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Film Crew

repeat, lighting, crew, gaffer, stunts, actors, effects, break, movie, stage, role, rehearse, costume, location, equipment, camera, scene, action, …

Superhero Movies

the dark knight, wonder woman, batman, avengers endgame, man of steel, black panther, thor ragnarok, superman returns, doctor strange, joker, batman …

Gone With the Wind

slavery, bonnie blue, tara, rhett butler, soldiers, prissy, romance, ashley wilkes, twelve oaks, civil war, georgia, plantation, scalawag, atlanta, …

The Great Gatsby

liar, myrtle, baker, summer, moods, symbols, queen, daisy, catholic, novel, nick, lights, jobs, poor, secrets, money, rich, trophy, rumors, cheated, …


industry, action, india, bombay, makeup, actors, hero, choreography, musicals, melodrama, mumbai, folk dance, hindi cinema, movies, singers, comedy, …

Five Letter Movie Titles

Find the movie titles or names hidden in this grid.

Mrs. Doubtfire : Movie

miranda, family, williams, daniel, brosnan, housekeeper, separation, comedy, drama, divorce, field, custody, children, film, actor, female

Movies of the 1920s

greed, the kid, noahs ark, faust, don juan, daddy, girl shy, love, sally, hot water, robin hood, wings, underworld, jesse james, rio rita, metropolis

Movies Starting with 'R'

ray, rocky, room, rambo, rain man, ranging bull, rififi, red dawn, rear window, rent, rio, rio bravo, robocop, rush, reality bites, rebecca

One Word Movie Titles

heat, ghost, cars, rent, elf, hulk, mask, safe, antz, wolf, jaws, kids, babe, shrek, hair, hitch

Highlander Movie

connor, fantasy, iman, walter, kate, warriors, sunda, immortal, action, rachel, james, candy, battle, dventure, heather, brenda

Funny Films

ball of fire, best in show, big, tootsie, harvey, hitch, shrek, fargo, joe dirt, old school, animal house, arthur, diner, shampoo, norbit, airplane

The Darkest Minds

green, clancy, ruby, electricity, calm control, thurmond, grace, red, yellow, children, orange, liam, selfish, east river, mind control, abilities, …

Movies of 1983

under fire, mr mom, scarface, christine, flashdance, bad boys, sahara, krull, cujo, lovesick, valley girls, easy money

James Bond Villains

stormberg, koskov, necros, brandt, zorin, goldfinger, carver, bunt, kidd, osato, largo, wint, le chiffre, renard, grant, may day, chang, drax, dario, …

Famous Actors

jolie, blanchett, dicaprio, damon, pitt, washington, bullock, jackson, winslet, lawrence, hanks, roberts, oldman, kidman, clooney, theron, cruise, …


disco, dirty, hula, waltz, square, contemporary, conga, modern, belly, barn, rumba, mambo, line, fandango, flamenco, twist, jitterbug, lambada, jazz …

Spy Fiction

darkness, solve, spy, skilled, spy glass, action, swift, covert, back alley, government, sly, mystery, identity, crept, double life, thriller, clues, …

Film & Cinema

blockbuster, director, editing, casting, special effects, cameo, screenplay, film festival, actor, horror genre, green screen, soundtrack, oscar, …


movie, director, montage, critic, rent, hero, actor, documentary, entertain, conflict, cinema, oscar, screen, revealing, star, horror, inspire, …

Slient Night

alleluia, peace, mild, quake, silent, stream, radiant, afar, tender, dawn, infant, redeeming, calm, heavenly, virgin

Tom Cruise Movies

oblivion, taps, rainman, jack reacher, cocktail, magnolia, endless love, far and away, the firm, valkyrie, collateral, vanilla sky

Pitch Perfect Movie

brian , film , chloe , fiction , media , beca , cannon , barton , bellas , university , freshman , comedy , jason , lilly , cappella , musical