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scene, monologue, tension, director, script, plot, character, gesture, blocking, story, imaging, contrast, conflict, twist, role, subtext

The Outsiders

sodapop, bob, tough, fuzz, ponyboy, johnny, heater, booze, broad, marcia, dallas, gangs, cherry, hot, sandy, cooler, darrel, lift, soc, rumble

Hocus Pocus

spell, witch, dupe, divert, grip, humbug, hoax, hypnotize, bamboozle, entrance, bewitch, fake, enchant, conjure, deception, cajole

Funny Movies

shampoo, ball of fire, big, best in show, harvey, mash, superbad, shrek, topper, airplane, fargo, old school, hitch, tootsie, joe dirt, arthur, …

Mrs. Doubtfire : Movie

miranda, family, williams, daniel, brosnan, housekeeper, separation, comedy, drama, divorce, field, custody, children, film, actor, female

Introduction to Film Studies

film, distance, angles, shots, history, lighting, color, movement, camera, genre, musical, horror, lenses, focus, comedy, editing, sound, design, …

Four Letter Movie Titles

Find the hidden movie names and titles.

At the Movies

projector, thriller, drama, comedy, screen, drinks, stars, popcorn, snacks, stage, actors, trailers, seats, action, horror, romance

Classic Movies

casablanca, psycho, citizen kane, high noon, my fair lady, rebecca, stage coach, south pacific, the big sleep, red river, ben hur, king kong, …

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

mike, loompa, veruca, charlie, augustus, truthful, grandpa joe, factory, waterfall, willy, violet, invention, chocolate, oompa, gobstopper, wonka

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

packages, puzzler, popped, sore, paused, puzzling, merry, tags, grow, somehow, whoville, grinch, surprise, sound, ribbons

Famous Actors

jolie, blanchett, dicaprio, damon, pitt, washington, bullock, jackson, winslet, lawrence, hanks, roberts, oldman, kidman, clooney, theron, cruise, …

Christmas Movies

a christmas story, noelle, the santa clause, the polar express, elf, home alone, krampus, white christmas, the snowman, the grinch, prancer, love …

Christmas Films

jackfrost, whitechristmas, nativity, scrooged, thegrinch, theholiday, elf, gremlins, lethalweapon, deckthehalls, thesnowman, tradingplaces, …

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

prancer, glee, blitzen, foggy, guide, donner, reindeer, vixen, cupid, comet, dasher, bright, shouted, tonight, shiny nose

Slient Night

alleluia, peace, mild, quake, silent, stream, radiant, afar, tender, dawn, infant, redeeming, calm, heavenly, virgin

Pitch Perfect Movie

brian , film , chloe , fiction , media , beca , cannon , barton , bellas , university , freshman , comedy , jason , lilly , cappella , musical

Movies Starting with J

japon, jason bourne, jumper, joy, juno, junebug, jane eyre, jaws, jobs, johnny guitar, jfk, jacknife, jarhead, jurassic park, jerry maguire, jumanji

Film Crew

repeat, lighting, crew, gaffer, stunts, actors, effects, break, movie, stage, role, rehearse, costume, location, equipment, camera, scene, action, …

Gone With the Wind

slavery, bonnie blue, tara, rhett butler, soldiers, prissy, romance, ashley wilkes, twelve oaks, civil war, georgia, plantation, scalawag, atlanta, …

Five Letter Movie Titles

Find the movie titles or names hidden in this grid.

Movies of the 1920s

greed, the kid, noahs ark, faust, don juan, daddy, girl shy, love, sally, hot water, robin hood, wings, underworld, jesse james, rio rita, metropolis

One Word Movie Titles

heat, ghost, cars, rent, elf, hulk, mask, safe, antz, wolf, jaws, kids, babe, shrek, hair, hitch

The Darkest Minds

green, clancy, ruby, electricity, calm control, thurmond, grace, red, yellow, children, orange, liam, selfish, east river, mind control, abilities, …

Movies of 1983

under fire, mr mom, scarface, christine, flashdance, bad boys, sahara, krull, cujo, lovesick, valley girls, easy money

Jurassic Dinosaurs

dryosaurus, allosaurus, ceratosaurus, compsognathus, stegosaurus, apatosaurus, ornitholestes, kentrosaurus, brachiosaurus, diplodocus

Performing Arts

play, theatre, stage, actor, actress, drama, mime, perform, sing, dance, act, music, laugh, clap, props


pan, zoom, low angle, extreme long shot, track, mid shot, high angle, eye level, two shot, close up, dutch tilt, over the shoulder, extreme close up, …


dance, music, theater, concerts, singing, opera, drama, comedy, ballet, circus, magic, improve, acrobatics, poetry, storytelling, puppetry, juggling, …

Marilyn Monroe

glamour, curves, hollywood, actress, voice, blonde, white dress, norma, icon, niagara, dimaggio, red lips, movies, armas, beauty