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Bryan Adams

into the fire, songwriter, room service, back to you, guitarist, star, open road, here i ma, singer, all for love, inside out, flying, after all, …

The Twelve Days of Christmas

milking, pear tree, french hens, swimming, laying, golden rings, partridge, ladies, calling birds, turtles doves, swans, leaping, geese, maids, carol

Here Comes Santa Claus

lane, vixen, blitzen, reins, stocking, prayers, jingle, jangle, cheer, chimes, santa, calus

Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer

goose, forehead, gifts, hoof, wig, santa, pudding, nogg, license, stumble, medication, elves, incriminating, candle, football

O Christmas Tree

winter, leaves, verdant, candles, brightly, pleasure, prime, summertime, tree, tiny, sparkle, joy, shine, glee, bough

Infant Holy, Infant Lowly

infant, vigil, swift, stall, glory, greet, lowly, voicing, gospel, winging, rejoicing, cattle, sorrow, tidings, oxen, lowing, flocks, shepherd

Silver Bells

bunch, passing, blink, rush, silver, sidewalks, strings, smile, crunch, bustle, style, treasures, shoppers, corner, laughing

National Instruments

gaita, darbuka, bandura, gusle, dotara, koto, fiddle, harp, cetera, violin, cajon, lyre, ukulele, cuatro, bell, guitar

Tim McGraw

actor, american, back when, country, everywhere, faith hill, let it go, louisiana, producer, samuel, singer, songwriter, still, unbroken, suspicions, …

Keyboard Instruments

keytar, accordion, calliope, synthesizer, piano, organ, clavichord, carillon, melodica, harpsichord, spinet, celeste

Musical Genres

folk, electronic, techno, rap, hip-hop, funk, reggae, jazz, classical, indie, blues, metal, r&b, ska, rock, country, gospel, pop, disco, punk

The Grammys

pop, artists, country, rap, rock, nominee, metal, record, gramophone, winner, las vegas, song, opera, beyonce, album


deck the halls, let it snow, hark the herald, last christmas, white christmas, santa baby, peace on earth, jingle bells, silent night, feliz navidad, …


disco, dirty, hula, waltz, square, contemporary, conga, modern, belly, barn, rumba, mambo, line, fandango, flamenco, twist, jitterbug, lambada, jazz …


rosette, resonator, capo, neck, case, tuning, vibrato, bridge, saddle, slide, volume knob, tailpiece, amplifier, strumming, strings, chords, body, …

Taylor Swift Songs

wonderland, speak now, karma, cornelia street, white horse, dear john, seven, fearless, gold rush, hey stephen, sparks fly, red, the man, love story, …

90's Rappers

lauryn hill, beastie boys, de la soul, will smith, prodigy, busta rhymes, ice t, common, missy elliott, ice cube, tupac, scarface, queen latifah, …


commercial, digital audio, record, podcast app, music, crime junkie, downloadable, persuasion, audio blogging, broadcasting, itunes, sharing, google …

Type of Music

reggae, classical, opera, gospel, rap, christian, rock, jazz, hip hop, blues, country, punk


performance, allegro, footwork, partner, stomp, jumping, musicality, freestyle, choreography, second, spin, polka, swing, tango, beats, ballet, …

Dance Styles

ballet, zumba, polka, hula, samba, tango, ballroom, irish step, cumbia, hiphop, street dance, capoeira, jazz, merengue, line dancing, rumba, foxtrot, …


hand drum, bass drum, djembe, tom tom, timpano, sticks, tabla, bodhran, timpani, kettledrum, field drum, talking drum, snare drum, conga, timbales, …

Ting a Ling a Jingle

tight, goodnight, icicles, window, snow, dreamland, disappear, darling, sandman, lullaby, yuletide, laughter, tears, gladness, language, soothe, …

Once in Royal David's City

shelter, wondrous, cattle, pattern, cradle, childhood, obey, obedient, shed, heaven, gentle, maiden, redeeming, stable, helpless, honour, stall, lowly

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen

israel, embrace, astray, oxen, tempest, dismay, scorn, hay, redeeming, power, tidings, straightway, comfort, rejoiced, satan, brotherhood, gentlemen, …

Here We Come A-Caroling

cloth, likewise, caroling, loaf, daily, pray, beggars, mistress, mouldy, spread, master, mire, neighbors, cheese, wandering

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

cloven, bending, gracious, unfurled, weary, foretold, stillness, strife, splendors, glorious, babel, blessed, hastening, solemn, prophet