more water, diet, quit smoking, be grateful, self-care, volunteer, learn a new skill, get organized, learn, save money, take up a hobby, …

Thanksgiving Feast

gravy, cornbread, brussels sprouts, apple cider, pumpkin pie, cornucopia, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, stuffing, roast ham, giblet gravy, mashed …

Elements of Halloween

cauldrons, spiders, boo, pumpkins, jack o lanterns, masks, fright, costumes, cobb webb, haunted, bats, trick or treat, skeletons, vampires, candy

Halloween Decorations

black cats, candles, caged creatures, cualdrons, severed limbs, fog machines, skeletons, chains, dripping blood, bat cutouts, ouija boards, zombie …


bow, red, valentine, gift, dinner, flower, romantic, kiss, heart, chocolate, teddy bear, cupid, love, pink, candles, purple

Rosh Hashanah

dvash, bet kneset, tefila, terua, tekia, rosh hashana, selijot, tzedaka, shofar, teshuva, kidush, yom kippur, rimon, tapuaj

International Chocolate Day

fruchocs, cadbury, tim tam, bertie beetle, dark, milk, sweet, creamy, brownies, cookies, white, delicious, haighs, fudge, fondue, rocky road, lindt, …

Jumping & Bouncing

jump, jumping, bounce, bouncing ball, high, long, tripple, rebound, elasticity, energy, leap, spring, hopping, pouncing, skipping, pole vault

Festival Time!

performances, floats, fireworks, parades, cotton candy, rides, concessions, family, summer, fun, state fair, tractor pulls, funnel cakes, world fair, …

Oh Baby!

bassinet, bath, bedding, bibs, blankets, boppy, bouncer, brother, carrier, carseat, crib, daddy, diapers, hats, highchair, mobile, mommy, nursery, …

4th of July

constitution, flag, picnic, british, white, hot dogs, united states, blue, watermelon, freedom, celebration, stars and bars, fireworks, washington, …

Carnival / Mardi Gras

feasting, samba, parade, mask, costumes, celebration, revelry, fat tuesday, rio de janeiro, shrove tuesday, bourbon street, jazz, beads, floats, ash …

Memorial Day Celebration

battle, memorial, grill, ribs, blue, survival, rolls, celebration, burgers, died, fight, survived, food, family, served, red, decoration, white

Victoria Day

empire day, helena, two four, beatrice, birthday, louise, victoria, england, may, union jack, monday, ireland, india, canada, long weekend, edward …

Mother's Day Vocabulary

love, mom, beautiful, joy, special, intelligent, card, bond, protector, gift, cherish, wisdom, flowers, hardworking, mentor, kind, support, guidance, …

Cinco De Mayo

poncho, amigo, dancing, parade, maracas, pepper, sombrero, jalapeno, mariachi, salsa, beans, flag, mexico, holiday, guitar, pinatas, burrito, spanish, …


easter lily, good friday, flower, eternal life, crucifixion, ressurection, easter egg, last supper, is risen indeed, easter, apostles, cross

Easter Fun

basket, ducks, chick, candy, eggs, jellybeans, bunny, chocolate, holiday, dye, jesus, lamb, april, lent, easter, bonnet, carrot, decorate

Easter Sunday

apostles, sunday, spring, holy, ducks, church, joy, crown, angel, friends, easter, april, cross, earthquake, chocolate, disciples, family, calvary, …

Pancake Day

lent, mardi gras, sizzle, butter, frying pan, lemon, sugar, eggs, flip, christian, milk, easter, tuesday, pancakes, sweet, shrove

Happy Valentine's Day

pink, cupid, love, dear, hug, valentine, doves, red, treats, candy, sweetheart, heart, february, flowers, cards, kiss, friends

Once in Royal David's City

shelter, wondrous, cattle, pattern, cradle, childhood, obey, obedient, shed, heaven, gentle, maiden, redeeming, stable, helpless, honour, stall, lowly

Here We Come A-Caroling

cloth, likewise, caroling, loaf, daily, pray, beggars, mistress, mouldy, spread, master, mire, neighbors, cheese, wandering

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

cloven, bending, gracious, unfurled, weary, foretold, stillness, strife, splendors, glorious, babel, blessed, hastening, solemn, prophet

St. Patrick's Day

clover, gold, fairy, jig, shamrock, leprechaun, parade, green, tricky, bagpipe, pub, march, lucky, pinch, brogue, irish, magic, blarney, vanish, harp, …